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Broker 掮客 Episode 18 Recap

Qin Bin tried his best to recommend the source plan to the major directors of the hospital. Everyone signed the contract and the clinical trial partners were about to talk about it. However, Xiao Yuer’s parents disagreed and worried that the risk would be too great. Qin Bin went to Xiao Yu’er’s ward. He had never seen his father, and his mother was very busy and never showed up. Qin Bin could only talk to the nanny. The nanny said that Xiao Yu’er’s mother disagrees with the experiment, and Qin Bin hopes to communicate with her face to face. Qin Bin finally met Xiao Yuer’s mother.

She was Xu Qianya. Xu Qianya felt that this risk was too great. After all, Xiao Yuer was only five years old. Qin Bin said that she could introduce the person in charge of this experiment to her, and Xu Qianya promised to do it again. think about it.

Qin Bin went to the source to plan the docking experiment, Qiu Jianing was a little surprised, Wang Lao asked Qiu Jianing and Qin Bin to work together. Qiu Jianing brought Qin Bin to the office. Qin Bin asked her and Zhou Xiaoshan why the matter was not made public. Qiu Jianing said that this was the idea of ​​both of them. Qin Bin invited Qiu Jianing to dinner, Li Chunran and Zhou Xiaoshan gossiping about their relationship again, Zhou Xiaoshan said three things with a stinky face, Qin Bin invited everyone to drink coffee, Zhou Xiaoshan was jealous and dragged Qiu Jianing for a long time.

I was clamoring to go to dinner together, but Qin Bin gave him back, but he pursued Qiu Jianing with an open mind. Qin Bin and Qiu Jianing talked about Xiao Yu’er. He needs a guarantee, but Qiu Jianing cannot guarantee a 100% recovery and can only guarantee to do his best.

After eating, Qin Bin took Qiu Jianing to see Xiao Yu’er, but she didn’t expect Xiao Yu’er’s mother to be Xu Qianya. Qiu Jianing asked Xu Qianya to go back and look at the information first. Whether she agrees or not, they are all children. As for Xiao Yu’er, Qiu Jianing didn’t ask, as long as she didn’t want to say, she would not ask, but as long as there was something she would definitely help. Qiu Jiaxin felt that Qin Bin was a little stupid not to cooperate with him. As Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan’s relationship colleagues didn’t know, Qiu Jiaxin was not surprised at all, after all, Qiu Jianing is such a character. But Qin Bin felt that Zhou Xiaoshan was even more strange. He didn’t stand up to declare his sovereignty, and he had completely risen to the point of man’s dignity.

Molly asked Qiu Jiaxin to go out shopping. Qiu Jiaxin was gossiping about whether Zhou Xiaoshan had a girlfriend before. Molly quickly said that it was a long time ago, and Zhou Xiaoshan was serious about Qiu Jianing. Molly was very nervous when she brought it up, Qiu Jiaxin simply took her to buy clothes. Qiu Jiaxin tried to change Molly’s dressing style. Molly, who had always been punk-style, suddenly changed to a gentle and graceful home dress, which made Qiu Jiaxin shine, but Molly was very uncomfortable and did not buy any clothes. Qiu Jiaxin bought a lot of clothes.

Soon Mother Qiu called and asked her if she was shopping again, but she could only leave her alone. After Qiu Jiaxin answered the phone, Molly looked at the pink cat doll in the window, but she kept saying she didn’t like it. Molly envied Qiu Jiaxin’s mother’s care and her parents’ protection, so she hadn’t seen anything bad at all. Molly told Zhou Xiaoshan that Qiu Jiaxin was talking to him, but didn’t think about the task. Qiu Jianing came to the house to find Zhou Xiaoshan. Zhou Xiaoshan waited for her to come in and hugged her backache. Qiu Jianing asked him if he had been to a place in City A six years ago.

At that moment, Qiu Jianing had a familiar feeling. Zhou Xiaoshan admitted that that person was him that night, and then chuckled, Qiu Jianing realized that he had been deceived. Xu Qianya called and agreed to let Xiao Yu’er participate in the experiment. Qiu Jianing hung up the phone and explained to Zhou Xiaoshan about going out with Qin Bin during the day. Zhou Xiaoshan was very relieved of her and Qin Bin.

When Qiu Jianing came back, Qiu Jiaxin gritted her teeth and told her that Zhou Shanshan had a girlfriend before, and that she was upright, not as sneaky as Qiu Jianing, but Qiu Jianing didn’t care at all. Qiu Jianing told Qiu Jiaxin that Xu Qianya had a son. They had known each other for more than ten years but never asked about their private lives, so mature relationships would not deliberately ask about these. Qin Bin asked Qiu Jiaxin what else Zhou Shanshan knew, Qiu Jiaxin paused and said that his past was really complicated. Qin Bin immediately ran to the laboratory to find Zhou Xiaoshan, saying that he would never allow Zhou Xiaoshan to harm Qiu Jianing. His past was not glorious, and he could not even openly publicize his relationship with Qiu Jianing.

Li Chunran’s last blind date ran up to make trouble, Qiu Jianing hurriedly stood up for Li Chunran, and the two parties quarreled, and the blind date had to splash back the water that Li Chunran had splashed last time. Qiu Jianing splashed his face with anger, and Qin Bin and Zhou Xiaoshan hurried to protect Qiu Jianing. The blind date left in embarrassment. Li Chunran was a little lonely. His mother called to ask Li Chunran to apologize to the other party. Li Chunran was very wronged. Zhang Yu hurriedly came to comfort Li Chunran, saying that he did not look down on her and was not as bad as the scumbag said, but still couldn’t say what he wanted to say.

Zhou Xiaoshan told Qiu Jianing that Qin Bin came to him today. In fact, many people around Qiu Jianing didn’t care about them being together. He thought Qiu Jianing was wronged, but Qiu Jianing didn’t care. On the car home, Li Chunran couldn’t help crying when she thought of what her mother said. She was thirty years old, but she still wanted nothing. Zhou Xiaoshan found that the key of the laboratory had been changed, and Uncle Cha still wanted him to get the formula before applying for a patent.

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