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Litter To Glitter 燃烧吧废柴 Episode 22 Recap

I heard that Ye Xiaoxi will go to an Internet celebrity inn with colleagues from the bakery tomorrow to build a team building. The sense of competition immediately ignited the sense of competition. She also decided to take other people in the inn to team building with the excuse of this inn. However, tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of Fang Tianzi and Hu Yanzu, so they refused to build a team under the pretext of being busy with work, and secretly arranged for a date in the courtyard.

On the second day, Fang Tianzi and Hu Yanzu arrived at the inn for the first time. When they entered the door, they accidentally pulled off the curtain. The employees were on vacation that day. After they went up, the boss took a ladder to repair by himself, and then Fang Tianyi, An Qi and Yuan Zhijie came in. The boss accidentally fell to the ground. Fang Tianyi rushed the boss to the hospital, saying that they were helping to run the inn. Just as An Qi, Ye Xiaoxi and Yuan Zhijie were looking at the building in the courtyard outside the inn, a very strong man came in.

An Qi rushed to compete with him. It turned out that this man was An Qi’s elder brother Lin Dalong, whose English name was Linda. Meeting martial arts is a unique family rule of their family. When she was in college, Linda and the three of them were roommates. Linda has a good relationship with Fang Tianyi and Yuan Zhijie, except Hu Yanzu has a very bad relationship, because Hu Yanzu was with the girl Linda had a crush on for nine years. At that time, Linda beat Hu Yanzu hard and took good care of him.

After he recovered, she beat him again. So when Hu Yanzu heard Linda shouting to herself in the room, Hu Yanzu wanted to jump out of the window and escape on the spot. Fang Tianzi stopped him, saying that he waited for him to go outside first. As a result, as soon as she left the house, she saw Fang Tianyi, and she had to lie that she was here for an interview. Fang Tianyi wanted to borrow her room to put something, but Fang Tianzi couldn’t stop it, so she had to let him in.

When Hu Yanzu heard the wind, he was hanging outside the window. However, after a while he was really exhausted, so he fell from the window and hit a little brother who happened to be passing by. The painful little brother’s face was swollen and his legs couldn’t walk. Hu Yanzu rummaged in the refrigerator for a while but couldn’t find the ice pack, so he took out the frozen meat to spread his face, and took out his mobile phone to call the hospital.

Because the little brother was slurred at the time, Hu Yanzu gave him the phone to let him speak. After a while, the younger brother was picked up by the ambulance, but Hu Yanzu’s cell phone was still with him. Hu Yanzu saw that Linda was training in the yard with the fighting team, and there were people in the hall again, so desperate, he had to hide in the grass in the yard. Fang Tianzi used their unique secret code to find him. Seeing him hide so hard, she distracted Linda in the name of an interview.

It was almost time for lunch. Ye Xiaoxi and Fang Tianyi found that the ingredients in the refrigerator were gone, so they decided to have a barbecue party. To open a barbecue line, you only need stove, carbon and ingredients, and the rest can be barbecued by the guests themselves. And there is a stove in the inn, so they decided to go to the market to buy some carbon and ingredients.

Hu Yanzu escaped smoothly, seeing his Rebecca parked outside and the trunk opened, so he got in. Fang Tianyi took Fang Tianzi’s car key and planned to drive Rebecca to the market. Hu Yanzu quickly hid. When they arrived at the market, Ye Xiaoxi and Fang Tianyi got out of the car and locked the car. Hu Yanzu in the car called every day to stop, called the ground is not working.

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