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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 20 Recap

Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan secretly drank the half bottle of red wine left in the house while the adults were away. When their parents came home, they saw a mess on the ground. Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan fell to the ground drunk and inevitably beaten up after they woke up. . After Lu Zhengan took a shower, Lin Yang slept soundly in the bed. Lu Zhengan helped her up and coaxed her to take the sober medicine, otherwise he would have a headache tomorrow.

Lin Yang hugged Lu Zhengan’s head and kissed him. She loved Lu Zhengan very much, more than Lu Zhengan thought, and more love than she knew. Lu Zhengan carefully helped her blow her hair. Actually, it wasn’t that Lin Yang couldn’t live without him, but that he couldn’t live without Lin Yang.

Ma Le ran to the hospital early in the morning, still holding a lot of gifts. Lu Zhengan came to apologize to Cao Ling with a gift, saying that Ma Le looked unreliable but he was actually trustworthy. Cao Ling said he accepted it with his heart, and the gift was no longer needed. Yao Dan was always very angry, Lin Yang quickly came to her to persuade her, but Yao Dan felt that they reported to the group to share little secrets, making her so ridiculous as an outsider.

Cao Ling called suddenly, and Lin Yang quickly took Yao Dan into the taxi. Cao Ling decided to take Tongtong to see Yao Dan, and asked her to call her sister Dan. Lin Yang and Yao Dan got out of the car, and rushed over to call them milky milky voices. Yao Dan was still angry, but her heart was melted by sister Dan’s call.

Tongtong was playing on the grass, and Cao Ling apologized to Yao Dan. She had planned to wait for them to be discharged from the hospital before telling her. Yao Dan suddenly protected Cao Ling, and Lin Yang became speechless. In fact, Cao Ling knew that single mothers were nothing, but he didn’t say it when he first joined the company, and he didn’t have a chance to say it later.

Yao Dan took off Cao Ling’s watch and found a scar, and said with distress that she was stupid. At that time, Cao Ling had just divorced and had no job and no friends. There was nothing at home except the cry of the child. Cao Ling fainted for a while, but not later. I will. Tongtong also missed Lu Zhengan. Cao Ling said that Lu Zhengan had met with him. Lu Zhengan told Cao Ling that he should not hide it anymore. He made himself realize that she could not wait any longer.

Lu Zhengan was very happy to receive the photos of Lin Yang with Cao Ling and Yao Dan. Ma Le discovered that he actually had a group with Yao Dan and Cao Ling and threatened Lu Zhengan to let Cao Ling pass the verification and not tell Lin Yang. Lin Yang’s 20,000 yuan has never been returned, and Yao Dan said along the way that he would chop the bad guy. However, although Cao Ling failed, Yao Dan believed that the problem was not the relationship between siblings, but the people, so that Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan were fine.

Lin Yang had always been immersed in the panic of the love between sister and brother, but forgot that Lu Zhengan was as scared as himself, and he even suffered no less than himself. Lin Yang made dinner specially at home, and found that there was no face at home, she rushed downstairs to buy a bag, but unfortunately she forgot to bring the key, so she could only wait for Lu Zhengan downstairs with her clothes on. When Lu Zhengan came back from his car, he was shocked to see Lin Yang like this.

Lin Yang was also surprised when he saw the car he was driving. Lu Zhengan said that he made the money. Lu Zhengan smiled before seeing the cream on Lin Yang’s face. Lin Yang realized that she had ran all the way like this and was very upset, but Lu Zhengan thought that Lin Yang was so cute.

Cao Ling passed the verification of Ma Le’s friend, and Ma Le was jumping around at home happily. Lu Zhengan gobbled up Lin Yang’s noodles, Lin Yang looked pleased. In fact, Lin Yang’s noodles were very difficult to swallow, but Lu Zhengan refused to show it. Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan nestled on the sofa to watch TV. The two changed all the channels. Finally, they said goodnight to each other awkwardly and planned to go back to the room to sleep. Lin Yang suddenly stopped and asked Lu Zhengan if he wanted to be together at night. sleep.

Lu Zhengan and Lin Yang lie on the bed and look at the ceiling. Lin Yang thinks that the relationship between sister and brother is not as simple as Lu Zhengan imagined, but this is what Lu Zhengan wants to ask. In fact, Lin Yang is so strong that it does not need Lu Zhengan, on the contrary, it is precisely because of him that he gives himself confidence. Just as Lin Yang was about to get up to turn off the light, Lu Zhengan was holding her under her body. Lu Zhengan asked her if she was thinking about it, and Lin Yang responded to him with action. Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan kissed more deeply, and the whole room was ambiguous.

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