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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 23 Recap

Qi Bin pushed Xiao Yan out to bask in the sun, and the estrangement between the two had disappeared, and the feelings went even further. Mo Ming went to the hospital and found out that Xiao Yan had been discharged. Cheng Haonan made the porridge, and he hesitated whether to give You Ya a medicine. At the same time, Xiao Yan learned from Qi Bin that Cheng Haonan’s company was bankrupt, and his situation was very bad.

Xiao Yan suddenly thought of Cheng Haonan’s righteous and arrogant appearance that day in the hospital. She probably had an affair. She immediately thought that the abortion medicine was most likely Cheng Haonan had given You Ya. She asked Qi Bin to drive to You Ya’s house, and Xiao Yan broke in and asked You Ya, but You Ya didn’t know anything. Xiao Yan couldn’t help telling the story, so she pulled Cheng Haonan out to talk in private.

After all, Cheng Haonan was not able to hurt You Ya cruelly, but Xiao Yan worried that he would be emotionally unstable and You Ya would be hurt, and proposed to take You Ya away. Cheng Haonan begged bitterly, and now only Yuya was left. Upon seeing this, Xiao Yan no longer reluctantly, tacitly helping him hide Youya. Not long after returning home, Hao Dawei called Qi Bin and asked him to take Xiao Yan to dinner.

Qi Bin refused for Xiao Yan because Xiao Yan had just been discharged from the hospital today. Xiao Yan learned that it was the phone number of Mr. Hao, the game investor. She wanted to help Cheng Haonan, so she offered to go to dinner with Mr. Hao with Qi Bin. During the period, Xiao Yan accidentally revealed that she was working at Thea, and at the same time, she also said that she had a fake news that she had cooperated with Cheng Haonan’s company.

Xiao Yan’s acting skills are very good. She is sure to convince Hao Dawei and try to invest in Cheng Haonan. If this is the case, Xiao Yan hopes that Cheng Haonan can take advantage of this hard-won opportunity. You Ya borrowed a sum of money from her parents. Cheng Haonan felt that something was wrong, so she asked if she knew something.

Only then did You Ya tell the truth. Xiao Song had already told her all about the company’s situation. She also knew that Cheng Haonan was difficult now, but no matter how difficult it was, there would always be a solution. You Ya used her comfort to soothe Cheng Haonan’s anxious heart. Last time Chen Jiaorui and Xiao Yan proposed to dismiss Mo Ming. After Xiao Yan refused, Chen Jiaorui went to Li Cha. She produced the first-instance verdict, proving that Mo Ming was not suitable for working in the confinement center.

Xiao Yan learned about Mo Ming and quickly returned to the company and met Li Mei’e. Xiao Yan did not expect that Li Mei’e’s methods were so bad that she would pay more attention to Li Mei’e in the future. Later, Xiao Yan returned to Thea, and she fought hard for Mo Ming. She believed that someone was in the confinement center and wanted to get Mo Ming away.

At first, Ma always tried to give a reasonable explanation for the dismissal of Mo Ming on the grounds that the client minded the male doctor appearing in the confinement center. A customer made it clear in advance. Mr. Ma turned to ask if she hired Mo Ming because she wanted to retaliate against Chen Jiaorui, Xiao Yan confidently replied that she and Chen Jiaorui were just colleagues.

Xiao Yan also emphasized that it was not her who hired Mo Ming at the beginning, but Li Mei’e. President Ma was choked and couldn’t say a word. Mo Ming was fooled by Li Mei’e, thinking that Xiao Yan was going to be investigated by Thea Group and hurriedly came to the Thea Group to look for her. Xiao Yan explained that the investigation was fictitious, and instead asked Mo Ming to go to Xiamen to attend a meeting. After Mo Ming left, Xiao Yan has been collecting evidence and true evaluations of clients for his affairs, and Li Mei’e’s ugly face was gradually discovered by the mothers of the confinement center.

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