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Crush 原来我很爱你 Episode 1 Recap

Sang Wuyan, a senior who is about to graduate, works as an anchor assistant on the radio, and Nie Xi, the host of the “27.1 Golden Melody Hall” channel, was replaced by Sang Wuyan urgently because of a temporary incident on the way to work. Wuyan changed the string of words without authorization. ,

Aroused the attention of the audience. Before the situation became serious, Sister Xi rushed back to the TV station in time, and she smoothly rounded up the string of words after the completion of a song.

At present, the popular songwriter Su Nianqu gave the pseudonym “Yi Jin” to a less famous singer to sing his new song. The big fire singer Xu Guanchun called the assistant of “Yi Jin” to ask why. “Yi Jin” asked his assistant to park next to the park, and he wanted to go to the park to be quiet.

After get off work, Sang Wuyan was entangled by his ex-boyfriend. After leaving angrily, he went to the park bench to listen to a song. He sang it as he listened. The tone was incomplete and out of tune. At this time, “Yi Jin” listening to the elegant violin music was disturbed. Sang Wuyan didn’t know it was “Yi Jin”, not to mention that he had eye problems. He only saw the guy who looked at him was really handsome.

Sang Wuyan, who heard Yijin’s new song on the campus radio, expressed his admiration for Yijin for countless times. Because Yi Jin gave the new song to the little-known singer, this made the old collaborator and current hot singer Xu Guanchun very dissatisfied. Although Yi Jin’s assistant repeatedly explained that Xu Guanchun’s voice is not suitable for this song, the other party I still felt that I was deliberately suppressing myself.

Wuyan broke with her boyfriend and sister because she witnessed her ex-boyfriend Wei Hao and her good sister Xu Qian kissing. Good girlfriend Cheng Yin encouraged her, but she was not too sad because she already had an object of admiration in her heart-Yijin.

A “beautiful woman who claims to be a songwriter Yijin, she blew herself up in love with star singer Xu Guanchun” caused a public outcry, Wuyan was greatly shocked, and her dream lover was actually a woman! Su Nianqu’s agent is very worried about the negative impact of this hype news. However, Su Nianqu is very calm. He suffers from eye diseases. His world is dark and at the same time very quiet and innocent. Yuri is not important to him.

Nie Xi, who knows Yijin’s identity, once invited him to the radio station to record a radio show. However, the invitation was not successful. Faced with the fake Yijin in the news, Nie Xi was criticized by his boss and was forced to invite the current fake. Come to the radio station to do a program today. Nie Xi and Su Nianqu’s agent are good friends. At the agent’s request, Zhen Yi Jin finally agreed to go to the radio to record the show.

Wuyan originally came to the radio station for an internship, and happened to get on an elevator with Su Nianqu. However, at this time, her best friend Cheng Yin informed the school that she could not answer the name of the course, so Wuyan could only temporarily withdraw, losing and real time. Opportunity to meet.

Sang Wuyan was originally a psychology undergraduate student, currently facing graduation, the school arranged for an internship, she chose the internship location of the Special Education College alternatively. The counselor talked to her. The counselor was a student of Wuyan’s father and cared for her very much. Although he understood his love for radio hosting, he still hoped that Wuyan could consider her parents’ opinions.

After chatting with the counselor, I happened to hear the last audio of Yijin, only to realize that the lover of my dream was actually a guest of today’s radio station. Wuyan expressed his regret.

Sang Wuyan went to the special education college where he was going to practice in advance to report that he happened to meet Su Nianqu, who was teaching here. When the two met, Su Nianqu’s ears were very good, and in a few words she heard that this girl was on a park bench. , The one encountered in the radio elevator.

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