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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 26 Recap

Xiao Yan and Qi Bin are dating. Qi Bin is quite romantic. He ordered a song for her and sang it to her. At present, Chen Jiaorui has several projects in progress at the same time, but she is well balanced. However, Li Cha is still worried about her condition, so he proposed to the board of directors to let Xiao Yan return without Chen Jiaorui’s knowledge.

To Thea. On the other hand, Chen Jiaorui told Lili and Xiaoxi that they must pay special attention to the cooperation with Jingbao’s advertising. Lili asked Chen Jiaorui at Xiaoxi’s signal whether Yan Zhi could participate in the project of Jingbao. Since the incident happened last time, Chen Jiaorui has stopped squeezing Yan Zhi and agreed to let him participate in this project. When Yan Zhi sent her the information, he thanked her.

Cheng Haonan was busy starting the company’s project, and You Ya asked Xiao Yan to accompany her for the check-up. The doctor who did the B-ultrasound did not tell the child’s gender, but she hinted that the child is very beautiful. Youya is very happy, she is looking forward to the arrival of the stars. When Cheng Haonan learned that You Ya was in the hospital, he hurried to the hospital to meet You Ya. He happened to meet Xiao Yan who was staying with You Ya.

You Ya took him to Xiao Yan in the past, and she didn’t care about Hao Nan’s face, nor was it good because Mr. Hao thanked her face to face for that matter. Xiao Yan also understood his character, so she didn’t care. During the meal, Yan Zhi and Mo Ming said that Chen Jiaorui had suddenly begun to reuse him. Mo Ming asked Chen Jiaorui about her mental state and said she was quite normal.

When Qi Bin and Xiao Yan returned home, they entered the door sticky, and suddenly looked at each other with Xiao Yan’s father, while Xiao Yan’s mother was cooking. The first meeting between Qi Bin and Xiao Yan’s parents seemed a bit sudden. In order not to make the two elders feel abrupt, Qi Bin did not stay at Xiao Yan’s house that night. Mother Chen asked an aunt with a child to help bring Tongtong, and she herself had to rush to the staff dinner.

Chen Jiaorui was very worried and left the company immediately. She told Lili that she was going to be busy meeting clients, but Lili knew her very well. It must be because of her child that she was so nervous and anxious. Unexpectedly, as soon as Chen Jiaorui left, President Li came on his back foot. Lili hurriedly sent a message to Chen Jiaorui.

Lili wanted to help Chen Jiaorui to conceal this. She said that Chen Jiaorui had gone to see Jingbao’s client, but unexpectedly Li Cha happened to meet with Jingbao’s client. Lili’s lie was self-defeating. . Li Cha felt that he could not delay any longer, so he called Xiao Yan to come out to meet. He wanted Xiao Yan to return to Thea, and he also wanted to give her this important project of Jingbao. Xiao Yan didn’t accept it immediately, only that Li Cha would send her the request first.

Chen Jiaorui came home and saw Li Mei’e. No matter how professional she was with her child, Chen Jiaorui still didn’t wait to see her. Chen Jiaorui told her mother that she wanted to change to another aunt. Chen’s mother didn’t care. In the past, Chen Jiaorui always said that she would go to the housekeeping company to find a confinement wife, but in the end she didn’t go because she didn’t have time. Rui is just talking.

The confinement center is about to hold an event, and she appeals to all mothers to actively participate. At the same time, Li Cha asked Chen Jiaorui to take charge of the work of veteran endorsement. The first person to invite was You Ya. Chen Jiaorui was helpless, but had to accept Li Cha’s arrangement. The theme of the advertisement is the female independence of working mothers. Xiao Yan intends to let working mothers and full-time mothers have a PK, so that working mothers can completely beat other full-time mothers, so that the mood of these working mothers can reach a high point. At the same time, Chen Jiaorui also found You Ya, hoping that she could be the spokesperson for her full-time mother.

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