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You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 Episode 19 Recap

President Su came to Jingjing. He and Jingjing hadn’t seen each other for a long time. He mentioned Yu Tu as soon as they met. He wondered if it was one of the reasons why Jingjing broke up so easily. Jingjing smiled and did not respond. . After that, President Su apologized to Jingjing. The video of Jingjing playing the game was leaked by his ex-girlfriend. He just wanted to save the video of Jingjing playing the game. He didn’t expect to appear behind, and Jingjing was entertaining.

The performance in the game made him admired, and he wanted to reconcile with Jingjing. Faced with President Su’s affectionate personality, Jingjing did not hesitate to say no. She exposed President Su’s affection. If she had not won the game, how could President Su mention the reunion? And she was not because of Yu Tu. She broke up with President Su seriously, but when President Su asked her to give up her career, she also understood that President Su never put her in the same position. His condescending position destined them to be different in humanity. Conspiracy.

Jingjing returned home after attending the celebration banquet. Sister Ling kept urging Jingjing to invite Yutu for dinner on the phone. Jingjing didn’t mention anything about the two of them, but refused because of her busy schedule. Later, Jingjing found the letter sent by Yu Tu in her mailbox. Yu Tu responded to her QQ message in high school when she was in high school. Yu Tu ignored her at the time, and now she is patiently responding to her. She answered.

In the next two, three or four letters, Yu Tudu explained to her one by one the development history of modern aerospace and deep space exploration, and only in the last one asked her whether she would return to Yixing during the Spring Festival. Thinking back to high school, she was celebrating the New Year happily, but she learned from her friends that Yu Tu was going to be with Xia Qing. At that time, she deleted everything about Yu Tu overnight and cried. Jingjing couldn’t help but shed tears when she recalled the shocking memories. She opened Yu Tu’s WeChat window and told Yu Tu what she was saying. Thank you for Yu Tu’s answer, but these have no meaning to her.

On New Year’s Eve, Jingjing’s parents came to accompany her to eat New Year’s Eve dinner. After eating, Jingjing looked at the chat window between her and Yu Tu again. Yu Tu never responded to her, and she couldn’t help feeling sad.

On the first day of the Lunar New Year, Jingjing’s parents returned to Yixing ahead of schedule. After finishing the announcement, Jingjing was also preparing to rush back to Yixing, but unexpectedly saw Yu Tu appear in the parking lot. Yu Tu learned about Jingjing’s return to Yixing from Peipei. He took the driver’s job and drove Jingjing back alone.

Along the way, the two were silent and speechless. Yu Tu frankly told Jingjing that he had come from Yixing specifically for Jingjing. He was anxious because of Jingjing’s reply, so he just wanted to see her and stay by her side. Passing by the service area, Jingjing went to the bathroom, Yu Tu thoughtfully waited outside. Just when Jingjing was about to get in the car, Yu Tu still stopped Jingjing and couldn’t help but ask her, is everything really meaningless?

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