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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 22 Recap

President Hua asked if Li Tian and Lu Zhengan were single. Li Tian almost told him about his relationship with Lin Yang. I heard that the client specified that Lu Zhengan must be single. Li Tian scolded the client that he must be ill. Li Tian didn’t understand why Li Miaomiao wanted to prevent her from telling Mr. Hua about the relationship between Lu Zhengan and Lin Yang. Li Miaomiao said that Lin Yang must have her reason not to say it.

Ma Le asked Jia Luxin to meet and ask if she did this. Jia Luxin pretended to be foolish and said that only she could settle this matter. She hoped Ma Le would become her partner, and she must get what she wanted. Ma Le directly stated that he is not short of money, and even if he loses his fortune, he will start again after a big deal. Not everyone in this world loves money so much, and there are more important things than money. Ma Le was a little worried when he returned to the car, after all, Yunlang was his life.

Lin Yang hurriedly rushed home to the hospital in her hometown. Lin Mu was stunned when she saw her. Seeing Father Lin lying on the hospital bed after the operation, with only a small accompany bed beside him, Lin Yang felt very sad, and she had to wait until Father Lin was discharged from the hospital before going back. When Lu Zhengan called, Lin Yang answered the phone with a crying voice. She knew that it must be Father Lin’s meaning if she didn’t tell herself.

She blamed herself for not being aware of it. Mother Lin came to Lin Yang, she was afraid that Lin Yang was worried. I didn’t tell her if she delayed her work, but if Lin Yang didn’t even have time to care about them, it would be no use no matter how busy and tired. Lin Yang asked Mother Lin to promise her never to lie to her again, and the mother and daughter embraced in tears. Lu Zhengan was anxious to reduce this period of work to three days, and then rushed to see Lin Yang.

Ma Le was thinking about life in the hospital chair. Cao Ling greeted him when he saw him. Cao Ling asked Yao Dan for dinner. Yao Dan asked Cao Ling and Ma Le to go with him with a wink. Cao Ling saw that Ma Le was not in a good mood, and Ma Le wanted to drink, so Cao Ling ordered two bottles of beer. Although she can’t help Ma Le, at least it would be better to say it.

Ma Le confessed that he might be going bankrupt. In the past two years, Yunlang has been half-dead. He originally expected Lu Zhengan to fight a turnaround, but now thinking about it, it is futile to pin his hopes on others. Ma Le knew that Lu Zhengan’s family did not support him in making music, so he decided to take the responsibility. At first, he wanted to make Ma Le a popular product. Later, when he saw Lu Zhengan step by step with Lin Yang, he was really envious of such disregard. All desperate love. Cao Ling comforted Ma Le to follow his heart. In fact, he had already figured it out clearly.

Lu Zhengan arranged a VIP ward for Lin’s father, and Lin Yang and Lin’s mother were able to go home to rest tonight. Mother Lin said that the hardest time in the family was the help of Lu Zhengan’s parents. After finally paying off more than 300,000 yuan, Lu Zhengan came to Lu Zhengan and owed it to the family. Mother Lin has not contacted Mother Lu for more than two years.

Although they used to be best friends, now their economic conditions are getting worse and further away. Mother Lin doesn’t know what to say, Lin Yang thinks that making friends has nothing to do with this. . Lin Yang flipped through the old photo album and received news from Cao Ling and Yao Dan to gossip about each other. Lu Zhengan has been busy working all night, making the staff stupid.

Ma Le called Lu Zhengan and Xie Nanke to the office and said that it is natural to fall in love and it is not a scandal. If the brand makes a fuss about it, it can only lose money. Xie Nanke believed that he couldn’t recognize it. Lin Yang had a strong self-esteem, and she might not be able to stand it for Lu Zhengan. But Lu Zhengan had already thought very clearly. The only thing that could protect Lin Yang was to be just right, and he really couldn’t deceive people. Shenanke believed that this was the matter of the two of them, so why should Lu Zhengan make the decision for her.

Li Miaomiao called to care about Lin Yang, saying that she should tell Mr. Hua about her relationship with Lu Zhengan, after all, he trusted her so much. Lin Yang walked to the entrance of the hospital and found Mother Lu and Father Lu coming with large bags. Mother Lu scolded Lu Zhengan and Mother Lin in the elevator, rushed into the ward and pointed at Mother Lin excitedly. She didn’t say hello under any circumstances. She was so scared that she didn’t fall asleep all night. Do you think of yourself as a friend! Mother Lin and Mother Lu scolded, cried and cried, and woke up the sleeping Father Lin.

Mother Lu and Father Lu were finally relieved when they saw that he was okay. Jia Luxin couldn’t dig out other black materials of Lu Zhengan, and President Hua would not be able to reply to her until next Monday. President Hua and Ma Le are drinking, and talk to each other about their entrepreneurial aspirations. Ma Le has a clear goal of starting a business, which is for money. In fact, he doesn’t understand music, but he just likes it, so it is his dream to start a music company. Business is business, and dreams are dreams.

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