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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 31 Recap

You Ya kindly called Cheng Haonan’s friends to come to the house to accompany him. Cheng Haonan had a very happy chat in front of outsiders, but then he told You Ya not to let them come home again. Xiao Yan found Niu Shengli, and unexpectedly learned that he had taken care of a young and beautiful assistant, and then abandoned Weiwei’s mother.

Later Mo Ming learned of this and said that she was stunned. Sure enough, Niu Shengli learned that Weiwei’s mother lived in the confinement center under Thea. He ran to the confinement center to make a fuss. He threatened to abduct his wife and children from the confinement center, and he would sue the Thea group. Chen Jiaorui told Xiao Yan about this matter, so that she must deal with it.

Xiao Yan did not expect that Niu Shengli, who had committed bigamy, would actually slap her back. She told Weiwei’s mother that she and her children would be safe, but Weiwei’s mother was very angry because she took care of her private affairs and was kind to her. Don’t appreciate it at all. Mo Ming hoped that Chen Jiaorui would not cancel the postpartum psychological rehabilitation department. He didn’t want to let more mothers be incomprehensible like Chen Jiaorui.

After listening to Mo Ming’s words, Chen Jiaorui took the initiative to chat with Weiwei’s mother. Perhaps it was Chen Jiaorui’s words that solved Weiwei’s mother. She finally stopped resisting the child she gave birth, and took the initiative to hug the child.

And Chen Jiaorui no longer strongly demanded that the postpartum psychological rehabilitation department be banned. She said that she would truthfully report the situation to the board of directors. You Ya worried that Cheng Haonan would be bored and sick at home all day long, so she called her mother and Xiao Song one after another, hoping that after they contacted Cheng Haonan, Cheng Haonan would no longer be so negative.

Niu Shengli came to the confinement center to make trouble, Weiwei’s mother came up with a divorce agreement, Niu Shengli was the party who was in the wrong, and had to agree to the divorce to settle the matter. This time, Biao Zi’s mother also had credit. Xiao Yan specially sent her a gift, and the relationship between the two also eased. Hao Dawei came to the confinement center to annoy Xiao Yan again. Mo Ming happened to see him. Just when Hao Dawei said something unacceptable, Mo Ming went up to subdue him.

Later Mo Ming asked about this Hao Dawei, Xiao Yan honestly said that Hao Dawei might want to chase her. As soon as Xiao Yan’s words came out, Mo Ming was stunned. Hao Dawei was only a few years old, but his behavior was so naive. Jing Bao asked Chen Jiaorui to take charge of the next cooperation between Thea and Jing Bao, but Li Cha did not agree. President Ma said, Chen Jiaorui and Xiao Yan are Li Cha’s favorite generals, and it doesn’t matter who is responsible for them, but now it is Jingbao who calls Chen Jiaorui to be responsible. You Ya and Chen Jiaorui meet. You Ya is uncharacteristically. She is now full of negative energy, and she no longer has the happiness and optimism before.

She asked Chen Jiaorui about the reason for her divorce. Chen Jiaorui was startled and asked her several questions again and again. Youya was dumbfounded by the question. She couldn’t help feeling painful and uncomfortable. People like her who hadn’t worked before didn’t even qualify for a divorce. Chen Jiaorui made sense, but did not show mercy at all. Then Chen Jiaorui returned to the company and talked about this with Lili. Lili knew her thoughts very well, and hurriedly belittled You Ya, and then raised Chen Jiaorui. Li Cha asked Xiaoxi, Yan Zhi, and Lili to ask about Chen Jiaorui’s situation. Yan Zhi didn’t understand what medicine Li Cha sold in the gourd, and why he couldn’t make it through with Chen Jiaorui.

Mo Ming was ready to raise a child, but Yan Zhi seemed a little worried. He worried that Chen Jiaorui’s emotions would collapse after Mo Ming returned Tongtong. Yan Zhi couldn’t help asking Mo Ming whether it was appropriate for the child to leave his mother so early, and would he be happy if the lawsuit was won.

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