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First Love Again 循环初恋 Episode 9 Recap

In the future, Ye You-ning suddenly appeared downstairs. He obviously did not change the timeline. I don’t know why it suddenly changed. He returned to the door of Xia Wenxi’s house again. Xia Wenxi still remembers the old phone and the time machine. Ye Youning heard Xia Wenxi thinking about the old phone, and quickly knocked on Xia Wenxi’s door and asked Xia Wenxi if he wanted to go out for a drink.

Xia Wenxi agreed and said that she would change her clothes. As a result, Xia Wenxi After changing clothes, Ye You-ning was sent away again. Ye You-ning didn’t know what happened, so she hurriedly used her old phone to send a message to Xia Wenxi and asked her what she had done. In the future, Xia Wenxi found that Ye You-ning was missing and called him.

Ye You-ning originally wanted to see you tomorrow, but Xia Wenxi was going abroad tomorrow, so Ye You-ning asked her to find a place and went there soon. After Ye Youning hung up the phone, she was about to rush back, but the phone fell on the ground and broke. He was transported to the wilderness again, unable to get a taxi back at all, he ran back desperately, but fortunately met a kind person halfway through and drove him back.

In 2006, there were too many people after the concert, Xia Wenxi couldn’t squeeze on the bus at all. Xia’s mother knew about her going to the concert when she returned late. Xia was so angry that Xia Wenxi would sing her Mayday without coming back. The poster of the meeting was torn. Lin Jiaqi and Ye Youning helped Xia Wenxi get on the next bus. After returning home, Xia Wenxi carefully opened the door and prepared to face a bloody storm.

As a result, Xia Mu said nothing, so Xia Wenxi returned to the house. . After Xia Wenxi returned to the room, she saw a text message from Ye Youning to herself in the future. She replied that she had done nothing and was ready to do her homework. Before starting to write, Xia Wenxi found a few walnuts to eat. Seeing that she had no tools, she picked up her old mobile phone and used it to smash the walnuts. This smashed, and finally Ye You-ning, who had finally rushed back, was sent away again. Xia Wenxi smashed it all at once.

While holding the walnut, Ye You-ning kept being transmitted. Xia Wenxi saw that the walnut did not break open, but there was a small hole on the phone, so she stopped her hand quickly. In the future, Ye You-ning also found the gap on the phone, and asked if Xia Wenxi had smashed her phone. After getting an affirmative answer, in the future, Ye You-ning asked her to try again, and the result was really crossing. In the future, Ye You-ning quickly told Xia Wenxi not to drop her phone.

After returning home, Ye You-ning decided to see Xia Wenxi again before leaving. As a result, Ye You-ning fell asleep late. Fortunately, Xia Wenxi’s flight was delayed. When Ye You-ning was about to go to the airport, Yang Chuang suddenly came to the door and hugged Ye You-ning’s. Thigh cried and said that Gao Xiaoai was going to divorce herself. Ye Youning got rid of Yang Chuang and rushed to the airport, and found Xia Wenxi to apologize to her.

Before saying a few words, Yang Chuang also chased him. Xia Wenxi said that when she came back, she would ask Gao Xiaoai to come out and meet her. When Xia Wenxi got on the plane, Ye Youning asked Yang Chuang what happened. Yang Chuang said that Gao Xiaoai had discovered her QQ trumpet, and that Yang Shiyi was the only one in the trumpet.

Gao Xiaoai suspected that Yang Chuang had a leg, but Yang Chuang I really don’t remember why I opened this trumpet account back then. In the future, in order to clarify the situation, Ye You-ning will send a text message to Xia Wenxi for her to investigate. In fact, Yang Chuang created the trumpet to pretend to be Ye Youning and Yang Shiyi for Mayday’s concert video, but his secret love for Gao Xiaoai couldn’t be said clearly. Under Xia Wenxi’s questioning, Yang Chuang could only delete Yang Shiyi in front of Xia Wenxi. NS.

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