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Broker 掮客 Episode 19 Recap

Zhou Xiaoshan accidentally heard his colleagues discuss the ten things that couples must do, and silently wrote down, and sent an email to Qiu Jianing with a list, Qiu Jianing couldn’t help but smile. Wang Lao said that Li Chunran had submitted his resignation report and hoped that Qiu Jianing would go to talk to her and find a way to keep her. Li Chunran decided to go back to her hometown. She was tired and couldn’t convince her parents. Qiu Jianing wanted her to think about it again, but Li Chunran insisted on leaving and decided to leave. Colleagues were very reluctant to part with Li Chunran, Zhang Yu had different opinions, but still refused to let go, Qiu Jiaxin and Zhou Xiaoshan were helpless.

Zhang Yu sat in the car in the middle of the night, staring at the lights in Li Chunran’s dormitory in a daze, and finally summoned the courage to call her, but he couldn’t say anything when he was connected. Zhang Yu asked if Li Chunran was really leaving, and finally wished her a safe journey in a tone of expectation. Zhang Yu hung up the phone and smashed the steering wheel a few times in annoyance. Li Chunran heard the sound and hurried to the window and saw him driving away.

Qiu Jianing said that Li Chunran was going back ahead of time, and that he would marry the scumbag last time. Zhang Yu immediately ran to stop Li Chunran’s taxi. Zhang Yu used a chemical formula to confess to Li Chunran, but Li Chunran thought he was playing with people and got into a taxi impatiently, but Zhang Yu chased Li Chunran with a face and said that he was serious, and she must promise him! Zhang Yu’s fierce confession angered the driver’s master, and Li Chunran did not intend to leave. Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing were very pleased to see this scene. In the evening, everyone had a meal and celebrated. Qiu Jiaxin didn’t bring the key. I heard that Qiu Jianing was planning to go with her at a dinner party, and she also took Molly to go.

Everyone was playing games, Qiu Jiaxin came with Molly, Zhou Xiaoshan quickly explained that this was his sister and Qiu Jianing. Zhou Xiaoshan chose to tell the truth. Li Chunran asked him if his girlfriend was in the dormitory that day. Zhou Xiaoshan admitted that it was from the laboratory. When everyone was wondering who this person was, Qiu Jianing turned the bottle to Zhou Xiaoshan again. Zhou Xiaoshan rebelliously chose the truth, and then walked to Qiu Jianing and announced that she was his girlfriend. Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing announced their love affair.

Qiu Jianing was awkward and sweet. Qiu Jiaxin was very happy to see this scene, but Molly’s mood was completely opposite. In fact, Zhou Xiaoshan admires Qin Bin. He has a good family background. You can also tell the world freely that he likes Qiu Jianing, but Qiu Jianing likes Zhou Xiaoshan. These are not important.

Molly waited for a long time in Zhou Xiaoshan’s dormitory. She didn’t understand Zhou Xiaoshan’s saying that the less the relationship with Qiu Jianing, the less people knew, but today they announced their relationship. Could it be that Zhou Xiaoshan’s feelings for Qiu Jianing were true from the beginning? Zhou Xiaoshan angrily told Molly to shut up. If she hadn’t been close to Qiu Jianing, it would not have caused the current situation. The key change formula extraction failed, and all he could rely on was his relationship with Qiu Jianing. The office gossip started Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan, and even ridiculed them. Zhou Xiaoshan said that the office is in love with enough dog food.

Wang Lao heard about Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan’s affairs and called her to criticize her. Qiu Jianing thought Wang was opposed to office romances. He didn’t expect that Wang Lao said that the love of scientific researchers has always been a problem. Why should it be full if it can be digested internally? Wang Lao not only did not object, but also strongly supported Qiu Jianing, which surprised Qiu Jianing. Zhu Zhu was very unhappy because Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing were together, and his attitude towards Zhou Xiaoshan changed 180 degrees. Zhou Xiaoshan heard that Mr. Wang was very happy to support them, and asked her to spare time tomorrow to watch a horror movie together, and warned her not to talk about work during a date, otherwise there will be punishment.

Zhou Xiaoshan took Qiu Jianing to do a lot of things that couples should do, and they watched movies together on the road. Zhou Xiaoshan told her that if they got separated, they would walk all the way to the south, and he would look for her. Qiu Jianing really likes watching fireworks in the ten trivial things, because when she was very young, she remembered seeing fireworks with her parents once, and the fireworks that time made her remember very deeply. Qiu Jiaxin was surprised to see Qiu Jianing arranging flowers at home. He didn’t expect Zhou Xiaoshan to transform a rigid female scientist. Qiu Jianing showed her Zhou Xiaoshan’s list, and Qiu Jiaxin sighed that one thing would drop another.

Molly sighed that the fate was wonderful. She didn’t expect Qiu Jianing to choose Zhou Xiaoshan. Qiu Jiaxin told her about ten small things that Zhou Xiaoshan listed couples must do, and Molly lost her mind. Molly said that she would invite Zhou Xiaoshan to dinner after the bonus was given. Zhou Xiaoshan wanted to go with Qiu Jianing. After all, he had not officially introduced her to Molly. Molly’s face suddenly sank when she saw Qiu Jianing, and after eating, she naturally took Zhou Xiaoshan’s hand.

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