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First Love Again 循环初恋 Episode 14 Recap

In 2019, Yang Chuang held a class reunion in the restaurant. Xia Wenxi went out to attend the class reunion. Ye You-ning also followed and met Yang Shiyi and Xie Zhenyu. The two announced to everyone that they were engaged. Everyone saw that Ye Youning and Xia Wenxi came together with some gossip, and they wondered if the two were reconciled. When eating, Ye You-ning originally wanted to sit next to Xia Wenxi, but Xia Wenxi deliberately avoided Ye You-ning.

Yang Chuang put the dishes together, and Yang Shiyi raised the wine glass to toast Xia Wenxi, and said that she thanked her for helping her beat the hooligans back then. After drinking, Xia Wenxi planned to go to the bathroom. Ye You-ning was focused on Xia Wenxi, and she got up to follow him. Xia Wenxi slipped on her feet and almost fell. Fortunately, Ye You-ning held Xia Wenxi with her hands quickly, and everyone shook up.

After Xia Wenxi came back, Yang Chuang talked about the haunted incident at the graduation party. Xie Zhenyu said that he wanted to give Yang Shiyi a surprise. He spent the whole night decorating a room with balloons. But when he arrived in the classroom in the morning, he found that all the balloons were gone. Not knowing who did it, Xia Wenxi was a little embarrassed. She gave Ye You-ning a guilty look and admitted that she had released all the balloons back then.

She was afraid that the balloons would cause Ye You-ning’s phobia, so she released all Xie Zhenyu’s balloons. Ye Youning was a little surprised. He didn’t know that Xia Wenxi had done such a thing for him behind his back. He couldn’t help thinking whether he knew Xia Wenxi. He traveled through so many time and space. Each time and space Xia Wenxi had a different attitude towards him. But Xia Wenxi is always so kind and always brings warmth to others.

Gao Xiaoai again talked about a bad thing Xia Wenxi did before. The power was suddenly cut off during the night of self-study in the third year of high school. When everyone was excited, the electricity suddenly came. It turned out that Xia Wenxi went out and connected the broken fuse. Everyone They asked Xia Wenxi why he did this, and Xia Wenxi went over it perfunctorily, but Ye Youning remembered that Xia Wenxi did it to finish the remaining physics problems, and Ye Youning was a little moved.

When the party came to an end, everyone took another group photo, and some people sent their graduation photos of the year to the group. A few people expressed emotion that Ye You-ning in the graduation photos was laughing too happily, and they asked him if he was looking at Xia Wenxi.

After the party was over, only Yang Shiyi and Xia Wenxi were left in the hotel. Seeing that there was no one, Yang Shiyi asked Xia Wenxi if he was going to make up with Ye Youning. Xia Wenxi quickly denied and transferred the topic to Yang Shiyi and Xie Zhenyu. Yang Shiyi hated Xie Zhenyu so much. Unexpectedly, the two of them could really get married until the end. Yang Shiyi said that it was really annoying back then, but Xie Zhenyu gave a lot for herself. When she needed him, he was always by her side, and when she couldn’t see him later. ,

I was even a little bit disappointed. When I found out that I liked Xie Zhenyu, I confessed to Xie Zhenyu. Xia Wenxi was very surprised. I didn’t expect that Yang Shiyi confessed first. If Yang Shiyi said that he liked it, don’t hesitate and don’t leave regrets for yourself. She let Xia Wenxi take care of it. Think about it, do you really dislike Ye You-ning?

After going back in the evening, Ye You-ning chased Xia Wenxi back and asked if the two would have a chance to be together, but Xia Wenxi said that it was no longer possible for the two of them. She only hoped that the past of the two would stay in the past, and then turned Ye Youning away. outside. Xia Wenxi hid herself in the corridor and cried. She remembered Ye Youning’s decision to go abroad, and her heart was like a knife. Chen Tingting called Xia Wenxi and asked her how she felt. Xia Wenxi said that she was not very good, and she didn’t want to be like this, but Every time she saw Ye You-ning, she would think of the way Ye You-ning left her.

She would doubt whether what Ye You-ning said was true or false, whether it was just to coax herself, or whether she would leave again. Seeing that Chen Tingting was calling Xia Wenxi, Ye You-ning asked her how Xia Wenxi was. Chen Tingting talked about the situation, and Lin Jiaqi also said that he had to make up for the mistakes he made before, but Ye You-ning always couldn’t remember how to do it in this time and space. What did you do to hurt Xia Wenxi.

Although Xia Wenxi resisted herself now, Ye Youning still didn’t plan to give up. Early the next morning, he waited downstairs at Xia Wenxi’s house. He also bought the egg-filled biscuits that Xia Wenxi used to eat. Xia Wenxi couldn’t resist eating. Ye Youning apologized again, saying that the previous things were bad for him. Now he I want to be nice to Xia Wenxi.

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