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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 12 Recap

Lu Zhengan opened the car door and asked Lin Yang why he was so anxious about blind date, he could marry Lin Yang. Lu Zhengan couldn’t bear it. He didn’t want Lin Yang to use his age as a shield. Age was something he couldn’t change from birth, just like he wanted to be with Lin Yang, no one could change it! Lin Yang said that she was past the age of dreaming. Even if she was alone, she was unwilling to waste time on a fruitless relationship, not to mention that this person was Lu Zhengan.

Lin Yang had never thought of being with Lu Zhengan, and Lu Zhengan’s mood gradually collapsed. Lin Yang had never been tempted by him. Lu Zhengan staggered and left, the voice of Xie Nanke sending Lin Yang back was still a little trembling. When Lu Zhengan drank too much, Lin Yang asked Shenanke to follow him, and she wanted to walk by herself. Lin Yang cried and went to the company. She started crying when she saw Cao Ling. She really felt that it was so hard to love herself. Lin Yang seemed to really fall in love with Lu Zhengan, that’s why he cried so sad.

Xie Nanke wanted to take Lu Zhengan home, but Lu Zhengan shook her hand away. He obviously cared about death but ran to pretend to be a saint. In Lu Zhengan’s eyes, these self-righteous talents are more naive. Lin Yang didn’t expect that at the age of 31, she would cry like a fool because of emotional problems. Cao Ling said that it might be a girl’s heart at work, but it might not be love. In fact, Lin Yang had long felt that something was wrong, and she deceived herself while enjoying the kindness of Lu Zhengan to her.

Even if Lu Zhengan was sincere, Lin Yang would not accept him. There were too many practical problems between them. Cao Ling went home, Lin Yang still stayed in the company to work overtime, Lu Zhengan also ran back to the company to make music, but neither of them was really involved. Lin Yang understood Li Tian a little, if she could, would she be as desperate as Li Tian.

Li Tian is going to find a new job, so that he won’t think about it. On the way, Li Tian met Xie Nanke, Xie Nanke showed her the way, and the two had a meal after the appointment. Lin Yang stayed at the company all night, Xie Nanke called to ask her to go back to catch up on her sleep, and Lu Zhengan returned to the company and was not at home. Sister Cleaning saw that Lin Yang hadn’t gone back all night to persuade her not to be too hardworking, and wanted to introduce her boyfriend to her, Lin Yang quickly packed up and left. Walking on the road and seeing the vigorous city as always, Lin Yang felt that working overtime was great for the first time.

But why didn’t she dare to go home, because she was afraid of seeing Lu Zhengan, or she was afraid that she would never see him again. Lu Zhengan obviously didn’t come back all night. Lin Yang took a bath and ate breakfast. Yao Dan called and cared. Lin Yang wanted to make up for it, but Yao Dan felt that this matter was caused by her, and decided to make a face and go to Lin Yang’s house to match them up.

Lin Yang slept dazedly on the sofa, and found Lu Zhengan opposite her in a daze. Lin Yang quickly reflected on whether he was snoring and drooling just now, and looked at Lu Zhengan’s sleeping posture curiously. Lu Zhengan said that he came back to get things, but it was because Lin Yang was worried. Lin Yang was still concealing the fact that he didn’t want Lu Zhengan to move away. Yao Dan suddenly knocked on the door, and Lu Zhengan hurriedly covered her mouth.

Lin Yang clenched his fists, pushed Lu Zhengan into the room and opened the door for Yao Dan. Lin Yang insisted on pulling Yao Dan out. Yao Dan realized that she was strange and found that she might be Tibetan. Lin Yang simply followed her and said, unexpectedly Yao Dan sent a message to Lu Zhengan, and the constant sound of news in the room exposed him.

Jia Luxin went to see Ma Le. She was very curious about the relationship between Lu Zhengan and Lin Yang. The sixth sense between women told her that they were not an ordinary cooperative relationship. The industries under Jia Luxin’s name all need spokespersons, and her cooperation with Ma Le will also have entertainment resources. She thinks that Lu Zhengan’s commercial value will be greatly reduced if she has a girlfriend. Lin Yang, Lu Zhengan, Yao Dan, and Cao Ling sat awkwardly for a meal.

Lu Zhengan and Lin Yang were awkward. Yao Dan obviously helped Lu Zhengan, but Cao Ling did not approve of this sibling relationship. Lin Yang gave Lu Zhengan three days to move away, and Cao Ling hurriedly followed up to persuade her, complaining that they were as naive and stubborn as they grew up together. Yao Dan thought that Lin Yang was obviously reluctant to leave Lu Zhengan, and Lu Zhengan began to vomit bitterness, while Lin Yang and Yao Dan said the opposite.

When Lu Zhengan was six years old, the family moved out. Lu Zhengan changed his way to find Lin Yang every time. He thought Lin Yang was very happy and went more and more frequently, but he didn’t expect Lin Yang to hate it. Lu Zhengan can be regarded as a witness to Lin Yang’s youth, he has long been a part of her. And Lu Zhengan had been waiting for more than ten years, and he didn’t want to wait any longer. Yao Dan persuaded Lu Zhengan to move away immediately without making a phone call or contacting him.

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