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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 6 Recap

The nickname of Flower Fairy Lu Zhengan comes from the hairstyle Lin Yang made for him when she was a child. She made Lu Zhengan’s hairstyle into a Flower Fairy hairstyle, and was almost beaten by Mother Lin. Lu Zhengan stayed in a small room to drink chicken soup. Lin Yang was very angry when he saw his current living environment.

Ma Lelai urged him to attend the dinner. Lin Yang scolded Ma Le with a bad face, saying that he shouldn’t Arranging this small room for Lu Zhengan, she saw that Lu Zhengan was suffering here, of course this sister would feel distressed, not to mention that Lu Zhengan would be too sick to take him to the wine bureau when he was sick. When Lu Zhengan cooperated with the acting, Ma Le was a little aggrieved.

Lu Zhengan chased Lin Yang behind his ass with a suitcase. No one in the family supported him in making music. Lin Yang immediately said that she supported Lu Zhengan, and would look for her in Qingning if she had anything to do. She was Lu Zhengan’s relatives. Lin Yang helped Lu Zhengan take the suitcase and walked towards home together. When Lin Yang came home, Lin Yang realized that she had really brought this little kid back. Lu Zhengan made up his mind, please God is easy to send God hard!

Lin Yang said that if Lu Zhengan wants to live here, some things must be clarified. Lu Zhengan knows that he has no right to object, so he will listen to her. Lin Yang stated that the first Lu Zhengan living in her house cannot be told to anyone. After all, he is a member of the entertainment industry. The second Lu Zhengan cannot enter and leave her room at will, but Lin Yang can enter and leave his room at will. . Lu Zhengjian looked very sleepy, and Lin Yang suddenly let him go to sleep with a soft heart.

The company was gossiping about the relationship between Lu Zhengan and Lin Yang. Ma Le scolded him. Xie Nanke came to the company to find Lu Zhengan. Ma Le said he was taken away by an older sister. Lin Yang saw the naked Lu Zhengan early in the morning, and the two stunned for a while and hurried back to their rooms. Xie Nanke called to ask about Lu Zhengan’s situation. Lin Yang said that he was a manufacturable and should be cultivated.

In fact, she did not support Lu Zhengan in making music before, but she changed her mind when she saw him shining on the stage yesterday. . Lu Zhengan came out with Lin Yang’s bath towel. Before Lin Yang could hang up the phone, the intimacy of the two were heard by Shenanke. Shenanke left some things and asked Thomas Le to pass it to Lu Zhengan, and left.

Lin Yang poked Lu Zhengan’s abdominal muscles and warned him that it is best to keep a low profile, if someone sees him, be careful to get fire on his upper body. The scar on Lu Zhengan’s back was still there. Lin Yang saw that the scar on his back was more miserable. Lu Zhengan gradually got closer to make Lin Yang’s heart beat faster.

He quickly found an excuse to go back to the room and comfort him in his 30s. Never seen a big wind and big wave! Having said that, Lin Yang is still full of Lu Zhengan’s youthful body. Although he is the younger brother who grew up with him, he is also such a handsome and warm single man! Lin Yang decided to draw a clear line with Lu Zhengan and set many rules. Lu Zhengan only made one request. All housework and three meals a day must be done by him.

Lu Zhengan prepared a rich breakfast for Lin Yang, and Lin Yang’s inner defenses gradually collapsed. Li Tian took the suitcase and was about to leave. She felt that her sister Li Miaomiao had been talking coldly, complaining that she didn’t know to let herself. Li Miaomiao hates iron but cannot make steel. She has had nothing else but love in her mind since she was a child.

Li Tian also satirized Li Miaomiao that she only knew that being Hua Zong’s wife was a husband’s slave. Li Tian had planned to run away from home. Unexpectedly, President Hua mentioned Lu Zhengan on the phone, and Li Tian immediately persecuted and ran home. It turned out that several brands were vying to find Lu Zhengan. His video at the new song launch event went viral in one night. It’s estimated that he didn’t even think of it.

Lu Zhengan’s new song was played in the streets and alleys. Yao Dan and Cao Ling showed Lin Yang the video, and Lin Yang smiled very sweetly. Lu Zhengan’s heart burst into flames overnight, but there was no turmoil in his heart. Ma Le received a lot of business endorsements in just two hours, but Lu Zhengan didn’t want to accept any of them, because they only fell in love with his appearance.

Ma Le persuaded Lu Zhengan not to fall in love, after all, he was already on fire, and he also expected Lu Zhengan to revitalize Yunlang. But Lu Zhengan didn’t hear a word, and Ma Le couldn’t control him either. Lin Yang talked about Lu Zhengan while shopping with Yao Dan and Cao Ling. The two yelled for her to call Lu Zhengan, but Lin Yang called him but did not answer. Cao Ling thinks that Lin Yang is Lu Zhengan’s closest person, so it is easy to attract rivals, such as one downstairs.

Li Tian was shopping leisurely, Lin Yang came to Li Tian aggressively and informed him that he could not use the company from tomorrow, she was not qualified. However, Li Tian said that she would not leave. The person who recruited her was President Hua, and Lin Yang was not qualified to drive her away. Li Tian said that she would not give up Lu Zhengan, and warned her to stay away from Lu Zhengan, otherwise she would ruin Lu Zhengan.

Yao Dan and Cao Ling were watching the theater upstairs and found that Li Miaomiao was also here. The moment Lin Yang saw Li Miaomiao, he immediately understood the relationship between them. Li Miaomiao seems to admire Lin Yang very much, she is capable and knows how to measure, and will not speak out about their relationship. Li Miaomiao intends to take the opportunity to let Li Tian transfer to the sales department to get some exercise.

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