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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 18 Recap

Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan’s parents went to buy the goods, leaving fifty yuan for Lin Yang to take Lu Zhengan to eat something good. Lin Yang put the money into his pocket, then made a table of dark dishes for Lu Zhengan to eat, and finally burned the kitchen. When his parents went home and saw this scene, they were frightened. In the end, Lin Yang even pushed Lu Zhengan out of the crime, and as a result, he was beaten severely.

Jia Luxin is confident that Lu Zhengan can maximize the value of Lu Zhengan, but Ma Le feels that she is attracted to Lu Zhengan. Why does she want to catch Lu Zhengan with so many good seedlings? Ma Le thinks that Lu Zhengan is quite good now. There is no need to change his face. Jia Luxin can’t see his value. He can see that he will not sell Lu Zhengan to someone who doesn’t understand him for money. Ma Le said that money can be made at any time, but love is not always available, and Jia Luxin is advised not to stretch her hands so long. Ma Le pretended to be drunk and counted Jia Luxin down and left happily.

Lu Zhengan and Lin Yang fell in love in the music room, and Ma Le didn’t bother after thinking about it. Lin Yang offered to go on a date tomorrow, and Lu Zhengan couldn’t ask for it. Lin Yang fell asleep on the sofa, Lu Zhengan helped her cover her clothes and then made music.

The sweet life of Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan continues. They stay at home and talk about dating and learn the routines in idol dramas. Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan working out on a yoga mat gradually turned into a slapstick. The two went out together holding hands, Lin Yang specially put a hat and a mask on Lu Zhengan, after all, he was very handsome. Picking ears together, eating marshmallows together, having afternoon tea together, kissing without shame, Lu Zhengan naively wanted to compare with the grandparents who showed affection at the table next door.

Li Miaomiao met Cao Ling while visiting the supermarket. It turned out that they lived very close. Cao Ling suddenly received a call from her mother, saying that there was an emergency at home and left the shopping cart and ran away. However, Li Miaomiao noticed that her shopping cart was full of children’s products. Lin Yang hurried over after receiving the call, and when Lu Zhengan returned from buying ice cream, she had already left.

Tongtong was injured and had five stitches on her head, and Cao Ling’s mother was admitted to the hospital directly because of high blood pressure. If it weren’t for their troubles, Cao Ling would not call Lin Yang. Lin Yang hugged her to comfort her. . After this time, Cao Ling suddenly understood why her mother let her go on a blind date. If there is someone in the family, this situation would not be the way it is today.

Lu Zhengan had been waiting at the gate of the community for Lin Yang to return home. After the two went home together, Lu Zhengan tentatively asked Lin Yang’s friend what had happened. Lin Yang was very tired today and didn’t want to talk about it. Lu Zhengan didn’t understand whether he shouldn’t know or Lin Yang thought it was useless if he knew. Two people should be honest with each other when they are together. But Lin Yang didn’t tell him that he had his own reason, and it was the most basic not to cause trouble to the other party.

Lu Zhengan did not distrust Lin Yang, but hoped that Lin Yang would also trust him. Lu Zhengan hated Lin Yang’s reliance on the old, even if he couldn’t help her, at least he could comfort her. Lin Yang told Lu Zhengan about Cao Ling without saying her name, but Lu Zhengan guessed that it was Cao Ling. She drank too much that day and called by herself. Lin Yang blamed himself for not being able to help Cao Ling, and Lu Zhengan comforted her. Cao Ling needed only company. Lin Yang called his parents to greet them, and Lu Zhengan also sent a message to his parents, saying that after a few days, he would go back to see them with Lin Yang.

Li Miaomiao began to return to his old business to make costume design. From morning till night, Mr. Hua expressed his support. Li Miaomiao said that she saw Cao Ling a few days ago, and her shopping cart was full of children’s things. Seeing her panicked, Li Miaomiao felt very strange. Both Lin Yang and Cao Ling took leave, and Yao Dan was very strange.

Lin Yang made chicken soup under the remote guidance of Lu Zhengan, while Ma Le and others waited eagerly for him to have a meeting. Ma Le had a cold. Lu Zhengan took him to the hospital on the pretext of seeing Lin Yang. Ma Le was taken to a hospital 20 kilometers away from the company with a look of confusion. When Yao Dan called, Lin Yang could only pretend to be sick and said that she would be back to the company in the afternoon.

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