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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 21 Recap

Father Lin once found Lin Yang’s note with a simple love lyrics written in it. Although it was not a puppy love but a star chaser, Lin mother was still very angry and took away everything about Jay Chou directly, Lu Zhengan He is an accomplice, he knows that one day he will write and sing by himself, appear on TV, and become Lin Yang’s life.

Lin Yang woke up in the early morning sun, Lu Zhengan hugged her naked, Lin Yang secretly ran back to the bed and put on clothes, and when Lu Zhengan woke up, he stammered to wash her up. Lu Zhengan came out with his upper body naked and embraced Lin Yang, who didn’t dare to look at him directly. Lin Yang was just a little uncomfortable for a while.

The two of them spent the whole morning crookedly, but Jia Luxin had already found out that Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan were living together. Since they were shameless, Jia Luxin decided to make a big move. Ma Le wondered how to send messages to Cao Ling, saying that he was going to pick them up and leave the hospital, when he suddenly received intimate photos of Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan, not knowing who took them. Lin Yang watched the strawberry print on her neck and tied a silk scarf silently.

After Lu Zhengan sent Lin Yang to the company, he arranged to meet with her at home. Lin Yang reluctantly said hello to Lu Zhengan before leaving. Lu Zhengan had time to call Ma Le back, but Ma Le didn’t tell the matter. Instead, he called in Shenanke. Ma Le thinks this person must be. It was Jia Luxin. Xie Nanke said that he couldn’t make a big mess now, and asked Ma Le to make up a reason for Lu Zhengan to move out.

Yao Dan showed Xiao Zhe’s picture to Li Tian and told her to stop him when she saw this person. Li Tian asked thoroughly questioning who this person was, and Yao Dan said that this was her ex-boyfriend. Yao Dan felt that this matter should be told to Cao Ling, but Lin Yang gave him money to buy Cao Ling a clean. When Yao Dan saw that Lin Yang’s silk scarf was good, he took a look. When she saw a band-aid on her neck, Lin Yang explained that it was scratched by a cat.

I met Mr. Hua in the elevator. Mr. Hua said that she was in good condition, and she was in a different shape when she fell in love. Lin Yang is worried that the company will make adjustments to her when she marries and have children, but Hua always believes that it is natural for a woman to marry and have children, and she should not put the responsibility on the family, nor should her career delay the family. President Hua’s customer today is Jia Luxin, and Lin Yang rolled his eyes subconsciously.

Ma Le had to tell Lu Zhengan about the incident, and Lu Zhengan believed that the target of this incident was Ma Le, and these photos were nothing but articles. Ma Le begged Lu Zhengan to endure the one-year promotion period, but Lu Zhengan wanted to take this opportunity to recognize it, and regret it too late for the showdown. Of course Ma Le did not want to do this. Lu Zhengan said that he was willing to cover the compensation and Yunlang’s losses.

After all, his family opened more than 300 restaurants. Ma Le asked if Lu Zhengan was really willing to give up those fame and fortune opportunities for Lin Yang? Lu Zhengan said that he had no choice with Lin Yang. Ma Le had to decide to help him solve these things, and Lu Zhengan asked him to never let Lin Yang know.

Lu Zhengan called Father Lu and was so scared that Father Lu stopped on the spot and drank quick-acting heart-relief pills. President Hua and Jia Luxin are discussing the case. Lin Yang does not understand why the spokesperson must be Lu Zhengan. He is not well-known yet. Jia Luxin thinks it makes more sense to find potential stocks to join together, so the spokesperson must be Lu Zhengan, and she will sign Lu Zhengan for three years, during which there can be no rumors. Lin Yang sighed. Before leaving, Jia Luxin reminded her that even if she didn’t care, she should think about others. After all, this opportunity is rare in a lifetime.

Lin Yang returned home with the cooked food on the table, and Lu Zhengan waited for her to fall asleep. Lu Zhengan held Lin Yang’s hand and asked her to agree to not let go no matter what happened in the future. Lin Yang wanted to tell Mother Lin about her being with Lu Zhengan, but she didn’t know how to speak, and she couldn’t get through calling Father Lin.

Lin Yang called home and learned from Aunt Wang that Father Lin had just had an operation. Mother Lin took care of him for half a month. Lin Yang called Mother Lin as soon as she hung up, and she still refused to tell her about Father Lin. Lin Yang did not puncture, and immediately packed up and prepared to go back. Lu Zhengan was worried that she wanted to go with her, but Lin Yang was forced to stay. Lu Zhengan sent Lin Yang to the airport and sang a song to her. Lin Yang felt a little relief.

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