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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 23 Recap

When he was a child, Lu Zhengan accidentally knocked over Mother Lu’s favorite vase, crying and said that he didn’t know what to do. Lin Yang comforted him by killing him and not admitting it, and then left a note to apologize to Lu’s father and Lu’s mother that she was the one who beat him. broken. Father Lu saw the note and didn’t tell the truth. Instead, he said that he broke it. Father Lin found out that the vase was genuine after appraisal. Mother Lu chased Father Lu and beat him for a long time.

After Lu Zhengan had settled his work, he had to go to Lin Yang, and Ma Le specially asked Xiaotao to bring him ginseng to supplement Lin’s body. Ma Le was complaining about Lu Zhengan with President Hua. Suddenly, he received a text message from him and was a little relieved. He also said that they should work together to protect the love between Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan. President Hua was stupid when he heard the news.

President Hua and Ma Le started drinking, and President Hua quickly accepted the news that Lu Zhengan and Lin Yang were in love. Lin Yang was making dumplings with Mother Lin and Father Lu. Father Lu looked at Lin Yang in a strange way, and from time to time he moved ahead of Lu Zhengan. Mother Lu said that she hoped that Lu Zhengan would fall in love, but when Lin Yang was four years old, Mother Lu died and wanted her to be her own daughter-in-law.

Lin Yang received a phone call from Lu Zhengan and went downstairs to pick it up, because Lu Zhengan just said that Lu Zhengan likes to be cute and clingy, but he didn’t expect this to be Lin Yang in Lu Zhengan’s eyes. The next second, Lu Zhengan appeared in front of Lin Yang, and Lin Yang quickly ran into his arms.

Mother Lu and Mother Lin discussed their children’s feelings and said that Lu Zhengan was born late. Mother Lin hurriedly protected Lu Zhengan and said that it was not easy for him to be self-reliant outside. Lin Yang returned after the call and brought Lu Zhengan back. Mother Lu knew that he lied to himself on a business trip and chased after him.

Lu Zhengan and Lin Yang were eating dumplings. Mother Lu, Father Lu, and Mother Lin were surrounded by them. Many words made Lin Yang almost spew a meal. Lin Yang asked Lu Zhengan to say that the current situation is not suitable for talking about them. Father Lin already knows what happened to them. Obviously he is very satisfied with the daughter-in-law of Lin Yang. Whether it’s dating or taking money, you need to deal with Mother Lu, Father Lu Let Lu Zhengan rest assured to leave this matter to him.

Mother Lu wanted to sleep with Mother Lin, and Lu Zhengan directly occupied the sofa and drove Father Lu to sleep in the hotel. In the cold wind, Father Lu missed Father Lin very much. Mother Lin and Mother Lu talked together. They were only in their early twenties when they met. Two people became four, and four people became six. Think about it, the four of them are the happiest being together. Mother Lu lacked everything, she lacked friends. Mother Lin quickly promised that she would not be an example. They would be friends forever.

Mother Lu was still very distressed when she thought of Lu Zhengan and Lin Yang’s marriage contract, but tonight when she saw Lu Zhengan wearing a ring on her left ring finger, she knew that he had a girlfriend, and she must get that person out. Lu Zhengan and Lin Yang hugged together in the living room worried and excited. Lin Yang thanked Lu Zhengan for everything. Mother Lin came out to drink water and scared Lu Zhengan to lie down and pretend to sleep, Lin Yang also found an excuse to go back to the room.

President Hua didn’t need to travel or go to the company today. He wanted to accompany Li Miaomiao around. Li Miaomiao had an appointment with a former colleague for coffee, and President Hua said to be a full-time driver for her for a day. Li Miaomiao teased that the sun came out from the west today. They both thought it was good when they talked about Lu Zhengan and Lin Yang being together. As for compensation, as long as the people who wanted to stay were kept, she would earn it back sooner or later. Li Miaomiao went to drink coffee. President Hua refused Jia Luxin’s invitation to cooperate. Jia Luxin was very angry and decided to pave the way for Lu Zhengan’s ruin.

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