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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 7 Recap

Yao Dan and her husband are reconciled, and they are going to have a candlelight dinner. Lin Yang and Cao Ling make faces to get a fitness card, threatening to become thinner and more beautiful from today. Xie Nanke was very upset about the content of Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan’s phone calls, and didn’t even want to attend the lecture. Cao Ling asked Lin Yang to follow what Li Miaomiao said and didn’t know anything. Lin Yang was very upset. She didn’t expect that the company really belonged to Li Tian’s family, but Cao Ling thought it was pretty good. Her previous life had no waves and she had to meet the challenge. NS.

Cao Ling is opposed to sibling love, but Lin Yang and Lu Zhengan do not love siblings, so it is better to calm down and enjoy life. Cao Ling said that Lu Zhengan was the last one to send her home after drinking the wine that day. Lu Zhengan said that if there is such a thing in the future, he must tell him. Although Lin Yang has independent opinions, Lu Zhengan doesn’t think this is an advantage. Cao Ling didn’t expect that Lu Zhengan could understand it so thoroughly at a young age. Maybe this is the reason why Lin Yang and Shenanke can’t get together again and again. Cao Ling advised Lin Yang that it is not a bad thing to have someone to rely on.

Lin Yang thought of Cao Ling’s words and sent Lu Zhengan a WeChat message, but Xie Nanke was here. Xie Nanke felt that it was inappropriate for Lin Yang to live with Lu Zhengan. He was worried that Lu Zhengan would affect Lin Yang’s life, but it was difficult for Lu Zhengan to move in, so how could Lin Yang bear to drive him away. Shenanke cares about Lin Yang in the name of Lu Zhengan, and such a relationship is easy to misunderstand.

Lin Yang once thought that Xenanke liked her, she waited, but she didn’t pierce through it for a long time. Lin Yang is no longer a little girl, and she has no intention of doing anything ambiguous, and Shenanke shouldn’t care about her in the same way as before. Xie Nanke said that at that time he didn’t want to delay Lin Yang and didn’t say it, but Lin Yang was already discouraged, and later they retreated to the safety line, like ordinary friends. Lin Yang rejected Shenanke’s concern and drank booze alone.

Lin Yang and Xie Nanke met for the first time. When Xie Nanke gave Lin Yang a gift for Lu Zhengan, Lin Yang invited him to dinner. The two began to get in touch and they got closer and closer. Lin Yang has been waiting for Xenanke’s confession. He didn’t expect to be waiting for the news of his going abroad. He didn’t know when he would be back, but this opportunity was very important to him. Although Lin Yang didn’t say anything, he was very sad inside. .

Lin Yang woke up from the memory, Lu Zhengan called and said that he had finished a new song and wanted to listen to her as soon as possible. Lu Zhengan’s singing came from the phone, and Lin Yang cried unconsciously. She picked up the phone and was a little fragile, and asked if Lu Zhengan could come and pick her home. Lu Zhengan left everything behind and ran to the place where Lin Yang was. Lin Yang lay on the table and plunged into his arms drunkly. Lu Zhengan went home with Lin Yang on his back, Lin Yang tugged his hair.

Back home, Lu Zhengan carefully put Lin Yang back on the bed, but Lin Yang hugged him and refused to let him go. Lin Yang regarded Lu Zhengan as Xie Nanke, and he just left as he said. Although she is not that good, she is not that bad. Lin Yang said a lot of drunken talk. Lu Zhengan held her hand and his eyes were filled with distress. From now on, Lin Yang will no longer be alone, because with him, Lu Zhengan will always be with Lin Yang no matter what.

Li Tian came to the business department to report that he met his new colleague Bai Luocheng. Lin Yang woke up early in the morning, recalling everything that happened last night, a little horrified, and cautiously walked to Lu Zhengan’s room, only to find that he was not there. Lin Yang called Lu Zhengan, she only remembered that Lu Zhengan sent herself to the bedroom, and Lu Zhengan said that she fell asleep afterwards. Lu Zhengan left early in the morning to buy a car.

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