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First Love Again 循环初恋 Episode 13 Recap

Ye Youning feels that Xia Wenxi still remembers her phobia for so many years, and she must have feelings for herself. While Ye Youning was happy, the local tour guide Wang Andong came to urge him to pay him. Ye Youning is now shy in his pocket and can only delay for a while. Saying that she would stay for a while, Ye Youning also sold her own watches and suits, exchanged a little money, went to Xia Wenxi, and asked Xia Wenxi to invite herself to dinner, and said that he planned to go to Little John’s Church to solve the mystery.

In 2006, Xia Wenxi’s school was going to the Third Middle School of the Forest Farm to exchange and study. On the bus, Ye Youning deliberately left Xia Wenxi by the window and sat next to Xia Wenxi. Lin Jiaqi felt jealous when he saw it. Xia Wenxi hurriedly let him sit in Chen Tingting’s. beside. On the way, Xia Wenxi fell asleep and leaned against Ye Youning. Lin Jiaqi was also drowsy and was about to fall on Ye Youning. Ye Youning quickly pushed him away, Lin Jiaqi leaned on Chen Tingting’s shoulder, Chen Tingting was extremely shy.

At the Forest Farm No. 3 Middle School, Teacher Wang asked Xia Wenxi to come to the stage to share her experience and experience of learning and progress. Xia Wenxi said that most of her progress was driven by Lin Jiaqi and Ye Youning, but after this progress, she also understood that she had to work hard. Difficulties should not be given up easily. Only when you work hard can you know what kind of results you can achieve.

After the sharing session, the students went to the Four and Five Forest Farms to relax and play. Xia Wenxi found a deer running away and hurried to chase him. Ye Youning suddenly found that Xia Wenxi was missing, and was a little worried. He quickly informed a few people to find Xia Wenxi’s whereabouts in the forest. When several people were looking for it, Chen Tingting accidentally fell into the trap and slapped her foot. Lin Jiaqi couldn’t pull Chen Tingting on it, and jumped into the pit to take Chen Tingting up. As a result, he couldn’t climb up. Fortunately, Zhao Zhenghu, the third middle school of the forest farm. After passing by, the two of them were pulled up with a rope.

Xia Wenxi followed the deer all the way to the depths of the jungle. In the depths of the jungle, there was no signal on the mobile phone. Xia Wenxi was a little panicked. She took out her old mobile phone and sent a text message to Future Ye You-ning, saying that she had lost her way in the Forty-Five Forest Farm, and the future Ye You-ning.

At this time, he was solving the mystery in Little John’s Church. He recalled the memories of the Four-Five Forest Farm, and remembered a sea of ​​red flowers, so he asked Xia Wenxi to find the flowers, and someone would find Xia Wenxi. Ye Youning left the church, went to Xia Wenxi, and asked who found her when she was lost in the forest farm, and if she was herself, Xia Wenxi was sure. At that time, it was indeed Ye Youning who found Xia Wenxi.

Xia Wenxi was very happy to see that Ye Youning had found him. She also took Ye Youning to take a group photo in this sea of ​​red flowers. Here Zhao Zhenghu pulled Lin Jiaqi and Chen Tingting up, and asked if they had seen Yang Shiyi. He gave Yang Shiyi a deer to lead, but the person disappeared in the blink of an eye. Zhao Zhenghu went to Yang Shiyi, and Lin Jiaqi carried Chen Tingting back.

Ye Youning Xia Wenxi returned to the forest farm. During the evening dinner, Xia Wenxi made Ye Youning mushroom soup. Ye Youning had to vomit and diarrhea. When Lin Jiaqi accompanied Ye Youning to vomit, both of them understood each other’s thoughts about Xia Wenxi, but Lin Jiaqi didn’t want to disturb Xia Wenxi. Studying, the two set the rules, and no one was allowed to disturb Xia Wenxi before the college entrance examination.

In 2019, Assistant Ye Youning called and said that an investor named Zhao Zhenghu was interested in investing in Ye Youning. Ye Youning booked a ticket to return to Jiangcheng, but he asked his assistant to talk about investment, and he continued to pursue Xia Wenxi who returned to Jiangcheng, but Xia Wenxi didn’t want to bother Ye Youning, and told Ye Youning not to harass herself.

On the second day, Ye You-ning specially invited Xia Wenxi to listen to Mayday, but Xia Wenxi said that he hadn’t heard of Mayday for a long time after breaking up, so he closed the door after saying that. Ye Youning sent a text message to Xia Wenxi in 2006, telling her to continue to like Mayday, otherwise it will affect her fortune. At this time Xia Wenxi went out, and Ye Youning invited Xia Wenxi again. Xia Wenxi said that she still liked Mayday, but she just didn’t want to go to see it with Ye Youning.

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