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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 16 Recap

When Lin Yang was in his adolescence, he liked to watch idol dramas. Lu Zhengan was puzzled when he saw the protagonist and the heroine kissing. He also learned to kiss Lin Yang on the face. Lin Yang beat him up. Lu Zhengan only knew when he grew up. Talking is not reconciliation, but love. Lin Yang, Cao Ling, and Yao Dan broke the embarrassing atmosphere, and Yao Dan’s eyes of Ma Le had never left Cao Ling’s body.

Lu Zhengan’s eyes were even more presumptuous, but just now Lu Zhengan and his fans took photos with Lin Yang, and Lin Yang was still jealous, and Lu Zhengan kept teasing her. Another fan came to ask for a group photo. Lu Zhengan worried that Lin Yang didn’t like it and refused, and the atmosphere fell into embarrassment again. Lin Yang received a call from Mr. Zhao saying that the client was looking for her to discuss matters. Lin Yang hurriedly left, and Lu Zhengan hurriedly chased her to send her off.

Of course, Lu Zhengan knew what Mr. Zhao thought about Lin Yang, not to mention meeting him at night, but Lin Yang said that they had to be there on call, but it was just work. Ma Le and Cao Ling and Yao Dan made an appointment not to tell Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan’s affairs. Yao Dan was bribed away by his company’s artist’s signature.

Cao Ling pulled Yao Dan to leave. Yao Dan obviously wanted to match them up. He didn’t expect that Cao Ling didn’t mean this at all. On the contrary, Ma Le became more and more interested in Cao Ling. Lin Yang returned home early, and Mr. Zhao was very dissatisfied with this. Lin Yang said that she is not single now.

Lu Zhengan didn’t go home for a long time. Lin Yang was entangled with his mobile phone when the door opened, and Lin Yang quickly pretended to be asleep. Lu Zhengan carefully put a pair of rings on Lin Yang, he also had one, but it was not the same, so they would neither expose it nor let others have a chance to Lin Yang. Lin Yang felt that Lu Zhengan was doing it for himself. There were so many young and beautiful little girls around him, but in Lu Zhengan’s eyes, Lin Yang was the best. Lin Yang was so touched that she stretched out her hand to hug.

Lu Zhengan took the ring and sent it to his circle of friends. Lin Yang was very sweet, while Ma Le, Yao Dan, Cao Ling, and Xie Nanke had different reactions to his circle of friends. Li Tian sat on the sofa in the middle of the night and was sad. Lu Zhengan and Lin Yang were together. Li Tian said that losing to Lin Yang was not a shame, but he was still sad. Li Miaomiao comforted Li Tian not to lose to her. Li Tian couldn’t help crying. Although she knew everything, she was still very sad.

Early in the morning, Lin Yang saw Cao Ling and Yao Dan praise Lu Zhengan’s circle of friends and exclaimed. She thought that this circle of friends was only visible to her. Mother Lu saw Lu Zhengan’s circle of friends hurriedly called Xie Nanke, for fear that Lu Zhengan had found an inconsistent girlfriend and asked Xie Nanke to help him check it out.

The content of Lin Yang’s reply to Lu Zhengan was obvious, and Lu Zhengan had to rely on her to delete the circle of friends. Ma Le called and scolded Lu Zhengan hysterically early in the morning and asked him to come to the company as soon as possible. Lu Zhengan sent Lin Yang to the door of the company. The two agreed to see you after get off work. Li Tian was a little sad to see this scene.

The love between Yao Dan and Cao Yiyi makes people crazy, isn’t it crazy to show their affection while keeping a secret? When Bai Luocheng discovered that Lin Yang’s recent gentle and watery changes were gossiping with them, Lin Yang appeared. Bai Luocheng ran away with a guilty conscience, Yao Dan and Cao Ling were dazzled by the ring on her hand and their eyes hurt. Li Tian couldn’t help feeling sad when he saw Lin Yang, and the printer broke down. Lin Yang said sorry, Li Tian stubbornly hid and cried. Lu Zhengan said that he wanted to give Lin Yang a sense of security, but Ma Le was really unhappy as the boss, feeling that the white money was getting further and further away from him.

Xie Nanke came to Lu Zhengan. As a friend of his brother and Lin Yang, Xie Nanke asked what Lu Zhengan and Lin Yang could bring to her. He believed that Lu Zhengan’s love for Lin Yang was not love but possessiveness. Lu Zhengan gradually Impatient, it is his own business whether he can bring Lin Yang happiness or not. Xie Nanke said that they still had their parents tied up. On the day of the commercial, Lu’s mother called Lin Yang and asked her to introduce her girlfriend to Lu Zhengan, so she rejected Lu Zhengan. Lu Zhengan doesn’t care, but Lin Yang can’t.

Lin Yang received a call from Mother Lu again and asked her what happened to Lu Zhengan’s Moments. Lin Yang stammered that it was a group of friends who played games to post to Moments. Mother Lu was a little bit lost, but she didn’t expect her. Bai was happy. Lin Yang tested Mother Lu’s attitude towards them together. Obviously, if they were together, Mother Lu would have to die of a heart attack on the spot.

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