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Crush 原来我很爱你 Episode 3 Recap

Classmate Xiaowei failed to catch up with her classmates because she was late, because Director Li had told the classmates to go back to the classroom if they couldn’t find the teacher and classmates. Xiaowei burst into tears when she returned to the classroom. Passing by, after hearing the cry, he quickly went to comfort him. After Sang Wuyan found that one of his classmates was missing, he went back to the classroom to find someone, and picked up Xiaowei from Su Nianqu.

Su Nianqu learned from Director Li that Sang Wuyan was also here as a substitute and would probably stay in school for about half a year. Su Nianqu brought glutinous rice balls and other agents to pick them up. The sister of the broker expressed surprise when she learned that the glutinous rice balls were sent by her colleague. She didn’t expect Su Nianqu’s stinky temper to receive gifts from her colleagues. Su Nianqu said that she didn’t want to care about her and wanted to go home.

After returning home in the evening, the two ate dinner together. After the manager tasted the glutinous rice balls, he said with emotion that the glutinous rice balls made by his family were different, full of feelings of love. This sentence touched Su Nianqu’s sadness, and she quickly apologized.

Sang Wuyan saw the scene where the agent drove a BMW in the rain to send Su Nianqu to the school, and he felt gossip. When Su Nianqu returned to the office, he offered to help him pack the umbrella. If it was his girlfriend’s umbrella, he would not be willing to let people take it casually. As a result, Su Nianqu let go of the umbrella after expressing his gratitude.

The two discussed stories in ancient poems in the office. Su Nianqu’s relevant knowledge is very rich, which reflects Wuyan’s impoverishment in ancient Chinese knowledge.

Wu Yan told Cheng Yin about seeing a beautiful woman sending Su Nianquan to work. Cheng Yin started to make up her own brain. Perhaps this woman is a rich woman. It is not impossible for Su Nianquan to be fostered, or vice versa. If you have money, this woman can be taken care of. Wuyan condemned her thoughts, but at present it is indeed impossible to clarify the true relationship between the two people.

Su Nianqu sang her new song to a newly emerging original singer, and the song received great acclaim and welcome as soon as it was published. Sang Wuyan suddenly felt the tone very familiar after hearing it. It seems that Su Nianqu played this song before, and the content of the song is the ancient story that the two discussed in the office before, and then think of it in the elevator of the radio station. By chance encounter, she began to suspect that Yi Jin and Su Nianqu were alone.

Under Cheng Yin’s suggestion, Wuyan began to listen to the previous interview audio over and over again, trying to tell whether the two voices were the same. After listening to it, he suddenly became excited in disbelief. Now it is basically certain that Yijin and Su Nianju is a person!

Wei Hao saw Xu Qian working part-time in the restaurant, and recalled Xu Qian’s previous condemnation of stepping on two boats. He was a little lonely. He liked Xu Qian a little bit. Sang Wuyan helped other teachers deliver materials to the orphanage. Here, he ran into Su Nianqu who came to see Xiaowei. After leaving, she asked directly if she was a songwriter Yijin, but she didn’t expect her true identity to be guessed, so Su Nianqu remained silent and did not answer.

After a while, Su Nianqu asked who Yijin was, but Sang Wuyan was basically sure that the two were the same and didn’t care about his “lie”. After Xu Qian finished her part-time job, she happened to meet Sang Wuyan and Su Nianquan sitting on a bench. Wuyan hurriedly held Su Nianquan and said that this was her boyfriend, and Su Nianquan was not willing to help this “favor”. Sang Wuyan was anxious and played a scene where the innocent girl was abandoned by a scumbag in public. Under the watchful eyes of passers-by, Su Nianqu finally compromised.

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