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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 14 Recap

When Lu Zhengan was six years old, Lin Yang asked him to give the stars he had stacked by himself to someone he liked, but Lu Zhengan found the wrong person. The mission failed, but Lu Zhengan obtained an important piece of information. It turned out that Lin Yang liked boys who were handsome and fair-skinned and could sing. Lin Yang asked Bai Luocheng to stay here and watch the film.

Lu Zhengan went into the same elevator as Lin Yang. Then Ma Le came in a little embarrassed. Jia Luxin had arrived and wanted to see Lu Zhengan. Lu Zhengan and Lin Yang still didn’t speak, Lu Zhengan deliberately slowed down. He didn’t expect to see Mr. Zhao helping her tidy her hair before Lin Yang could catch up. Jia Luxin has a jewellery brand looking for a spokesperson.

The person she fancy is Lu Zhengan, because he has not made his debut yet and has a certain degree of freshness, let alone single. But Lu Zhengan resolutely refused. He was not interested in commercial activities and was not for the sake of popularity. Although he has no girlfriend, he has someone he likes. One day she wants him to even marry her right away. Jia Luxin was a little disappointed, and Ma Le asked Lu Zhengan to go back first. Jia Luxin thinks that Lu Zhengan is a good seed. She hopes that Ma Le will stiffen up and control him. He is Yunlang’s only chance.

Many people in the company are curious about the relationship between Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan, but Li Tian speaks for them. Cao Ling asked Li Tian why he had to come back again, and Li Tian said openly where he would get up where he fell, especially the enemy. After Lin Yang was busy eating burgers on the street, Cao Ling knew that she would definitely not want to go to the sorority meeting tomorrow, just to accompany her. Lin Yang comforted herself, and with a lot of choices, she wouldn’t be so crazy about Lu Zhengan.

Lin Yang comforted herself after tomorrow. She began to clean up what Lu Zhengan left behind, but Lu Zhengan was tortured by her and became uneasy, and her mood was a little broken. Ma Le saw that he couldn’t bear not eating or sleeping. He stubbornly scolded Lu Zhengan that he shouldn’t vent his body for a woman, and don’t hide here all day to pretend to be dead without his career dreams.

Ma Le said that Lu Zhengan was rebellious, self-defeating, and arrogant, but he had no merits. He was a father and a mother for Lu Zhengan, but Lu Zhengan was even more persuaded than him. For the sake of Yunlang Ma Le endured, but he couldn’t force Lin Yang to be with him. He had to admit some things. Ma Le asked Lu Zhengan to behave like an adult, so that no one would treat him as a child.

After the performance, Ma Le was very excited, while Lu Zhengan was lost in thought. Cao Ling and Lin Yang dressed up and came to the sorority party, and they thought about it as they came to make friends. The objects in front of Lin Yang changed one after another, and Cao Ling chatted with each other happily. He didn’t expect the other party to stop doing it when she heard that she had a four-year-old daughter. Lin Yang had a big quarrel with the man who kept talking about pornography, and both of them almost started to make a mess all day.

In the evening, Cao Ling and Lin Yang went to a food stall together. Cao Ling said that her personality and situation were not suitable for blind dates. She had someone in her heart, so she subconsciously made comparisons. Cao Ling persuaded Lin Yang to find Lu Zhengan. In fact, Cao Ling was particularly uncomfortable today. There was obviously such a good person waiting for her. Unlike her, she had no choice. Lin Yang heard Lu Zhengan’s name in the past two days, and even when he swiped his circle of friends, she felt like her heart was pricked. Cao Ling quickly took out his mobile phone. Neither she nor Yao Dan could see Lu Zheng’an’s circle of friends. , Those weird things are all visible only to Lin Yang.

Lin Yang saw that the dense circle of friends that Lu Zhengan had sent was all what he wanted to say to Lin Yang, the life he wanted to share with her, and Lin Yang’s heart twitched. When Lu Zhengan was upset, he received a call from Cao Ling. Cao Ling drunkly treated him as a driving agent and reported his address. Cao Ling became a single mother at a young age, and was forced to go on a blind date all day long, but who would want her. Cao Ling told Lin Yang that Lu Zhengan was not on a whim. It was clearly planned for a long time, and Lin Yang really fell in love with him, and loved him very much.

Cao Ling’s phone number hadn’t been hung up yet, Lu Zhengan ran to Lin Yang as if he was crazy when he heard these words. Cao Ling is not optimistic about the relationship between sisters and brothers, but she was really happy during the years when she fell in love, but she didn’t expect it to end so soon. Cao Ling encouraged Lin Yang by his drunkenness. Love is unreasonable. Lin Yang said that she was afraid of losing Lu Zhengan, but she has lost him now! Cao Ling really hoped that Lin Yang could be happy and love desperately like he was eighteen, otherwise he would really get old.

Lin Yang wanted to send Cao Ling back first, but found that the interface of her mobile phone was still on the call interface with the driver. As soon as Lin Yang picked up the phone, Lu Zhengan ran up, and the phone in his hand remained untouched. Lu Zhengsafe heard what Lin Yang and Cao Ling said. He walked towards Lin Yang and hugged her into his arms. Lin Yang said that what Cao Ling said was what she thought. This time, Lin Yang saw her heart clearly, she approached Lu Zhengan and kissed Lu Zhengan with tears.

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