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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 25 Recap

When Lu Zhengan was young, because Niu Haoqiang wanted to play with him, but he didn’t want to play with her, he was squeezed out by his classmates. Lin Yang told him that he could do anything with Teacher Zhao, but he didn’t expect the teacher to come to him. It turns out that Niu Haoqiang is a girl, and Lu Zhengan is one day. After suing thirty-six times, no one wants to play with him anymore. Lin Yang took the lead for Lu Zhengan, saying that it was wrong for the newspaper group to isolate others. She would stand on Lu Zhengan’s side unconditionally.

After a night, Lu Zhengan’s affairs intensified, and there was also rumors in the company. Some people thought that the person in the photo was Lin Yang, and Li Tian directly helped Lu Zhengan’s fans. Lin Yang decided to return to the company next week. Yao Dan and Cao Ling were both worried about her. Instead, Lin Yang began to pick up on her figure in the photo.

Mother Lin asked Lin Yang to have breakfast, and the two of them didn’t look good. Mother Lin couldn’t help asking about them. Lin Yang told Mother Lin what had happened these days. Lu Muzhi left everyone to let Lu Zhengan confess. Lu Zhengan didn’t say the name, only that they had known each other many years ago. No matter whether Lu Mutong agreed, he would not leave her.

In the end, Mother Lin didn’t say anything. Feelings are more important than face. Compared with Lin Yang’s happiness, let alone face, everything is easy to say. When Lu Zhengan answered the phone, his face changed and said that he was going to go out. Mother Lu started to cry in the ward. It turned out that she knew from the description of Lu Zhengan that his girlfriend was Lin Yang.

Lu Zhengan ran to find Lin Yang. He did not agree to push Lin Yang out. He would never lie, but Lin Yang said that things that can be solved by one person don’t have to be two people. Lu Zhengan still insisted, he was afraid that Lin Yang would be hurt because of himself. In order to protect each other, the two quarreled again and directly quarreled at the entrance of the hospital. They met Mother Lin and Mother Lu. They said that they would go out for a good meal today.

The atmosphere at the dinner table was weird. Lu Zhengan took out a card and said that the money in it was enough to pay, and the rest would be used as a contract termination fee. He wanted to guarantee in front of everyone that he would never play music again. Lu Zhengan hesitated for a long time and stretched out his hand. Lin Yang quickly turned the table and said that music is his dream and should let Lu Zhengan stick to his dream. Lu Mu took back the bank card.

Ma Le received many phone calls from partners, but he did not expect that there were many photos on the Internet speaking for Lu Zhengan, saying that he must be innocent. Lin Yang wanted to work, and Mother Lu said that she would take her mother out for a walk. Lu Zhengan and Father Lu made an appointment to drink together in the evening, and then followed Lin Yang. Lin Yang threatened to break up if Lu Zhengan accepted the bank card behind his back. If they had to bear such a high price together, Lin Yang could not afford it. Lu Zhengan doesn’t say anything, okay.

Lu Zhengan and Father Lu had a drink together. Father Lu said that Mother Lu was not forgiving, but in fact he still cared very much about him. Father Lu asked Lu Zhengan to make music well and make his face long. As for the restaurant, they had already thought about it. They opened the restaurant just to make the family conditions better, and now they are content.

Father Lu told Lu Zhengan that men should put women first, Lu Zhengan also thinks so, but Lin Yang is always willing. Father Lu gave Lu Zhengan a card, which was his private money, and said it was lent to him, asking him to bring his daughter-in-law back anyway. Father Lu told Lu Zhengan that he was only twenty-four years old. He fell in love with his sister who was seven years older than him. It is normal for her to subconsciously stand in front of Lu Zhengan when something happens. One day Lu Zhengan can become the cover The windshield adult, Lu Zhengan was moved and wept bitterly.

Mother Lu sent a very long message to Lin Yang. She did say that if Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan were together one day, she would die suddenly on the spot, but that was happy. Lu’s mother and Lu’s father watched Lin Yang grow up when she was a child. He didn’t expect that after more than 20 years, she and Lu Zhengan would actually go round and round together. This is their blessing. Mother Lu hopes that they will hold each other’s hands firmly no matter what, just like they did when they were young.

Lin Yang ran out wearing slippers when he received the news, and saw Mother Lu and Mother Lin hugging them. Mother Lu heard that they were together and said yes. From now on, they will be Lin Yang’s maiden family. , Is also her strong backing. Lu Zhengan immediately sobered up after receiving Lin Yang’s news, and started celebrating with Father Lu in his arms.

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