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First Love Again 循环初恋 Episode 8 Recap

In the future time and space, Ye Youning bought breakfast for Grandpa Zhou just to see Xia Wenxi at the window, and then asked Xia Wenxi if she would like to have breakfast. Xia Wenxi had just got up, her hair was messy and a little embarrassed, so she hurriedly closed the curtains. At this time, the assistant called Ye You-ning and said that the signed album he wanted had arrived, and Ye You-ning asked her to send it over.

As soon as Ye Youning wrapped the present, she saw Xia Wenxi hurriedly trying to take a taxi downstairs. Ye Youning proposed to drive Xia Wenxi, but halfway through Xia Wenxi said that he didn’t need to go. Ye Youning saw that Xia Wenxi was a little lost, so he took her to release the pressure.

In 2006, Ye Youning went to Xia Wenxi’s house to find Xia Wenxi. The two went to Central Park. Ye Youning gave Xia Wenxi a time machine and asked Xia Wenxi to make a wish, saying that as long as Xia Wenxi was firm enough, the wish would be realized.

Ye Youning thought that Xia Wenxi Will make a wish to get tickets for the Mayday concert, and put the tickets in the time machine when Xia Wenxi made a wish, but Xia Wenxi wished Ye You-ning could be happy forever. Ye You-ning was a little confused, and asked Xia Wenxi why this wish was made. Xia Wenxi said that although he did not know what happened to Ye You-ning. What, but she didn’t want to see Ye Youning’s pain.

Just as Xia Wenxi and Ye Youning buried the time machine, Lin Jiaqi and Yang Chuang came to find him. Lin Jiaqi said that he had obtained two tickets for the Mayday concert and invited Xia Wenxi to watch it together. Xia Wenxi was very excited. I was happy to ask Lin Jiaqi to eat fried skewers, and asked Ye You-ning if he wanted to go, but Ye You-ning felt a little lost in her heart, so she refused.

In the evening, Xia Wenxi and Lin Jiaqi finished the fried skewers, and they wanted to bring some to Ye You-ning. As soon as Xia Wenxi left, Yang Chuang also said that he would go back. Only Lin Jiaqi and Chen Tingting were left, and Lin Jiaqi said to send Chen Tingting back. The two talked while walking on the way home. Speaking of Xia Wenxi as the soul of this small group, Lin Jiaqi sighed that the quiet Chen Tingting could actually play with the carefree Xia Wenxi. Chen Tingting couldn’t help asking if Lin Jiaqi and Xia Wenxi were really just brothers. Lin Jiaqi hesitated and did not deny. Chen Tingting almost tripped while walking. Lin Jiaqi hugged her quickly, a little embarrassed for a while.

Since knowing that Xia Wenxi was going to the concert with Lin Jiaqi, Ye Youning’s attitude towards Xia Wenxi became cold. Not only did he wait for Xia Wenxi to go to school, but also ignored Xia Wenxi when he arrived at school. Xia Wenxi was a little angry at first, seeing that Ye Youning also gave Yang Shiyi a topic. I felt even more unhappy.

In the evening Xia Wenxi met Ye You-ning while throwing trash. She couldn’t help asking Ye You-ning. Ye You-ning only said that she wanted to study hard, so she refused to say anything more. Soon Lin Jiaqi also came and brought two commemorative shirts. Ye Youning was even more jealous when Xia Wenxi was asked to wear it to the concert with herself.

When the concert day came, Xia Wenxi put on makeup and went out. She and Ye Youning met at the bus stop. Ye Youning didn’t recognize Xia Wenxi who was wearing makeup. Xia Wenxi accidentally saw Teacher Liu in her class standing on the side of the road with her belly holding her belly in the car. It seemed that the amniotic fluid was about to give birth.

Xia Wenxi didn’t care about the concert and got off with Ye Youning to help Teacher Liu. Fortunately, There was a doctor passing by to help take care of her. Xia Wenxi asked the bus driver and passengers for help, so that the driver diverted and sent Mr. Liu to the hospital. With the help of everyone, Mr. Liu was fine.

Xia Wenxi thought about going to the concert, but found that her wallet was missing, and the ticket was in the wallet. Xia Wenxi was very broken, and Ye Youning took Xia Wenxi to the park to check the time machine. He dug it out and gave the ticket to Xia Wenxi. Xia Wenxi finally arrived at the concert. Lin Jiaqi was still waiting outside the door, but because it was too late, the ticket check was stopped. Xia Wenxi could not get in. Ye Youning, Xia Wenxi and Lin Jiaqi had to listen to the last few things at the door. Song.

In the future time and space, Ye Youning and Xia Wenxi played for a day. When they arrived at the door of the house, Ye Youning gave the prepared gift to Xia Wenxi. As a result, as soon as Xia Wenxi opened the gift, Ye Youning traveled through time and space again.

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