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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 17 Recap

When Lin Yang was troubled by his homework, Lu Zhengan was at the age of playing. He made two rings with Lin Yang one by one. As a result, Lin Yang’s hand got stuck, and Lu Zhengan drew one for them with a pen. Lin Yang and Bai Luocheng came to talk about things and met Shenanke who was about to leave. Shenanke congratulated Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan and reminded her that it might be very hard in the future. Lin Yang hoped that he would keep it secret.

Lu Zhengan was determined to be with Lin Yang and was ready to face it together. He could take care of the family affairs, after all, Lin Yang was the person he identified. The brand asked Lu Zhengan to wear a red suit to attend the interview. However, there was a temporary problem with the red suit. Lin Yang asked Bai Luocheng to buy it at a nearby shopping mall, where she was stalling for time.

When the video was recorded, Lu Zhengan and Lin Yang frowned, and Ma Le couldn’t stand it and stood in between the two. Lin Yang asked for another shot to help Bai Luocheng delay as much as possible, followed by various provocations, and even helped Lu Zhengan tidy his hair. Ma Le was speechless. Yao Dan and Cao Ling received Bai Luocheng’s request for help and started looking for clothes. Lin Yang thought about everything he could think of, but couldn’t help laughing when he saw Lu Zhengan. Ma Le couldn’t help reminding her not to flirt. He is tired.

Lin Yang used the excuse to rest for twenty minutes. Li Miaomiao suddenly sent a red suit. It turned out that Li Tian asked her for help. Lin Yang said to send the clothes upstairs to find her. Ma Le let Lin Yang go on his own, and try not to work with the same frame in the future. While talking, Lin Yang was pulled into the dressing room by Lu Zhengan, and she asked why she was deliberately delaying time, the horse outside the door. Le had to help them block the door.

Lu Zhengan hoped that Lin Yang would tell him the first time something happened in the future, and it would also give him a sense of responsibility and a chance to perform. Lin Yang said that Lu’s mother called her today, but Lu Zhengan kissed him directly, hoping that Lin Yang would only trust him no matter what others said, and look at him firmly. Lu Zhengan had a meeting in the evening, and the two agreed to go home to see each other. Under Ma Le’s constant urging, Lu Zhengan kissed Lin Yang and went out.

Li Miaomiao said that Lin Yang and Li Tian really look alike sometimes. As for Li Tian, ​​she needs to digest it by herself. Li Miaomiao was worried that Lin Yang would leave Ruiye after getting married, but Lin Yang said that the marriage was too early and she would definitely continue to work. Lin Yang would not want to live as someone else’s dependency. A woman must have her own life and her own social circle. Li Miaomiao took Lin Yang to see Li Tian. Lin Yang thanked her for the clothes. Li Tian insisted that it was to help Bai Luocheng.

Lin Yang took back the sorry sentence in the morning, because she didn’t feel sorry for Li Tian, ​​and Lu Zhengan was the only one who liked her from beginning to end. Lin Yang didn’t lie to Li Tian at the beginning to distinguish their relationship, but really felt that they were impossible, but now she will firmly grasp this relationship. Li Tian said that it was not rare but still crying sadly, she gave up Lu Zhengan. Li Tian cried and said that Lin Yang was unlucky, but her heart seemed to be pierced by a knife. Someone once said that everyone is the light of everyone. It is not difficult to find such a person. It is rare to find someone who loves each other. Lin Yang wishes Li Tian that the light that belongs to her will definitely come.

Lin Yang saw that the light at home was off downstairs and the phone was turned off again, and his brain rushed to Lu Zhengan’s company. When Lu Zhengan finished work, Ma Le and Jia Luxin asked him to go to dinner together, and Lu Zhengan agreed to clean up and go. Lin Yang didn’t bring cash, and the phone ran out of power and was caught in the car by the taxi driver.

Lin Yang saw Lu Zhengan and Jia Luxin come out together and quickly stopped Lu Zhengan, and asked him what he was going to do with jealousy. When Ma Le saw Lin Yang, he guessed that Lu Zhengan could not go. As expected, Lu Zhengan chased after Lin Yang and completely left them behind. Lu Zhengan was very happy to find Lin Yang jealous, and hugged her quickly.

Jia Luxin found that the relationship between Lu Zhengan and Lin Yang was becoming more and more unusual, and he didn’t understand what Ma Le thought about Lu Zhengan’s business value. Jia Luxin proposed to invest in Yunlang or set up a personal studio for Lu Zhengan. She believes that she will be able to maximize Lu Zhengan’s value.

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