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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 13 Recap

Lu Zhengan’s first pet, first watch, first electric car, and first tooth died in his and Lin Yang’s hands, and they were all buried under a tree. After growing up, Lu Zhengan realized that his first time was because Lin Yang took root and bloomed beautiful flowers. There was a sorority meeting on Wednesday. Cao Ling took Lin Yang with him, and Lin Yang agreed. Lin Yang met Li Tian and Xie Nanke. Xie Nanke wanted to invite her to dinner, but Lin Yang refused to say that there was something else.

Li Tian could see that Xie Nanke liked Lin Yang, because she looked at Lu Zhengan like this. Li Tian persuaded Xie Nanke to pursue Lin Yang, the opportunity must be created by himself, otherwise Twilight Love will not catch up. Mr. Zhao made an appointment with Lin Yang for dinner tomorrow, while Lu Zhengan kept watching Lin Yang go home and go upstairs. Lu Zhengan didn’t take away anything, but he seemed to have taken everything away, and Lin Yang seemed to be broken in love again.

President Hua found that Lin Yang became fearful and encouraged her to work hard. Regarding Li Tian’s matter, Lin Yang said that if she wants to come back, she will come back, but don’t be her assistant anymore, she can’t take it. Lu Zhengan spent seventeen hours in the recording studio. For the future of Lu Zhengan and Yunlang, Ma Le decided to add fire to cool them down completely. Xie Nanke came to the meeting on behalf of Lu Zhengan, and Lin Yang picked it up.

Yao Dan and Cao Ling have different opinions. Yao Dan does not understand why Cao Ling is on the opposite side. Cao Ling said that being fit is more important than feeling. There is nothing to do with love and happiness. Yao Dan was taken aback by her attitude. , Lamented that she must have been hurt by a man. Shenanke wanted to talk to Lin Yang, but she had an appointment at night, and Shenanke offered to send her off. Speaking of Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan, Xie Nanke had never seen Lin Yang cry so sad. He wanted to know if Lin Yang broke his heart or had him in his heart.

Li Tian sent a message saying that Xie Nanke and Lin Yang had gone to eat, but Lu Zhengan was unable to sit still after all, and quickly called Lin Yang. Lu Zhengan said that he couldn’t find the key when he went back to pick up the things. Lin Yang knew that he was a little excited to say that she was on the way to a date and asked him to stop being annoying. After hanging up the phone, Lin Yang frantically complained that such a clingy child should be getting better and better away from her. Shenanke only cared about whether she was really going on a date. He suddenly stopped the car and confessed to Lin Yang, hoping that she would give himself a chance to take care of her.

Lin Yang didn’t go to see Mr. Zhao. She took a taxi back home and saw Lu Zhengan squatting pitifully at the door. Lu Zhengan hugged Lin Yang and said that it was fake to love her. Wasn’t he also such a prank when he was a child? He would never again. Lin Yang touched his head and said he was naive, but now she has no reason to take in Lu Zhengan anymore. Lu Zhengan still refused to leave, saying that she would move away when she found her boyfriend, but Lin Yang’s answer was, how can I find her boyfriend if you don’t leave.

Lin Yang did not agree to Xie Nanke. There are not so many second times in his life. Xie Nanke asked her if it was because of Lu Zhengan, but Lin Yang said that it had nothing to do with him. He no longer loved Shenanke. Shenanke persistently told Lin Yang that his love had never changed from three years ago to today, and, I’m sorry, Lin Yang waved his hand and went home. Lu Zhengan packed up his things and moved away, and sent a message to Lin Yang to throw away the remaining things. Lu Zhengan took the suitcase to the restaurant last time. The proprietress said that Lin Yang personally said last time that he was not his brother, and Lu Zhengan said that she was my wife.

Li Tian returned to work in Ruiye, this time her position was the front desk. Yao Dan and Bai Luocheng were taken aback, and they were a little worried about Lin Yang’s state. They didn’t expect Lin Yang to bring her back. Lin Yang said that Lu Zhengan had moved out of the house and reminded Yao Dan not to interfere with this matter. When Lu Zhengan was sleeping in the company, Ma Le let him go to bed with a sigh of relief and decided to review the film himself. Lu Zhengan still followed Ma Le, and when Lin Yang passed by at the door, Lu Zhengan walked out of an imposing manner that you would ignore today and tomorrow I will make you too high. The advertiser thinks that Lu Zhengan’s performance is okay, but without a desire, Lin Yang feels shocked, impulsive and desire.

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