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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 19 Recap

Lin Yang practiced at home every night for the singing competition. In Lu Zhengan’s heart, she was the first place. On the day of the singing competition, Lin Yang asked Lu Zhengan to wait for her to get the trophy back, but Lin Yang only took the last place. , So I bought two lollipops for Lu Zhengan. Lu Zhengan took Ma Le and took blood and tests. Ma Le realized that he must be looking for someone.

Before they finished speaking, the two met Cao Ling, and the little girl holding her hand called her mother. Ma Le looked shocked, and then Lin Yang also came. Yao Dan was eating in the cafeteria alone. Sister Haiying curiously inquired about Cao Ling as a result of having a child. It turned out that she had heard from President Hua in the elevator of Mr. Hua in the morning. Yao Dan was excited to pledge his personality. After all, she was with you every day.

Why didn’t she know that Cao Ling got married when they were together? Lu Zhengan went to visit Cao Ling’s mother. Cao Ling asked Tongtong to say hello to Lu Zhengan. He didn’t expect Tongtong to call Aunt Lin Yang and brother Lu Zhengan. Lu Zhengan said he wanted to take her out and let them have a good chat. Lin Yang explained that she didn’t know why Lu Zhengan was here. Cao Ling knew that he was working hard for Lin Yang, and Cao’s mother could see that Lu Zhengan had Lin Yang in his eyes.

Ma Le hung over the water and saw Lu Zhengan hugged Tongtong and hurried forward, Tongtong called Uncle Ma Le, and Ma Le was heartbroken. Although Cao Ling had children, he did not have a husband. Ma Le didn’t care at all, and even asked to be hospitalized. Lu Zhengan complained that he was embarrassed. Cao’s mother said that Lin Yang and Cao Ling’s age can’t just find someone to be in love, but to find someone who can get married right away.

Love or not is only temporary. She also told Lin Yang that she must never agree to Lu Zheng’an. Parents all over the world are the same. Mother Cao only hoped that Cao Ling could find someone who was good to her and Tongtong, who was nothing to be stupid. Before the voice was over, Ma Le came with a lot of things, and Mother Cao’s eyes beamed. Ma Le was going to be hospitalized, but Lin Yang drove him away with an order.

Lin Yang walked forward angrily, asking Ma Le and Lu Zhengan to explain whose idea this was. Cao Ling was already overwhelmed. It was too scary when Ma Le met to take care of her mother and children. When Lu Zhengan investigated the hospital, Lin Yang was scolded. Lin Yang warned them not to tell others about this. Ma Le feels that single mothers are not ashamed. Although Lin Yang thinks so, they are not the parties after all. If Ma Le wants to chase Cao Ling, Lin Yang hopes that he can learn to respect her first. Lin Yang was a little tired, Lu Zhengan just felt that they should also have a bit of overlap in life, but Lin Yang didn’t think so.

Yao Dan thought of Cao Ling’s strangeness and President Hua’s words, and his heart gradually began to shake. Lin Yang returned to the company and ran into a strange person in the elevator. Lin Yang recognized him as Xiao Zhe and quickly pulled him into the stairwell. Xiao Zhe came here to look for Cao Ling, and he didn’t care about the news of Tongtong’s hospitalization. Lin Yang scolded him as an asshole. Xiao Zhe kept saying that the business was not good and he asked Cao Ling to borrow money for turnover.

Lin Yang could see that this was not the first time, and promised to lend him money, but Xiao Zhe promised not to harass Cao Ling in the future. Ma Le asked Lu Zhengan for Cao Ling’s phone number all the way, but Lu Zhengan took a few 40-50-year-old aunts to inquire about Lin Yang’s heart. Every suggestion was right in his arms. Ma Le asked about his situation by the way. Of course, in the name of a friend I have.

Yao Dan asked Lin Yang to eat together after get off work and asked about Cao Ling. Lin Yang hid Yao Dan for a day, and Yao Dan certainly understood that there was something tricky in it. Lin Yang said awkwardly that she didn’t even know, Yao Dan could see that she was lying, and he didn’t even eat any food in a fit of anger. Yao Dan didn’t believe it, but when he saw Lin Yang’s reaction, he understood everything, and cried out of anger. Yao Dan treats them as best friends, but they treat Yao Dan as colleagues. How could Yao Dan not be sad or angry.

When Ma Lezheng was distressed about where to start chasing Cao Ling, Lu Zhengan suddenly got up and left. Lin Yang was drinking in a shop she frequented. The proprietress said that Lu Zhengan was alone last time. The young couple quarreled at the end of the bed. Lin Yang called Lu Zhengan and said that he would work overtime today and apologized for what happened today. Lu Zhengan watched Lin Yang drinking alone from the window, without telling the truth, but told her to work hard.

On the way home, Lin Yang hurriedly dissipated the smell of alcohol from her body, and Lu Zhengan quietly followed her behind. Sitting downstairs, Lin Yang couldn’t help but send a message to Cao Ling. She could understand without telling the company, but why did she hide it from Yao Dan? She really regarded them as friends, didn’t she. Lin Yang said all he wanted to say, and finally withdrew it. Mother Lin called, Lin Yang was curious that they couldn’t get the phone calls these days, and Mother Lin said that she was calling out of time. After hanging up the phone, Lu Zhengan appeared next to her, and the two went home sweetly holding hands, but they did not expect to be photographed by a cell phone in the dark.

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