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Zhu Qiangshen

Zhu Qiangshen (Novel)
Other Name: 朱墙深

Genre: novel, Fantasy
Author: Milky Way Sweetheart
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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“Zhu Qiangshen” is the latest ancient essay created by the author “Galaxy Little Sweetheart”. The protagonists in the book are Rong Xianxian and Mu Xunsheng. If you like this book, let’s read it together! Summary of the novel: She is the princess of Prince Rong’s Mansion. She fell in love with the fifth prince Mu Xunsheng at first sight a year ago. She insisted on marrying him regardless of her parents’ dissuasion, but now she has a miserable end. In a conspiracy, Mu Xunsheng, with a sickly Rong Xianxian, insisted on asking her to apologize to the princess, because that woman was his former love. When she woke up again, Rong Xianxian was told that she was pregnant, and she had never reconciled with Mu Xunsheng this year, which was incredible. Little did she know that a bigger conspiracy was waiting for her…

Free Reading Highlights:

Mu Jing’s angular face was extremely gloomy, and the concubine Liu Gui in front of him was coldly and sternly agitated.

He stepped forward and pulled Rong Xianxian’s wrist directly, “If you had the enlightenment of adult beauty, Nian Nian and I would not have become uncles. Therefore, since you didn’t have that enlightenment at the beginning, you don’t need to be here today.”

“Well, I don’t pretend to be benevolent. Then I’ll be honest.”

“My lord, I hate you miserably now. I want to disturb you and Su Niannian’s old age. I want you to marry Su Niannian’s sister. I want to see you and Su Niannian have a hard time. In this way, my heart will be better!”

She was emotional, her eyes were teary, her eyes were red, and her eyes felt sour and a little fuzzy.

Concubine Liu Gui was startled slightly, her son and daughter-in-law quarreled, so she only used the left ear to go in and the right ear to go out. Anyway, she was very satisfied with the matter of marrying the second concubine of the prime minister’s house.

“Rong Xianxian, you dream! I want to live better if I am offended? There is no such good business in this world.”

“You die this heart, I won’t accept a concubine even if I die!”

Concubine Liu Gui frowned. She wanted to say something but stopped. She wanted to say something to prevent her son from acting impulsively, but she was afraid that it would annoy Rong Xianxian by speaking too clearly.

“Mother concubine, you don’t want to talk too much about the concubine. If you come to the palace in the future, you still want to say these things that are not marginal, then forgive me to return the military power directly to the father in the future!”

Mu Jing’s eyes were cold, and Concubine Liu was helpless, so she could only wait for him to calm down before mentioning it again.

After Liu Guifei returned to the palace, Mu Jing still did not leave the room.

The coldness on the man’s face subsided a lot unconsciously, but his eyes were still cold and merciless when he looked at Rong Xianxian.

“Master, do you know this?”

Rong Xianxian’s eyes did not contain any emotions, they were moist, and the two lines of clear tears finally couldn’t help falling on the quilt made of brocade.

She clutched her aching chest, and laughed sarcastically, “I think the prince is ridiculous. Yesterday, you asked the butler to give me some jewellery for an unprecedented time. I was puzzled, so I sent my people to inquire about the news.”

“It turns out… It turns out that your child is so cheap, it’s only worth a pair of jewellery.”

Yesterday, Yun Hua spent a lot of money to buy the personal guard under Mu Jing’s hand. This is what the guard overheard.

A woman’s complexion became less bloody day by day. When she knew that the reward was the compensation given by Mu Jing, this was the only way for Yunhua to open the so-called reward from the jewelry box.

This reward… turned out to be the favor that Mu Jing gave to Su Niannian to marry her – a pair of crystal clear jade jade bracelets.

This jade bracelet was thrown to the ground by Su Niannian. Only one of the jade bracelets was intact, and the other had broken lines even if it was restored.

It was such a reward. Su Nian thought of the things she didn’t need, so he gave it to her as compensation?

Mu Jing pressed her thin lips tightly, a trace of guilt that was not easily noticeable flashed across her sharp, sharp face, and she still looked so cold-blooded and ruthless.

“Yes, it’s only worth a pair of jewellery.”

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