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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 30 Recap

Qi Bin thinks that Mo Ming is in the confinement center, and Xiao Yan does not need to be so tired. She can go to the United States with herself these days to relax. Qi Bin was so gentle, but Xiao Yan still rejected him. Xiao Yan took the elevator home and met Yan Zhi who was going to Chen Jiaorui’s house to repair the water pipe. He asked Xiao Yan if she didn’t want to take him away in the first place. Xiao Yan did not answer directly.

The next day, Xiao Yan received Qi Bin’s message. He bought her a plane ticket to New York. He still hoped Xiao Yan could find him. Xiao Yan sent him a message that he was going to the airport to see him off, but the message was not sent. On the way to the airport, Xiao Yan received a call from Hao Dawei. Hao Dawei said there was an urgent matter.

Xiao Yan had to make the driver turn around and go to the confinement center, just passing by Qi Bin’s taxi. Qi Bin wanted to take a look at Xiao Yan before going to New York, but sometimes it was a trick of fate, and they could not see the last. Xiao Yan hurried to the confinement center. He didn’t expect that the important thing Hao Dawei said was asking her to invite him to dinner. Xiao Yan was very speechless and only said that she would make an appointment next time.

Chen Jiaorui sent a video to You Ya. After watching the video, You Ya mustered up the courage to go upstairs and have a good talk with Cheng Haonan. After Cheng Haonan lost his career, his whole person changed and became very hostile. He accused Youya of wanting a second child without considering his feelings. From beginning to end, he didn’t want the second child.

You Ya was heartbroken. She didn’t refute Cheng Haonan’s words and went downstairs alone. In the living room, the words she said at the sharing meeting were still being kept, and now those words were like a knife in Yuya’s heart, and she couldn’t help crying. Biao Zi’s mother and Wei Wei’s mother were at odds, Biao Zi’s mother blurted out and said that Wei Wei’s mother was a junior, and Wei Wei’s mother threw a cup of coffee on Biao Zi’s face.

Biao Zi’s mother changed her face immediately. I’ve been fighting with Biaozi’s mother a long time ago. Mo Ming quickly appeased Weiwei’s mother, while Xiao Yan stabilized Biaozi’s mother. Mo Ming went to the office to find Qi Bin, but unexpectedly learned that he was on a business trip to the United States, but before leaving, Qi Bin had urged people to implement his second trial. If nothing else, Mo Ming could successfully get his child’s custody rights back.

Hao Dawei took the initiative to come to Xiao Yan and asked her to invite herself to dinner. Xiao Yan smiled and called Hao Dawei’s father to ask him to have dinner. At the dinner table, Hao Dawei saw his father actually appear here, his previous arrogance disappeared, and he did not dare to say a word like a child. Youya had a nightmare. Cheng Haonan in the dream was very scary. He forced Youya to kill the child, and Youya woke up in shock.

When You Ya woke up, she adjusted her mentality and wanted to go to the study to persuade Cheng Haonan to go to bed, but hearing Cheng Haonan’s irritable voice inside, You Ya was frightened. After Weiwei’s mother gave birth to the child, she never went to see the child. Mo Ming went to persuade her, but still to no avail.

On behalf of Thea, Chen Jiaorui came to the confinement center and asked Xiao Yan to convene a meeting with the heads of various departments. At the meeting, she said that the postpartum psychological rehabilitation department, which had the lowest performance in the confinement center, would be cancelled. Mo Ming was the first to stand up and object, and Xiao Yan later said that this department could not be cancelled, but Chen Jiaorui’s decision was not changed.

Xiao Yan went to another confinement center to inquire, and unexpectedly learned that someone named Niu Shengli had booked a standard room in this confinement center, but Niu Shengli was not her husband. Xiao Yan then understood that Weiwei’s mother moved to their confinement center, most likely to avoid Niu Shengli.

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