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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 15 Recap

When he was a child, Lu Zhengan made a noise to ask Lin Yang to play with him, but Lin Yang just came to his aunt at that time and was very annoyed. Lu Zhengan thought Lin Yang was going to die, and Lin Mu explained that she was just going to become an adult. Lu Zhengan made up his mind to become a responsible adult, Lin Yang laughed at him as a kid.

In the taxi, Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan, who were sure of their relationship, held each other’s hands tightly, and the drunk Cao Lingzui fell aside. Lu Zhengan’s happiness was beyond words, sticking to her side sticky. After sending Cao Ling home, Lin Yang worried that she was in a bad mood. It would not be good to tell her the news about them being together at this time, and it would take a few days to talk about it. Lu Zhengan held Lin Yang’s hand and insisted on going home with her for the night. Lin Yang stammered that she needed an adjustment process. Lu Zhengan smiled. He just wanted to go home with Lin Yang and didn’t want to do anything.

Lu Zhengan was afraid that Lin Yang would regret it, so he had to stare at her all night to make sure that he could see her as soon as he opened his eyes tomorrow. Lu Zhengan was sitting on the sofa holding Lin Yang intoxicated. Lin Yang was a little uncomfortable. He ran into the bathroom without paying attention, complaining that he was too clingy and she needed personal space! Lu Zhengan didn’t understand, don’t all women like to cling to their boyfriends? Lin Yang has discussed and assured that he would never regret and sleep well.

After taking a shower, Lu Zhengan hugged Lin Yang and squeezed to sleep on the sofa. In fact, he couldn’t remember when he liked Lin Yang. Maybe it was when she was fighting for herself and listening to her parents talking about baby kisses. Lin Yang said that he has grown up more and more brave, and that he will learn from him in the future, be brave with him, and be not afraid of anything. The two kissed tiredly several times, and Lu Zhengan was very grateful to Lin Yang for making himself a responsible and powerful adult who could take care of her.

Yao Dan came to ask Cao Ling about yesterday’s situation. Cao Ling said that Lin Yang had become, and Yao Dan felt incredible. When Lin Yang woke up, Lu Zhengan was already on the ground, but still holding her hand, it felt really good to see each other as soon as he opened his eyes. Lin Yang was about to be late, and Lu Zhengan came up to bring her breakfast. Lin Yang left a kiss on his face and hurried into the taxi. Seeing Lu Zhengan’s excitement in the rearview mirror was very sweet. Lin Yang received the roses as soon as he went to work, which was sent by Lu Zhengan, and Li Tian was a bit bitter.

Ma Le scolded the employees for failing to come out with the promotion plan, and Lu Zhengan seemed to be beaten up. Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan’s work all day is filled with pink bubbles, their mood and mouth are sweetened, and Lin Yang’s spring breeze smile makes everyone in the company stupid. Lin Yang smirked when she saw the lunch picture sent by Lu Zhengan. He didn’t even eat any food. Yao Dan went about her love partner. Cao Ling first said that it was as she wished.

It turns out that Cao Ling didn’t have any fragments last night. Yao Dan and Cao Ling excitedly started the gossip mode, Lin Yang found an excuse to run, she finally mustered up the courage to fall in love with Lu Zhengan, this time needs encouragement. Lin Yang said that Lu Zhengan’s album has not been released yet and this matter must be kept secret.

Lu Zhengan’s mood today is better than ever. Ma Le saw through everything. Lu Zhengan also asked him what women like. In Ma Le’s experience, women don’t ask about logic, but only look at emotions. When it’s time for Lin Yang to get off work, Lu Zhengan took the helmet and rushed out. Ma Le hurriedly followed up and told him not to tell this matter. Lin Yang was going to dinner with Cao Ling and Yao Dan, so that Lu Zhengan stopped picking her up, so Lu Zhengan went shopping with Ma Le to buy fitness equipment and kitchen supplies for Lin Yang. Lin Yang is also buying various skin care products. Although she doesn’t care, maybe Lu Zhengan cares. Lu Zhengan only cares about Lin Yang’s health.

Ma Le Tucao and the others are now in love and are not living, but it is already difficult for Lin Yang to return to the state of playing vigorously and stimulating heartbeat, and Lu Zhengan wants this not. Lin Yang worried that Lu Zhengan would be boring after a long time, but Lu Zhengan thought that it would be plain and more practical for a longer time. Lin Yang, Cao Ling, and Yao Dan happened to meet Lu Zhengan and Ma Le downstairs. Lu Zhengan’s eyes shone, and Ma Le looked at Cao Ling’s eyes straight, Yao Dan saw through everything that was unlovable.

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