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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 27 Recap

Ma Le, President Hua and others have discussed a new plan. Because it involves the privacy of Lu Zhengan and Lin Yang, we must first listen to their thoughts. Whether this method works or not, Lu Zhengan must first stand up and give everyone an explanation. And Lin Yang also stayed at home temporarily, waiting for everything to settle down safely. However, Li Tian can give them the plan, provided that they meet with Lu Zhengan alone. Lu Zhengan went to see Li Tian.

He wanted to thank Li Tian for her hard work. In fact, they planned to make it public. Li Tian said that she was also helping herself, but she was a little envious of the relationship between Lu Zhengan and Lin Yang, so she didn’t like Lu Zhengan anymore. Lu Zhengan smiled and listened to her words, and the two of them complained to each other, which was completely different from the previous style of getting along with each other.

Li Tian completely solved the knot, and Lu Zhengan also stepped up to explain that Lin Yang was his colleague and his girlfriend. Lu Zhengan officially disclosed their love and shocked many people. His parents were even more happy when they saw the video. Lu Zhengan’s official announcement of his love affair has won the support of many people, but it is inevitable that he has some bad reviews. Lin Yang was eating snacks while watching bad reviews on the Internet. Lu Zhengan called and asked her to go to the tavern. Yao Dan and Cao Ling were already on their way.

Lin Yang started to dress up, and finally appeared in a very deliberately exaggerated look, and was spit out by Cao Ling and Yao Dan. Lu Zhengan and Lin Yangxiu’s affection made Yao Dan and Cao Ling speechless again. The tavern owner wanted to take a photo with Lu Zhengan Lin Yang, but she was going back to her old career, and the tavern was going out too, and she was considered their number one CP fan.

Speaking of Li Tian, ​​Yao Dan and Cao Ling thought at first that she was here to make trouble, but they didn’t expect that she would do it. In the past few days, Lu Zhengan has received a lot of praise, and advertisers are also very satisfied. Li Tian proposed to President Hua to study abroad, hoping that President Hua would help her settle the tuition and Li Miaomiao. President Hua sighed or agreed, and he gave it to his company. Invested.

Li Tian received the thanks from Lin Yang and silently changed her remarks. Yao Dan and Cao Ling urged Lu Zhengan and Lin Yang to decide not to change anymore, after all, the people all over the country knew. After eating, the three sisters ran to KTV and sang for a night. Lu Zhengan sat quietly and watched them, until he opened his mouth to smash the self-confidence of the three, and there was still a gap in age. Ma Leshanshan was late, and the Lin Yang trio thought that he was older and could not understand the current playlist, but they did not expect him to have a good time with Ma Le.

After the end, Ma Le offered to send Cao Ling home, and Lin Yang, Lu Zhengan and Yao Dan naturally assisted. Yao Dan said that when her husband came to pick her up in a while, Lu Zhengan and Lin Yang had been to the two-person world. Ma Le and Cao Ling were walking on the road. Ma Le would not go bankrupt now, and vaguely revealed what he thought of Cao Ling. He had never been married or had any relationship. Ma Le didn’t know what he wanted to say, Cao Ling said that he didn’t need to explain, she only listened to her own, what kind of person Ma Le was, she would know what Ma Le was like, and she would get along with each other slowly. Ma Le was very excited.

Lin Yang wondered why Lu Zhengan liked her when she was fifteen. She remembered that they had no intersection at that time. Lu Zhengan smiled mysteriously and said that he would take Lin Yang to a place. On the way, Lu Zhengan suddenly asked Lin Yang to drive. Lin Yang, who had not been on the road after the driver’s license, was a little scared. Lu Zhengan helped her tie her shoelaces to comfort her. Don’t be afraid. She always has to learn to face it alone.

It will be convenient for Lin Yang on business trips in the future. . Lin Yang asked if she could never learn, Lu Zhengan replied, then I will be your full-time driver forever. Li Tian still needs to work hard before going to school. She believes that one day she will find her own value and become a master. Yao Dan and Bai Luocheng were a little depressed when they saw Li Tian beaten up.

Workaholic Lin Yang is going crazy when he stays at home, and can’t even be a full-time wife even thinking about what to do after getting married. Lu Zhengan has been preparing for the press conference day and night. He has not returned home for many days. He wants to prove himself. The other people are the same, busy taking care of the aftermath, busy making Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan fall in love, but Lin Yang can only be a transparent person quietly and promise not to cause them trouble. Lin Yang, who was suddenly abandoned by the world, discovered that she loved the world so much.

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