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Litter To Glitter 燃烧吧废柴 Episode 21 Recap

Inside the inn, Fang Tianzi, An Qi, Ye Xiaoxi, Fang Tianyi, and Yuan Zhijie were watching TV. Hu Yanzu saw the leading actor on TV, who was the champion of their school grass selection when he was in college. Recalling his sad past at the time, he believed that because of the loss of his student ID, he did not register for the successful school selection competition, which led to his failure to be selected as the school grass and directly ruined his brilliant star. Things have to start from that time.

At the Shanghai First University of the Arts, Fang Tianyi, Yuan Zhijie and Hu Yanzu were roommates, Fang Tianzi was still a high school student, and An Qi was Fang Tianyi’s girlfriend at the time. The story goes like this: Fang Tianyi had a basketball game that day, so he took Hu Yanzu’s student ID to An Qi and asked her to enter the campus to watch the game.

But because he couldn’t find his student ID, Hu Yanzu took Yuan Zhijie’s student ID and wanted to apply for the school draft selection. He put on Yuan Zhijie’s glasses, because the power was too high to see the way. While walking, he accidentally ran into teacher Jiawei who was riding a bicycle to go to class. In order to avoid Hu Yanzu, Teacher Jiawei turned the front of the car and fell to the lawn next to him. He hurt his leg and couldn’t go to class.

Fang Tianzi, who had long admired Teacher Jiawei’s name, came to their school for his class, but because Teacher Jiawei was injured, a substitute teacher came over. The teacher stipulated that as long as he was absent from class, he was considered to be suspended. Pointing to Hu Yanzu, Fang Tianzi had to answer for him in order to prevent him from failing the course.

However, the teacher admired Hu Yanzu’s name for a long time, and because his paper was extremely arrogant, he asked Fang Tianzi to read Hu Yanzu’s paper in class. Not only that, she also called her to the office to criticize Fang Tianzi because she smashed her teacher, and later named her in every class of Hu Yanzu.

Before going to class, Fang Tianzi specially boiled corn ribs soup and delivered it to their dormitory. However, they were living on the first floor with anti-theft fences installed outside their windows. Yuan Zhijie couldn’t put the insulation box in, and saw a water cup next to him, so he poured the soup. In the water glass. At that time Fang Tianyi came back to take the water cup and directly took away the thermos cup containing the ribs soup. During the game, An Qi was watching, feeling too boring, so she went back to their dormitory to sleep for a while.

At that time, Yuan Zhijie was writing the script on the computer. He had already written it on paper, so he typed it again on the computer in order to participate in the school’s screenwriting contest. He received a call just after the call, so he opened the computer to answer the call. At this time, An Qi’s phone happened to be out of power, so she went down to look for a charger. Seeing that the power strip is full, he unplugged a plug casually. That plug happened to be the charger of Yuan Zhijie’s computer. After unplugging, the computer went black instantly.

An Qi opened it quickly and found that the last page that Yuan Zhijie had just typed was missing. So while Yuan Zhijie called, An Qi hurriedly locked the door and started typing quickly. After Yuan Zhijie finished the phone call, opened the door and found that the door was locked, self-doubt whether the door was locked, took out the key from her pocket and opened the door. Before it was over, Angie finished the script and climbed onto the bed and drew the curtains. Yuan Zhijie didn’t think much about it, and went to the competition after pulling out the USB flash drive.

Unfortunately, Yuan Zhijie’s script was rejected due to too many typos, which became a major stain in his career. And Fang Tianyi didn’t see An Qi in the audience during the intermission, so he took a sip from the thermos. In a daze, he ate a piece of ribs, and then the captain walked over and patted him from behind, and he spit out the ribs. The captain saw that Fang Tianyi had a comminuted fracture and hurriedly sent him to the school infirmary. As a result, Fang Tianyi lay in bed for three days and failed to return his student ID to Hu Yanzu in time.

And An Qi, who had nothing to do, was strolling around the campus, and two classmates came to invite her to participate in the selection of school flowers. An Qi saw that the first prize was a Bali travel voucher, so she took out Hu Yanzu’s student ID to sign up. On the other side, a classmate invited Fang Tianzi to participate in the selection of school flowers, and Fang Tianzi generously admitted that he did not belong to this school. The classmate shouted a pity, saying that he thought you could compete with that girl. Fang Tianzi told that classmate that her name was Lin Anqi, not from this school. The classmates questioned An Qi angrily, and An Qi who was dismantled was chased by the two classmates and ran around the school three times. And Fang Tianzi was afraid that An Qi would recognize him, and hurriedly pretended to be observing the big tree.

At that time, Ye Xiaoxi’s father went to their school to set up a scholarship. Ye Xiaoxi came to the campus first, so he strolled there. She saw An Qi, who loves sports, Fang Tianzi, who loves nature, and saw that Teacher Jiawei was injured in order to hide from the confused Hu Yanzu, so she hurriedly helped him to the infirmary. There, she ran into Fang Tianyi who was pushed to the infirmary by the team leader. The two looked at each other, sparks flew everywhere.

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