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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 9 Recap

When Lu Zhengan was a child, he used Mother Lu’s cosmetics to turn his face into a small cat, and was beaten. Between jeans and skirts, Lu Zhengan chose a skirt. Mother Lu and Father Lu were heartbroken and decided to take Lu Zhengan to the hospital for a good examination. Later, it was discovered that it was Lin Yang who brought Lu Zhengan to dress up as a beautiful girl, and Lin Yang greeted Mother Lin with a feather duster.

Lu Zhengan entered the meeting room and saw Lin Yang look embarrassed and Li Tian’s fangs and claws were a little guilty after seeing Lu Zhengan. Lu Zhengan glared at her, turned around to help Lin Yang tidy her hair, and left with her wrist. Everyone was surprised. Did he pull the wrong person? Lu Zhengan insisted on sending Lin Yang to the hospital for a physical examination. Lin Yang said that he made a fuss and she just wanted to walk alone.

Lu Zhengan didn’t bother Lin Yang, but followed her quietly, just like when Lu Zhengan was bullied when he was a child, Lin Yang told him that he couldn’t bear to swallow and he wanted to resist and go back. Lu Zhengan asked Lin Yang if he had just fought back. To endure it is to surrender. Only by resisting can he protect himself, but now Lin Yang thinks that he has to figure out whether he can bear the consequences if he encounters something, and if he can’t, he can only endure it. Lin Yang received a call from President Hua and immediately returned to the company.

Li Tian had planned to cry and sell miserably, but Lin Yang had already started crying and confessing her mistake, saying that she had no leadership ability and had not managed her subordinates well, and that she would resign as soon as possible. Of course, President Hua did not allow Lin Yang to resign, saying that he would give her an explanation on the matter. Lin Yang left as a winner, and Li Tian was left behind by President Hua.

Li Tian cried very much in Li Miaomiao’s arms. Yao Dan thinks it is a good opportunity to rise to the top, but Lin Yang thinks it is time to avoid suspicion. Cao Ling also thinks that the opportunity is good, and the key lies in Lin Yang himself, but Lin Yang doesn’t want to talk about it now. Li Tian was scared when he thought of Lu Zhengan’s eyes wishing to kill him on the spot. Li Miaomiao always felt that Li Tian liked it and went quickly, but she didn’t expect Li Tian to be serious this time. Li Miaomiao persuaded Li Tian that she can like Lu Zhengan, but she can’t ask him to like her too. Good love is mutual attraction, not unilateral attachment.

Lin Yang, Yao Dan, and Cao Ling were ready to go home after dinner. Lu Zhengan was already waiting for her on a motorcycle. He bought a motorcycle to take her to get off work. Lin Yang did not want to walk by himself, but got into Lu Zhengan’s car. Lu Zhengan asked Cao Ling and Yao Dan about his cooperation. He just wanted to know whether this cooperation was meaningful to Lin Yang. If so, he hoped that Lin Yang would be responsible. Lin Yang’s self-esteem was too strong, and Lu Zhengan refused to go to her directly. Lu Zhengan decisively confessed his feelings for Lin Yang to the two. In his heart, Lin Yang was a little girl who had not grown up, and his whole world.

Lu Zhengan took Lin Yang to the food stall, and Lin Yang ate very happily. Lu Zhengan looked at her and smiled, Lin Yang was picked up unknowingly, and quickly changed the subject to complain about why he looked down on those businesses. Lu Zhengan said that he had changed his attention and he wanted to cooperate with Lin Yang. Lin Yang quickly refused, she didn’t have that ability. Lu Zhengan pursed his temper and threatened that no one but her would do it. Lin Yang stepped up again, and he was really teasing himself!

President Hua thanked Lin Yang for not talking about his relationship with Li Tian, ​​and apologized to her because of Li Tian. President Hua wants to hand over Lu Si’an’s case to Lin Yang. In short, she has the full authority to cooperate. President Hua does not only value her relationship with Lu Zhengan, but more importantly, her work ability.

As long as this case is completed, Hua She was promoted to project director immediately. President Hua told Lin Yang that personal connections are also a kind of ability, and that Lin Yang is also the best candidate for Lu Zhengan. After struggling for a long time, Lin Yang decided to take the case and rushed to find Ma Le.

Lu Zhengan seemed to have known that Lin Yang had come back, so he locked Ma Le in the office early and did not let him go anywhere. Sure enough, Lin Yang held a business card and said that she would represent Lu Si’an with full authority. Ma Le didn’t want to agree to this cooperation, believing that Lu Zhengan was dating in the name of cooperation, but Lu Zhengan had already made up his mind to sign a contract.

Lin Yang asked Ma Le to go to the company to sign a contract tomorrow, and Ma Le was forced to agree. Lu Zhengan was chasing behind Lin Yang’s taxi on a motorcycle. Lin Yang smiled stupidly. The driver mistakenly thought that she was being followed and stepped on the gas pedal and dumped Lu Zhengan.

When Lin Yang was about to complain, Lu Zhengan had already caught up. The two came to the supermarket and said they wanted to buy some daily necessities for Lu Zhengan. They bought a car of cute daily necessities. Lin Yang pretended that it was not convenient for him to buy men’s goods because he was single in order to avoid being caught. Lu Zhengan took out the identity of Party A, but at home, Lin Yang was the eternal Party A.

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