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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 8 Recap

When they were young, Lin Yang and some female classmates always took Lu Zhengan to steal fruit. After Lu Zhengan was discovered, Lin Yang took him and ran away. It was their first adventure, but the two of them also had a share. Can’t forget the unique medal of merit. Lin Yang was in a daze, but Yao Dan was a little strange seeing her ears red. Li Tian happily ran to say that she had sent Lin Yang’s work content to Lin Yang’s mailbox, reminding her to check it.

Lu Zhengan went to Xie Nanke and told him not to look for Lin Yang in the future, and stop using his excuses to care about her. But Shenanke believes that Lu Zhengan has no reason to ask him, and the relationship between men and women is not as simple as he thought. But Lu Zhengan was very angry. He was not afraid of Lin Yang’s wavering, but he didn’t like others to pass the time with Lin Yang. Xie Nanke said that Lin Yang could not accept Lu Zhengan, and Lu Zhengan would only delay her, but Lu Zhengan said that it was just right, and she had no choice in the end.

Lin Yang remembered that she seemed to have kissed Lu Zhengan last night and had been absent-minded all day long. Yao Dan and Cao Ling were gossiping extremely. The three saw that Bai Luocheng wanted to greet him to come to eat, but they didn’t expect him to be called away by Li Tian. Lin Yang ran into Bai Luocheng and Li Tian in the elevator when he went to the meeting, and did not subconsciously answer the phone call from Lu Zhengan.

The purpose of the General Hua meeting is to help Lu Si’an, a client, get Lu Zheng’an’s contemporary spokesperson. Li Tian said that he and Lu Zheng’an are very familiar with each other and offered to give it a try. But Lin Yang thinks that Lu Zhengan has a reason for refusing, and he is busy writing songs. Li Tian and Lin Yang had a quarrel, and President Hua handed it over to Li Tian.

Li Tian enjoys a lot of attention in the company in the name of Lu Zhengan’s girlfriend. Lin Yang and her in the bathroom can’t help but lose their temper. Why doesn’t she know the little nine in Li Tian’s heart. Li Tian didn’t care. Since Lin Yang didn’t want it, why others couldn’t fight for it. Li Tian made Lin Yang distinguish between public and private.

It’s okay if he doesn’t help, but don’t make trouble. Ma Le received a call from Li Tian and hurriedly wanted to go to the appointment. Lu Zhengan mistakenly thought it was Lin Yang who came to contact him and planned to go with him. Lin Yang was upset because of this incident. Lu Zhengan came to the agreed place and saw that Li Tian was a little disappointed. He was about to leave. Li Tian quickly caught up and said that since they can’t be friends, they can also be partners, but Lu Zhengan didn’t want to have anything to do with her at all.

Lin Yang drank boring wine alone. Lu Zhengan was waiting for her return at home. When he thought that Lin Yang looked at Lu Zhengan’s face last night, he touched it all up and down, and even pressed on him and asked him what color his lipstick was. Lu Zhengan was shocked. He jumped and said that he didn’t put on lipstick, but Lin Yang kissed it and rubbed it again, and also showed off that she also had the same color number. Lu Zhengan was very excited.

When Lin Yang left, he told the proprietress who asked about Lu Zhengan that he was not a younger brother. Lin Yang said that she was going home immediately, and Lu Zhengan quickly posed for her. Seeing the light on her home and the person everyone wanted to see was waiting for her to return home, Lin Yang’s damned vanity was satisfied.

Lu Zhengan didn’t understand why Li Tian came today. He had known that Li Tian was Mrs. Hua’s sister-in-law, and Lin Yang was a little surprised. Lu Zhengan said that he didn’t talk about cooperation with Li Tian at all, because the person he wanted to meet was Lin Yang. Lin Yang fell into random thoughts because of Lu Zhengan’s words. If it were her, Lu Zhengan would agree, and she could become a manager and go to the pinnacle of life? The dispute between Li Tian and Lin Yang went viral in the company. Everyone thought that Lin Yang was jealous of Li Tian, ​​and Bai Luocheng scolded them away very angry. Lin Yang also heard these words, but there was no waves. Lin Yang asked Li Tian to analyze the information, but Li Tian liked to answer.

The two chatted separately, and people who listened to gossip gathered outside the door. Li Tian’s attitude was very bad, and she threatened Lin Yang to go to Mr. Hua to leave. Li Tian believed that Lin Yang had caused her not to cooperate with Lu Zhengan. Lin Yang was also very angry and scolded her for being naive, and Lu Zhengan’s family was not bad. Money, unlike Li Tian, ​​relies on the wealth of his family to show off his power here. Lu Zhengan called and said that Lin Yang’s company was downstairs. Li Tian heard that they were living together, and her jealousy broke out again, holding the file and smashing Lin Yang on the back.

When Lu Zhengan came to the company to look for Lin Yang, the front desk mistakenly thought he was looking for Li Tian, ​​so he could only point to the meeting room next to him awkwardly and said that she had a fight with someone else. Lu Zhengan rushed in, only to see Lin Yang’s messy hair a little embarrassed, Li Tianhong stared at her, if it weren’t for being stopped by many people, he might have eaten Lin Yang.

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