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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 29 Recap

After learning about Cheng Haonan’s pitfall, Xiao Yan immediately went to Hao Dawei. First, she apologized to Hao Dawei in a good voice, hoping that he would not do it so absolutely, but Hao Dawei refused. Seeing this, Xiao Yan said that she would go to his father to solve it. His attitude took a 180-degree turn, and he changed his words and said that Cheng Haonan could stay in the company as an ordinary employee. Xiao Yan achieved her goal and left happily.

Cheng Haonan told the original company partners that as soon as he gets financing, the company can make a comeback. But these partners who had struggled with him have already joined Hao Dawei. Even Xiao Song said that he has just got married and bought a house. He must have an income every month.

Cheng Haonan’s heart was ashamed, but he was not qualified to let Xiao Song stay with him. You Ya thought Cheng Haonan hadn’t come back overnight, but she called him and found that he was playing games upstairs. He didn’t come back until three or four o’clock last night and played the game until this point. You Ya persuaded him to sleep or eat first, but Cheng Haonan remained unmoved. Biao Zima was still reluctant to move out of the VIP room, and she was unwilling to make up the difference. Xiao Yan asked a well-known teacher on the public account to help, and finally asked Biao Zima to agree to move out of the VIP room.

Mr. Ma pointed out at the board of directors that the confinement center operated by Xiao Yan is still in a state of loss and urgently needs reform and rectification. He suggested that Chen Jiaorui should participate in and supervise this reform and rectification action.

Weiwei’s mother, who just moved in, was unwilling to drink breastmilk for her child even if she returned to breastfeeding. She needed the help of a nurse when she ate, washed her hands and bathed. The nurse couldn’t help complaining to Xiao Yan, and Xiao Yan asked Mo Ming to deal with the matter. Mo Ming felt strange, why didn’t she persuade Weiwei’s mother by herself. Xiao Yan explained that Weiwei’s mother is different from Biaozi’s mother. She has postpartum depression, and Mo Ming is more suitable to persuade Weiwei’s mother.

Mo Ming went over and saw that there were two beauticians doing facial and nail care for Weiwei’s mother. He had never seen such a situation. Weiwei’s mother had to wait for her to eat and go to the toilet. Mo Ming explained that there was no confinement center. For this kind of service, Weiwei’s mother said that she could hire two nurses to take care of her around the clock and pay double the salary. She also said that her husband was dead, but Mo Ming could hear that she was just talking about it. Mo Ming persuaded her to participate in the event, but she didn’t cooperate, and Mo Ming couldn’t help it for a while.

Qi Bin took the contract to ask Hao Dawei. Hao Dawei looked indifferent. He said that he did it all thanks to Xiao Yan. Hao Dawei also provocatively said that Xiao Yan would not marry Qi Bin, Qi Bin was also anxious, and immediately said that he would marry Xiao Yan in Lichun. Xiao Yan wanted to talk to You Ya’s house about Cheng Haonan’s work, but Cheng Haonan was very disgusted, so You Ya had to tell Xiao Yan not to come home.

After sending a message to Xiao Yan, You Ya went to comfort Cheng Haonan. Xiao Yan saw her news and was worried about You Ya who took the initiative to knock on the door. However, You Ya was even more worried about Cheng Haonan, and she refused Xiao Yan to enter the house. Xiao Yan was so badly hurt that she angered that she would never take care of her family’s affairs in the future.

Chen Jiaorui asked Chen’s mother to install a surveillance system at home, but Chen’s mother believed Li Mei’e very much and she was unwilling to install surveillance. Although Chen Jiaorui didn’t look good to Li Mei’e, she couldn’t help Chen’s mother like Li Mei’e. Qi Bin sent Xiao Yan home. On the way back, Qi Bin joked that he would take her to see his parents.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Yan’s reaction was fierce and immediately asked him to stop. Qi Bin suppressed her temper and patiently persuaded her, but Xiao Yan didn’t listen at all. She thought that Qi Bin should ask for her consent in advance instead of cutting it out first, and she hated this way of doing things very much.

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