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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 11 Recap

Lu’s father and Lu’s mother were getting busier and busier. Lu Zhengan was sent to his grandmother’s house because there was no one to take care of. Lin Yang was very sad all alone during those days. Lin Yang ran to Lu Zhengan’s grandmother’s house alone, took him home, and cried to reflect his experience at the grandmother’s house, saying that he was bullied by a bad boy, and Lu Zhengan also cooperated with her, and his parents had no choice but to pick him up. return. That was the first time Lu Zhengan lied. He didn’t understand what it meant, only that he could return to Lin Yang by telling a lie.

Lu Zhengan held Lin Yang’s face and said that the color of this lipstick was suitable for her, and the two gradually approached until Lu Zhengan kissed Lin Yang’s mouth. The two awkwardly found a clumsy excuse to leave. Lu Zhengan smirked and ran outside cheering in his cute pajamas, while Lin Yang recalled the kiss and let out a roar that could be heard from several buildings. Lin Yang was not angry at all, and even felt a little sweet.

The next day, during the commercial shooting, Ma Le went to the scene early and prepared to pick up Lu Zhengan in a while. Unexpectedly, the brand had already sent a car to pick him up. Worried that Lu Zhengan and Lin Yang were living together, Ma Le hurried over.

Lu Zhengan and Lin Yang went out in an awkward atmosphere. Lin Yang refused to talk directly with Lu Zhengan. From now on, he is just his own party. Lu Zhengan said that he had Mr. Zhao to pick him up. Lin Yang was worried about the exposure of his cohabitation and Mr. Zhao came. Lu Zhengan explained that they were neighbors and picked them up in the car as they should.

Mr. Zhao and Hua have always been close friends, obviously very interested in Lin Yang, Lu Zhengan on the side almost exploded. At the shooting scene, Lu Zhengan’s unprecedented cooperation made Ma Leqi lament the power of love. Lin Yang came to the dressing room to remind Lu Zhengan to be more sensible, is she waiting for him to marry herself if she is not in love at this age? The makeup artist walked out embarrassingly, Lin Yang quickly took out the phone and pretended to be speaking, Lu Zhengan smiled and helped her out.

Lin Yang hurriedly left the dressing room and found that Xie Nanke was here. Ma Le said that Lin Yang was Lu Zhengan’s sweetheart and might become his future sister-in-law. Xie Nanke ignored him. Lin Yang saw Lu Zhengan shooting an advertisement, but felt that the light on his body was so dazzling, and he became so inferior. He did not feel the same as seeing her own children last time. Lin Yang was shocked by Lu Zhengan’s eyes and couldn’t help coughing. The director was so angry that Lin Yang scolded Lin Yang, and Lu Zhengan almost jumped out and was held by Ma Le.

Lin Yang hurried out to answer the phone. Mother Lu called. Mother Lu wanted her to persuade Lu Zhengan to stop playing music, but Lin Yang said that he could not persuade him. This was something he liked. Mother Lu asked Lin Yang to introduce a girlfriend to Lu Zhengan, and asked his girlfriend to take care of Lu Zhengan, who would eat Lu Zhengan at most three years old. Lin Yang sighed, it turned out that their distance was far more than that light.

After the commercial was filmed, Ma Le wanted to take him to the dinner, but Lu Zhengan missed Lin Yang and refused to agree. Xie Nanke came to care about Lin Yang, and Lu Zhengan followed up and said that he wanted to go home with her. Ma Le and Mr. Zhao would entertain guests for dinner. Naturally, Lin Yang would go, and Lu Zhengan had to go. Bai Luocheng said that Lu Zhengan is Lin Yang’s patron saint. Today on the set, he was either watching the camera or watching Lin Yang. Lin Yang’s mood significantly deteriorated after he left.

Ma Le brought Lu Zhengan to Mr. Jia Luxin and asked them to sit together for a while and talk about cooperation. At the dinner, Jia Luxin kept talking to Lu Zhengan, but Lu Zhengan just ignored the message to Lin Yang at the table. Jia Luxin discovered that his remarks were for his wife, and Shenanke and Ma Le quickly said that he was trying to block the peach blossoms. Lu Zhengan suddenly stood up to toast Lin Yang, and several people stood up to drink. Lin Yang calmed down in the bathroom, and Lu Zhengan couldn’t bear to chase him out.

Lin Yang was worried about letting others know that he was his brother, but Lu Zhengan had never refuted him! Lu Zhengan held Lin Yang in his arms. He never cared about being seen by others, but Lin Yang did. Lin Yang broke away from his embrace, all she could care about was work. Lu Zhengan wanted to answer her question in the dressing room, Lin Yang retorted emotionally, her market is very good! Mr. Zhao happened to be passing by. Lin Yang returned to the box with his smile again and laughed with him.

Cao Ling and Yao Dan haven’t left after work. Lin Yang suddenly said that they were going to have a blind date. Yao Dan felt very puzzled. After the dinner, Mr. Zhao drank too much and insisted on sending Lin Yang back. Ma Le saw that Lu Zhengan had come out and hurried Mr. Zhao away. When Lin Yang wants to return to the company, Xenanke decides to drive her away.

Lu Zhengan kept silent, and Jia Luxin said he wanted to send him away. Lin Yang said that Mother Lu asked her to introduce her girlfriend to Lu Zhengan, but there was no suitable person around her, so she entrusted the arduous task to Shenanke. Lu Zhengan refused to get in Jia Luxin’s car and ran away after looking at the phone. Yao Dan was taken aback when he found out that he had sent the wrong message to Lin Yang. Shenanke received a call from Lu Zhengan and asked him to stop hysterically.

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