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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 26 Recap

When the Lu family moved, Lin Yang was very reluctant, but her parents only gave her time to say goodbye to Lu Zhengan. Lu Zhengan was unwilling to leave. The two cried through the door locked by their parents. Lin Yang gave him his favorite doll, and Lu Zhengan gave her the paintings and building blocks he drew. Throwing one thing after another on the ground, I cried so much that my voice became hoarse.

Shenanke had prepared the lawyer’s letter, but if he wanted to calm down, he still had to find out the source Jia Luxin. Li Tian came to the law firm to look for him. She wanted to know if Xie Nanke really wanted to help them, and Xie Nanke said yes. Li Tian believes that it doesn’t matter how public opinion is, what is important is the sales that the brand values, and the main consumer group of lipsticks is women.

Lin Yang thought for a while or should tell her parents about this matter formally. Mother Lin said no. Father Lu was the first to know, and she was the second. They already knew when they gave the bank card at the table. . Mother Lin had already packed up Lin Yang’s luggage, and asked her to go to the hospital to say goodbye to Father Lin and go home in peace.

Lu Zhengan will also go back with him. They are the parties involved in this matter. As for the compensation, Lin Mu and Lu Mu have already negotiated. Mother Lu told Lu Zhengan that this was the only thing he had satisfied her since he was a child, and asked him to treat Lin Yang well. Mother Lu took out the bank card, Lu Zhengan quickly refused to say that Father Lu had given him one, and Father Lu suddenly became stiff.

The family came to the hospital noisily, Lin Yang decided to listen to Lu Zhengan’s gamble, in case he won. Father Lu, Mother Lu, and Mother Lin entered the hospital early, but they couldn’t help hiding in the corner and peeping. Lu Zhengan and Lin Yang waited so long for the opportunity to come so suddenly, they forgot, and their beloved family loved them deeply. The two families talked and laughed in the ward with endless laughter. Finally, watching the two children leave, Lu Zhengan held Lin Yang’s hand in the expectant eyes of Lu’s mother.

On the day Cao Ling’s mother and Tongtong were discharged from the hospital, Ma Le hurriedly came to pick them up, still holding gifts. Li Tian hugged the computer all day and was busy talking about it, Yao Dan was even more anxious to save the universe, Bai Luocheng was frightened by the battle in front of him. Li Tian came to Mr. Hua with the plan he made, and Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan arrived home safely, as if they were all right. Lin Yang invited Jia Luxin to meet, and Jia Luxin gritted her teeth with sarcasm and strong output. Lin Yang warned Jia Luxin, but Jia Luxin still fanged and said that she would ruin Lu Zhengan.

Leaving the cafe, Lin Yang deliberately dragged Lu Zhengan into Jia Luxin’s line of sight and asked him to blow his eyes on himself. It was both pro and cheating. As expected, Jia Luxin took out various intimate photos of the two. After the two left, Yao Dan appeared. The moment she walked in, everything that happened was photographed by Yao Dan. Lin Yang received a call from Yunlang and rushed to the meeting. Ma Le asked Lin Yang many weird questions. It turned out that they had a new sales plan. The product positioning was derived from the true experience of the spokesperson. This was the most convincing. The story of force.

Ma Le tells the story of Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan after a little polish. The story of childhood sweethearts is very fascinating. Lu Zhengan was deeply moved. Lin Yang knew that Lu Zhengan had liked her since he was fifteen. He learned music because of him. . Mr. Ma Le and Mr. Hua told them that this plan came from Li Tian. If you want to recognize it, you must recognize it thoroughly, not to mention that these are true stories.

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