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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 10 Recap

Lin Yang once hid the test papers he had failed to take, but was beaten up again when he was found out. At that time, the little Lu Zhengan was watching. Seeing Li Tian absent-minded all day, Li Miaomiao sent a message and asked Lin Yang to meet tomorrow. Lu Zhengan wore a pink apron and prepared dinner. He said that he was not used to western food and couldn’t afford it when he was studying abroad. After he switched to a music major, his parents would not pay for living expenses.

Lin Yang did a lot of part-time jobs in order to make a living. One capable. In fact, in addition to a singer, Lu Zhengan also has the dream of a fitness coach, such as being Lin Yang’s personal trainer. Lin Yang thought of Lu Zhengan’s strong and beautiful figure, and was a little confused, and quickly refused to say that he went to the gym to make new friends.

Ma Le knew that he couldn’t win the negotiation, so he could only create a very imposing appearance and went to see Lin Yang two hours in advance. Lin Yang also made an appointment with someone else, so he could only let Ma Le go upstairs and wait for a while. Lin Yang went to see Li Miaomiao. For the past two days, Li Tian kept crying without eating or drinking. In fact, she knew she was wrong but didn’t dare to apologize.

Li Miaomiao hoped that Lin Yang would give Li Tian another chance. Whether Li Tian went or stayed to see her, she just liked Lu Zhengan too much and lost her reason. Li Miaomiao confessed that Lin Yang was also very upset when she was the secretary-general of Hua. Seeing Li Tian so crazy and painful as if she saw herself, but these were not Lin Yang’s fault, the fault was themselves, Li Miaomiao believed that one day Li Tian Will understand.

Li Tian waited for Lu Zhengan at the gate of Yunlang for one day. When Lu Zhengan got off work, he was very impatient to see her. Li Tian had to hit a car and kept following Lu Zhengan’s motorcycle. Lu Zhengan invited Shenanke to drink coffee. Xie Nanke said that Ma Le invited him to be Lu Zhengan’s legal counsel. Lu Zhengan had no objection at first, but when he thought that Shenanke might be in contact with Lin Yang, he disagreed. Shenanke was speechless and wanted to contact him.

It should be in contact with legal affairs. Lin Yang made an appointment with Lu Zhengan for a big meal. Lu Zhengan found Li Tian waiting outside the door as soon as he was about to leave, and quickly asked Xenanke to help. Lu Zhengan left through the back door, Xie Nanke told Li Tian as Lu Zhengan’s cousin and lawyer not to follow him anymore, or she would sue her. Li Tian managed to squeeze a smile and said that she would not disturb Lu Zhengan again, and she would definitely be able to do it this time.

Lin Yang was a little upset because of Li Miaomiao’s words, and lost his mind during the meeting. Ma Le doesn’t care about the conditions Lin Yang put forward. The most important thing is the product, because the product Lu Zhengan wants to promote is lipstick.

Lin Yang only knew that the product was a lipstick at this time. She asked Ma Le to prepare mentally. Lu Zhengan might not agree to it, but Ma Le felt that as long as she was in Lu Zhengan, she would have nothing to do. When Cao Ling came over, Ma Le was fascinated as a spring breeze, and decided to arrange all future meetings here, and came in person. Lin Yang sent a message to tell Lu Zhengan the news.

Seeing that he didn’t return, he called again, but Lu Zhengan was on the phone but couldn’t get through. Lu Zhengan invited Yao Dan and Cao Ling to meet, but Cao Ling was too busy to come. Lu Zhengan carefully selected lipsticks as a gift for them, and said that the product he wanted to promote was lipstick, and he would definitely manage enough in the future.

Lin Yang was still worried that Lin Yang would not accept this product, and she knew that as long as she opened her mouth, Lu Zhengan would not embarrass her. It turns out that Lin Yang didn’t know that Lu Zhengan had known that the new product he wanted to promote was lipstick, because he knew Lin Yang and didn’t tell her. Yao Dan said that he really took great pains.

Lin Yang feels that he owes Lu Zhengan a lot. Yao Dan has already given Lu Zhengan an idea that a woman’s love for a man often starts with apology. Lin Yang felt that Lu Zhengan was a troublesome spirit, but later in life, he realized that Lu Zhengan had been accommodating her to take care of her whether it was work or life.

The person who kept causing trouble was not Lu Zhengan, but her. Lu Zhengan waited for Lin Yang at the door of his house. Lin Yang uneasyly told him about the lipstick. The shooting was nothing. The only landing activity required some interaction. Help them put on lipstick, but Lin Yang could teach him. Lu Zhengan agreed, after all, he couldn’t afford to pay for such a high penalty, Lin Yang breathed a sigh of relief.

Lin Yang took Lu Zhengan to the counter to learn about lipsticks, and was shocked by the chattering male cabinet sister and dropped her chin. In order to teach the straight man Lu Zhengan to recognize the slogan, both Lin Yang and Yao Dan were killed. Lu Zhengan came to Lin Yang. Cao Ling and Yao Dan said that she had gone to the gym. Lu Zhengan sent Yao Dan milk tea and ran to find Lin Yang. Cao Ling thinks that they are Lin Yang’s friends and should consider her more. She doesn’t want to watch Lin Yang jump into the fire pit, but Cao Ling obviously supports Lu Zhengan.

Just as Lin Yang was about to add WeChat with his fitness coach, Lu Zhengan’s wife stopped him. Lu Zhengan looked like he was guarding his calf, and Lin Yang was speechless. Lin Yang complained about Lu Zhengan’s backache during class for the past two days, but Lu Zhengan just didn’t like other people touching her, and didn’t like to keep her contact information. Lin Yang was almost picked up, and quickly began to teach Lu Zhengan to put on lipstick. Lin Yang held Lu Zhengan’s face and taught him to put on lipstick, and watched his mouth and eyes bump into some small deer. Lu Zhengan picked up the lipstick and dragged Lin Yang’s head to hand in the homework, boasting that the color was suitable for Lin Yang, and Lin Yang pressed his lips dumbly.

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