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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 24 Recap

Xiao Yan asked Doctor Wu to keep Mo Ming longer, and Mo Ming also began to notice something was wrong. Li Mei’e carried Benben in the middle of the night and went to his mother and said Benben was hungry. Ben’s mother was frightened by Li Mei’e who appeared behind her, and Li Mei’e’s face was also very gloomy, until she saw Benben’s mother feeding her baby obediently according to her words. , She smiled, as if she was sick. Qi Bin went to accompany Xiao Yan. They watched a horror movie together in the living room. Xiao Yan watched and fell asleep. When Qi Bin woke up the next day, Qi Bin had already left, but he made breakfast for Xiao Yan.

Li Mei’e began to suppress those mothers intentionally or unintentionally, deliberately accusing them of being big-hearted and putting their children aside when they relaxed eating snacks. After listening, the mothers all went back to see the children, but their mothers were sober and felt that what Li Mei’e had said was wrong, while Baozi’s mother seemed worried.

Hao Dawei went to Xiao Yan, and after a few words, Hao Dawei decided to cooperate with Cheng Haonan. Cheng Haonan was very pleased to receive the call and immediately went to sign the contract with Hao Dawei. Hao Dawei said that he would like to thank Xiao Yan. You Ya called Xiao Yan to confirm the matter, and Cheng Haonan said that she would definitely thank Xiao Yan.

When Xiao Yan learned that Li Mei’e was suppressing the mothers, she ordered Li Mei’e to be prohibited from contacting any of her mothers. Li Mei’e instigated the nurses not to take care of the mothers. This caused dissatisfaction among the family members. Xiao Yan immediately calmed the family members, and she promised to take care of them. Solve this matter.

Xiao Zhou told Li Mei’e what Xiao Yan wanted to record from the visitor last week. Li Mei’e thought that Xiao Yan was here soon. Xiao Yan went to the mothers for advice one by one, but they thought that Li Mei’e was very patient with the children, so they didn’t care about Li Mei’e’s attitude towards them, and they were unwilling to complain about Li Mei’e.

Xiao Yan didn’t want to force her, she walked out of the room and met Li Mei’e. She seemed very confident, and those precious mothers would not complain to her. And Xiao Yan pointed out that she always hinted and attacked those precious mothers every day. She thought that these precious mothers would not dare to complain to her, Xiao Yan all saw it in her eyes.

Xiao Yan warned her that since she was here, all those who were disobedient and acted against her would have to get out. Mo Ming already knew that Doctor Wu was delaying himself, and he returned to the confinement center. Bao Zi’s mother was about to leave the confinement center. Li Mei’e was still brainwashing her and her family. Mo Ming walked over and comforted Bao Zi’s mother softly.

Mo Ming knew that Baozi’s mother was frightened and worried that she would not be able to take care of her children. Mo Ming comforted Bao Zi’s mother and talked about the thoughts and thoughts that might arise after she returns, but these are all normal. All she needs to do is to accept the changes naturally and pass this period slowly. Mo Ming also warned Bao Zi’s father to be patient with Bao Zi’s mother and to accompany her through this period. Xiao Yan on the side felt that sometimes Mo Ming’s preaching was not unreasonable, at least at the most obvious level, Mo Ming comforted the fear and anxiety of Bao Ma and his family.

Xiao Zhou took out the visitor registration book to Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan found the customer who had previously complained through the record book and explained to the other party that Mo Ming’s identity was the exclusive pediatrician of the confinement center and did not directly contact the pregnant women. Among the eight customers, six were Ming decided to sign a contract with the Confinement Center again, and Xiao Yan gave the leaders all of the contract and some of the mothers’ comments on Mo Ming.

In this way, Xiao Yan helped Mo Ming solve the crisis and proved the importance of Mo Ming to the board of directors. Xiao Yan proposed to President Ma that the culprit of the entire incident should be fully responsible, and President Ma could not say against it. Li Mei’e showed her weakness to Xiao Yan, and said in anger that she would regret it. This is the end of Li Mei’e and Xiao Yan’s failure. All her words are a dying struggle, and Xiao Yan is nothing to be afraid of.

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