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You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 Episode 18 Recap

On the Dunhuang Huangsha base, Yu Tu and his team started the test of the X3-2 patrol device. Every step of the test was prepared with precision and caution, and every piece of data was crucial in the eyes of aerospace workers. Under this high-pressure experiment, Yu Tu only missed Jingjing deeply. He looked at the chat history between Jingjing and him and didn’t know how to break the silence with Jingjing. Zhou Gong mistakenly thought that Yu Tu was chatting with his girlfriend. Yu Tu did not deny the identity of the girlfriend, but said that this was only previous information.

There was a problem in the test, Yu Tu and his team urgently analyzed and looked for the problem. Everyone couldn’t even eat a few bites of food, so they seized the time to find the reason for the problem in the test. In the desert here in Dunhuang, the dust weather hit, Yu Tu and a group of colleagues went to take a bath. Zhou Gong heard the voice that Jingjing had previously sent to Yu Tu, and asked Yu Tu to bring her early. My colleague was very surprised by this.

It was obvious that Yu Tu had breakfast in the cafeteria every day, but it was impossible for Yu Tu to find a girl in the office. Yu Tu did not answer this question, but took the time to take a shower and leave before leaving.

In the evening, Laoguan called Yu Tu. He mentioned the news he had learned from Mr. Li. Not only did Yu Tu not participate in other people’s card games and entertainment activities in his spare time, but he was there to watch the stars in a deep and melancholy manner. A group of little girls are so fascinated by Yutu that they don’t want it. Yu Tu shook his head and smiled. He had won several days in a row when he played cards, and he had already been expelled from the card by others.

Mr. Li called Guan Zai to find out if Yu Tu has a girlfriend, Guan Zai mentioned Jingjing with Yu Tu. The unit’s WeChat group has been posting videos of the two playing games. Now everyone knows that they are. Classmates, and he can see Jingjing is very interesting about the journey, and the two are very playful. Jingjing is the girl Yu Tu has always dreamed of, but Yu Tu always thinks about what he can give Jingjing.

Even if he has no money, he can’t even give Jingjing with him often. Yu Tu’s remarks are very emotional, but Laoguan still brought Shen Jing’s words, and emotional matters cannot be counted as such. What Laoguan said Yu Tu does not know, but he has been unable to deal with this established fact. I don’t know what to do.

Time flickered, and the scene of January was very fast. Yutu and his team’s field test was a complete success. Everyone toasted and celebrated. A piece of joy filled the sands of Dunhuang. Yu Tu returned to the room alone. He unfolded the pen and paper and wrote a letter to Jingjing. The next day, the group set off to return to China. The first thing Yu Tu did when he returned to the institute was to hold a meeting to discuss the revision plan of the No. 1 project. He brought the name of Lao Guan and named the No. 1 ” “Search for Gods”, its mission is to find the truth about mankind and the earth in the vast universe, to find the possibility of another miracle in the endless, to prove that mankind is not alone.

The snow in Shanghai kept going underground. Jingjing had just participated in the Starlight Awards. She went back and changed her clothes according to what Ling said, and came to the celebration banquet. Surprisingly, Jingjing met her ex-boyfriend Mr. Su at the celebration banquet.

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