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First Love Again 循环初恋 Episode 12 Recap

In 2006, Xia Wenxi went to the venue of the debate finals to find the manager. At first, the manager didn’t believe what Xia Wenxi said. Unexpectedly, when several people were still talking, the lamp on the ceiling fell off. The manager was in shock and decided to believe in Xia Wenxi. Changed Lin Jiaqi’s destiny, and Ye Youning’s time and space will also change in the future. In this time and space, he and Lin Jiaqi met, but Lin Jiaqi didn’t have a good face to him. Ye Youning quickly asked where Xia Wenxi was. Lin Jiaqi said that even if he knew it, Yes, the two of them have broken up, Ye You-ning is a little confused, they two have been together?

Ye Youning recalled, remembering Xia Wenxi’s previous memories of breaking up with herself. Ye Youning decided to find Xia Wenxi to restore her. After he learned that Xia Wenxi was in Venice, he immediately went to Venice to find Xia Wenxi. He found Xia Wenxi’s masquerade party through Xia Wenxi’s book, and shared Xia Wenxi’s book at the party, Xia Wenxi Hearing someone reading his book, he stood up and greeted Ye You-ning. Both of them wore masks. Xia Wenxi didn’t recognize Ye You-ning at first, thinking that Ye You-ning was his reader.

Ye You-ning invited Xia Wenxi for a drink. He did not take off his mask. He just asked Xia Wenxi if he had the opportunity to accept compensation from his ex-boyfriend. Xia Wenxi did not answer, but changed the subject and asked Ye You-ning to have a drink and finish the drink. Yes, Xia Wenxi secretly called Chen Tingting on the pretext of going to the bathroom, saying that she seemed to have met the real man, but Ye Youning had not removed the mask. Chen Tingting asked Xia Wenxi to take off the mask, otherwise he would stop talking.

After returning, Xia Wenxi would do it Taking off Ye You-ning’s mask and seeing Ye You-ning’s face, Xia Wenxi was stunned, remembering that Ye You-ning said that he didn’t want to go abroad, but chose to study abroad. Xia Wenxi wanted to leave, but Ye Youning took her and refused to let go. Xia Wenxi slapped Ye Youning in excitement, and Ye Youning chased him up again, but Xia Wenxi didn’t want to hear Ye Youning say more. Ye Youning had no choice but to leave, but he couldn’t remember the details about his relationship with Xia Wenxi, and I don’t know why Xia Wenxi hated him.

Ye Youning inquired about Xia Wenxi’s preferences through her old mobile phone and learned that she wanted Belle’s dress in Beauty and the Beast. Ye Youning hurried to the store and paid a big price for the dress. When he went to Xia Wenxi, Chen Tingting was also there. Chen Tingting was also very angry when she saw Ye You-ning and asked him to leave quickly. Xia Wenxi also said that she didn’t like this skirt for a long time, and asked Ye You-ning if she knew what day it was.

Ye You-ning was a little confused. Chen Tingting said that today was 13 years ago. On the day Ye You-ning went abroad, Xia Wenxi still kept Mayday’s concert tickets. Xia Wenxi interrupted Chen Tingting and dragged her away. After the two left, the assistant called Ye You-ning and said that the company’s capital chain was broken. This time may be a bit difficult. Ye Youning had to change to a cheap hotel.

He learned in Xia Wenxi’s book that there is a mysterious puzzle in the Little John’s Church, but no one has ever been able to put it together. The locals initiated an activity. Who can do it during the opening hours of the church? You can get a bonus when you complete the puzzle. At this time, the assistant called him and said that the company’s situation is not very good, his bank card has been frozen, and the house and car are also mortgaged.

In 2006, the results of the second-model examination came out. Xia Wenxi became the most improved person in the class. The physics test was 90 points. Yang Shiyi was a little unconvinced. She jumped out and said that she suspected Xia Wenxi cheating. Xia Wenxi was extremely wronged and Ye Youning could not see Going down, stand up to refute Yang Shiyi, Yang Shiyi saw Ye Youning also speak for Xia Wenxi, and she was speechless. Xia Wenxi’s parents learned of Xia Wenxi’s progress and planned to celebrate her.

Xia’s father prepared a poster signed by Xia Wenxi for Mayday, but the signature on the poster was faked by Xia’s father, and the reply letter from Mayday to Xia Wenxi was also Xia’s father. written. Speaking of Xia Wenxi, Ye Youning and others, they arrived at the restaurant. When they saw that there were balloons in the restaurant, they started poking the balloons. As a result, Ye Youning started to have a headache again when she heard the sound of the balloon bursting. Xia Wenxi quickly pulled Ye Youning out to cover his ears. He also fed him a candy to ease him.

When Ye Youning in the future time and space went to find Xia Wenxi, he also encountered a balloon exploded in the living room. His old problem was committed again. Although Xia Wenxi didn’t want to see Ye Youning, she still helped Ye Youning softly into the room and fed him some sweets. eat.

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