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You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 Episode 21 Recap

Peipei asked about everything between Jingjing and Yutu, wondering if the two had come together. Jingjing downplayed the reunion between her and Yu Tu, and denied being with Yu Tu. Seeing Jingjing refused to say, Peipei also decided to let Jingjing go and not torture her to extract a confession. She only wanted Jingjing to lead her to the king. Since Jingjing played in the entertainment game, she has also taken full interest in the king. .

When Peipei was playing the game, Jingjing couldn’t help but look at the chat history between her and Yu Tu. Peipei was very surprised that Yu Tu sent a series of WeChat messages to Jingjing. She knew that Xueshen was very arrogant, and only let Jingjing should not hang on her way, Jingjing curled her lips, she had never done such a thing. After that, Peipei wanted Jingjing’s account to be used by her to play games. Jingjing was helpless to Peipei’s coquetry and only handed out her mobile phone. Peipei found that Jingjing had a very high winning rate, and she was very surprised that Jingjing actually had two fives. Even peerless.

The Wulian Peerless World is of great significance to Jingjing. She took a closer look at her mobile phone and understood everything. It turned out that Yu Tu hadn’t forgotten her birthday gift. After playing the entertainment game, he gave her two peerless peers in five consecutive years, but she never played the game and did not see the gift. If a person gives you a birthday gift but keeps silent, Peipei thinks that this person must have some difficulties.

Jingjing can’t help but think of Yu Tu’s confession night. She thinks Yu Tu likes less than her, but Yu Tu is affectionate. Full, for Yu Tu, liking is not impulse, but thinking more. He is worried that he has given Jingjing a better life and fulfilling company. All the misunderstandings were resolved, Jingjing couldn’t wait to see Yutu. When she heard Peipei say that her high school students were gathering at KTV, Jingjing nodded without hesitation and decided to meet Yutu.

Yu Tu’s mother and aunt were preparing to introduce someone to Yu Tu, but Yu Tu directly refused, unwilling to delay each other’s time. Originally, Yu Tu didn’t intend to attend a high school classmate gathering, but the classmates said Jingjing would also pass by, so Yu Tu decided to go to the gathering. In a traffic jam, Yu Tu was anxiously watching the motionless traffic outside. He was afraid that he would miss Jingjing, so he decided to get off in the traffic, ran to KTV to see Jingjing, and saw the girl he loved deeply.

Jingjing didn’t see Yu Tu in KTV. She was quite disappointed, but she still didn’t disturb her and only sang a song on stage. The song was not over yet, Yu Tu had already arrived in the private room. He appeared in Jingjing’s world and watched the dazzling Jingjing sing the entire song. When one song ended, Yu Tu was surrounded by male classmates, but his eyes remained on Jingjing. He walked to Jingjing alone and asked her in front of all the classmates whether the reason for participating in the class meeting was for him. Jingjing couldn’t resist Yu Tu’s gentleness. Jingjing decided not to care about Yu Tu anymore. Yu Tu wanted to take Jingjing with him. Jingjing was embarrassed to leave so many people behind. She was going to sit for a while, but Yu Tu was sorry. He stepped forward and kissed Jingjing, and took Jingjing away from the private room, leaving everyone who was shocked unexpectedly.

Yu Tu brought Jingjing out, and he gently put on a coat and scarf for Jingjing. Jingjing asked about the five-consecutive peerless matter, and Yu Tu patiently explained that the reason he didn’t mention it with Jingjing was because it was not playing with Jingjing. After talking about the game, Yu Tu wanted to know if Jingjing agreed to him, but Jingjing didn’t say anything to admit that she only said that Yu Tu still had something to do, so she asked Yu Tu to go back and think about it. At this moment, someone came in the safety ladder. Yu Tusheng was afraid that Jingjing would be recognized, so he only hugged Jingjing tightly in his arms. Where Jingjing was there, the safety stairs were no longer safe, but he was early got used to it.

Yu Tu brought Jingjing to the high school, and the two recalled the past in a familiar environment, holding each other’s hands tightly. The two missed the high school period. Yu Tu just wanted to spend the rest of his life in love with Jingjing. In the place where he stayed in his teenage years, Yu Tu bowed his head and kissed Jingjing. The two finally opened their hearts and came together.

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