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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 24 Recap

Father Lin once rewarded Lin Yang with a bicycle, but Lin Yang couldn’t ride, stumbled to go to Dujuan Mountain with his classmates when Lu Zhengan was bullied by others, and Lin Yang took him into the car after he turned his head. , Ran away chucklely. Before Lin Yang, who realized that he could ride on his own, had time to be happy, he fell into the ditch with his car.

The two families gathered in Father Lin’s ward to talk and laugh, talking about Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan’s childhood, and a photo of Lu Zhengan being dressed as a little girl by Lin Yang. Lin Yang called President Hua and wanted to confess this matter. President Hua asked her to take care of the family with peace of mind. He has already pushed about Jia Luxin’s affairs. Besides, it is a good thing to fall in love. Lin Yang is very grateful. Lu Zhengan also came out. The two of them held hands and wanted to say something. Lu Mu suddenly appeared and the two of them threw away their hands in fright.

Mother Lu asked them to go out and buy some cakes, and the two walked hand in hand on the road, saying that they were going to realize their dreams wholeheartedly. The two went hand in hand when they were young. Lin Yang wanted Lu Zhengan to call her sister. After all, he hadn’t called her sister since childhood, but Lu Zhengan just refused. The old houses are gone, and now many buildings have been demolished and rebuilt. Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan have realized their dreams wholeheartedly in this familiar and unfamiliar city. Li Tian paid her salary and invited Xie Nanke to dinner.

She had already walked out of the shadow of broken love, but Xie Nanke hadn’t fully come out yet. Li Tian realized that Lin Yang was his first love and taught her own experience. She returned to Ruiye and looked at Lin Yang. , Keep telling myself that they love each other very much, they will grow old together. Li Tian decided to go abroad for further studies and bid farewell to the past, and suddenly received a mobile phone push about the gossip scandal about Lu Zhengan.

The news of Lu Zhengan’s suspected love spread overwhelmingly, and Lin Yang’s photo was mosaicked and his name was not revealed. Mother Lu and Father Lu insisted that Father Lin was discharged from the hospital to live in their home. Lu Zhengan and Lin Yang received a call from Cao Ling and Ma Le at the same time. Mother Lu also saw this report and fainted in anger. Mother Lu woke up and asked Lu Zhengan what was going on, who was that person, and how long had they been living together again.

Father Lu wanted to cover for them. Lu Zhengan glanced at Lin Yang, and could only say that she was his female colleague. After sending her home several times, Lin Yang also helped him prove it, but Lu Mother obviously didn’t believe it. President Hua, Ma Le, and Shenanke gathered in Oslu. President Hua told each other bluntly that Lin Yang was the heroine of the incident and Lu Zhengan’s girlfriend.

Mother Lin asked if the person in Lin Yang’s photo was her, because they bought the pair of high heels together. Lin Yang admitted that she and Lu Zhengan were together. Lin Yang hoped that Mother Lin would believe in herself and she would take care of it. Mother Lin only asked, are you sure that is love? Lin Yang’s answer was firm. Lu Zhengan approached Lin Yang after Lu’s mother fell asleep, confessing that he had seen these photos a long time ago and had already figured out how to deal with this matter.

Lin Yang was a little angry, because she didn’t care about public opinion, but she couldn’t care less about her family. If Lu Zhengan really took the family’s money to pay for compensation, what would father and mother Lin think about? Don’t talk about being together, even friends. It can’t be done. Lin Yang comforted Lu Zhengan, and there will be a solution later, she will not leave Lu Zhengan. After Lu Zhengan left, Lin Yang sent a message to Xie Nanke and asked him to focus on himself.

After Xie Nanke, President Hua and Ma Le talked about the news sent by Lin Yang, they probably knew that Lu Zhengan didn’t know about it, and Xie Nanke didn’t mention it either. Li Tian was anxious about Lu Zhengan’s affairs. Even if she didn’t want it, she shouldn’t let others bully him like this. Li Miaomiao smiled and said that whoever finds her in the future must be his blessing. Hua Zong, Ma Le, and Xie Nanke returned home drunk after drinking. They talked very well. They planned to warm up in advance without responding, and then it was their good fortune. Li Tian is in a hurry, what is this situation of life and death.

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