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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 27 Recap

Chen Jiaorui thinks that You Ya is so happy now, it must be because the people around her are especially spoiling her. You Ya denies that she is happy because she is optimistic. Chen Jiaorui once again offered to let her be a spokesperson, but You Ya refused. At the same time, Chen Jiaorui received a message saying that Jingbao’s advertisement would be handed over to Xiao Yan. She interrupted Youya in a fit of anger, accusing her of spending men’s money as a housewife. What qualifications does she have to talk about here? independent. You Ya is a little embarrassed, but she still maintains the most basic politeness and leaves after paying the bill.

Chen Jiaorui went back to the company to find Li Cha. She did not question Jingbao’s advertisement, and she could see that Li Cha was hiding her from her. On the other hand, the discussion about full-time mothers and working mothers continues. Many full-time mothers have independent sources of income and stable social circles.

They do not have to worry about being out of touch with society. Full-time mothers only live for their family, husband and children. So working mothers look down on full-time mothers. On this day, Chen Jiaorui was holding a bunch of flowers and went to You Ya to apologize. She said that she was in a bad mood last time because of work, and said a lot to You Ya. She did not look down on her full-time mother, but because of jealousy. .

Chen Jiaorui confessed her feelings so frankly, You Ya no longer refused, so she let her come in. Qi Bin saw the evidence collected by Mo Ming this time, and he believed that the second trial must be very stable. Talking about Xiao Yan, Qi Bin said very confidently that Xiao Yan had let go of his guard against him. Now, when he sends a message, Xiao Yan will reply in seconds, but she will soon be beaten in the face. Not only did Xiao Yan fail to reply to his messages, she did not even answer his phone calls. Just when Qi Bin thought Xiao Yan was busy, she called Mo Ming. Both Qi Bin and Mo Ming were embarrassed.

Last time I had a good talk with You Ya, You Ya did not agree to be a spokesperson. Chen Jiaorui changed her strategy and played a bitter trick. Instead of persuading You Ya to go to the contemporary spokesperson, she invited her to give a speech at the Confinement Center. Think of it as Xiao Yan platform. You Ya is very simple, she never thought that Chen Jiaorui wanted to use herself as a weapon to stab Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan accidentally learned that Chen Jiaorui was in charge of the Jingbao advertisement. She immediately called Li Cha. Li Cha lied to him and said that Chen Jiaorui had agreed. She also has other projects to work on now. Seeing that, Xiao Yan’s emotions are not so strong.

Mo Ming returned to the confinement center and told Xiao Yan about the registration status of the treasure mothers. Almost all working mothers signed up. It is obviously impossible to make the two camps have a hostile effect. Mo Ming felt She attaches great importance to this project, which just shows that she is eager to leave the confinement center, but Mo Ming does not want her to leave, because the mothers of the confinement center, including himself, need Xiao Yan. Mo Ming grabbed Xiao Yan’s hand. By coincidence, Qi Bin came over to find Xiao Yan, and happened to see him holding Xiao Yan’s hand.

Although Qi Bin didn’t say anything, Xiao Yan could see that he was jealous of Mo Ming. Yan Zhi was praised by Chen Jiaorui because of her serious work, as if she was so happy. Qi Bin asked Mo Ming to come out for a drink and asked about the reason for his divorce from Chen Jiaorui. Mo Ming knew that he was playing his own words, so he didn’t take the bait. Mo Ming made it clear that the relationship between them is very simple, one pays for one job, and the rest should not be asked too much. Qi Bin also said things off. When the lawsuit is over, there will be no ties or anxiety between them. If there is more contact, he thinks it will not be a good thing.

Drunk Qi Bin returned to Xiao Yan’s house and asked her to marry him. Xiao Yan felt that he was drunk and didn’t want to agree at all. Besides, she is now in the turning point of her career. On the second day, Xiao Yan asked people to arrange the event site at the confinement center. A sharing session was about to begin, and she would never expect Chen Jiaorui to come.

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