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First Love Again 循环初恋 Episode 11 Recap

Chen Tingting bought a new bicycle and didn’t need to take the bus to school. She thought that she could ride to school with Lin Jiaqi, but she was a little disappointed when she learned that Lin Jiaqi was living in Xia Wenxi’s house recently. As soon as Ye Youning and Xia Wenxi arrived in the classroom, Ye Youning urged Xia Wenxi to preview, and took Xia Wenxi’s chair away, and asked her to sit down after finishing the questions.

At noon, Xia Wenxi was still working on the question, Lin Jiaqi ran over to let Xia Wenxi endorse, but Ye Youning refused, saying that he would wait for Xia Wenxi to finish the question before recitation. Xia Wenxi went to the top of the building to find Chen Tingting while Lin Jiaqi was arguing with Ye Youning.

She felt that Ye Youning and Lin Jiaqi were not dealing with each other and wanted Chen Tingting to teach herself to learn. But Chen Tingting was jealous because of Lin Jiaqi’s tutoring Xia Wenxi, so she lost her temper. Let Xia Wenxi not waste the time of Lin Jiaqi and Ye Youning, learning is her own business and should not trouble others. Xia Wenxi returned to the classroom in a loss. Lin Jiaqi and Ye Youning were still arguing about who could teach better. Xia Wenxi looked upset and said that he would study on his own in the future instead of two.

After school, Xia Wenxi deliberately did not go with Ye Youning and the others. Instead, she went to Chen Tingting. She wanted to ask Chen Tingting to find out. Before she said anything, the car that Chen Tingting parked outside was stolen. Xia Wenxi hurriedly went with Chen Tingting. He chased up and stopped the thief, but the thief was very rascal, saying that the car was his own, and that he would ride the car away. Chen Tingting said that there was a sticker with the number nine on the back of the car, and this number was Lin Jiaqi’s lucky number.

Xia Wenxi was too surprised to stop the thief. Soon Ye Youning and Lin Jiaqi rushed to the thief, but they were all against the thief. Seeing that the thief ran away, Yang Chuang finally rushed to stop the thief and saved Chen Tingting’s car. After this incident, Xia Wenxi guessed that Chen Tingting liked Lin Jiaqi. In the evening, Xia Wenxi decided to bring Chen Tingting to join the study group and study together with four people.

In the future time and space, Ye Youning went to Dalian with Xia Wenxi. In order to let them live in the same room, Ye Youning booked all the vacant rooms in the hotel where Xia Wenxi was staying. When the two went for a walk by the beach, Ye Youning took the initiative to kiss Xia Wenxi. When the atmosphere was right, Xia Wenxi received a phone call from Chen Tingting. On the phone, Chen Tingting accused Xia Wenxi of telling her secrets. Ye You-ning asked a few people to meet and speak clearly in person. After Chen Tingting and Xia Wenxi met, they argued.

Ye Youning listened for a while and learned that it was Chen Tingting’s boyfriend Luo Jiafei who knew that Chen Tingting had a crush on Lin Jiaqi, and she wanted to break up with Chen Tingting. Chen Tingting suspected that it was Xia Wenxi’s big mouth that said it. Xia Wenxi couldn’t argue. Chen Tingting talked about the hotline in high school. Ye Youning recalled that when Chen Tingting called the radio to order a song, Xia Wenxi was also nearby. He also guessed that Chen Tingting liked Lin Jiaqi. This incident was broadcast on the radio. Chen Tingting was very angry at the time.

Ye Youning hurriedly sent text messages to Xia Wenxi through her old mobile phone, and asked Xia Wenxi to speak carefully when she approached Chen Tingting. With Ye Youning’s reminder, Xia Wenxi did not tell the story, and the friendship crisis between Chen Tingting and Xia Wenxi in the future time and space was also resolved. Soon Chen Tingting and Xia Wenxi came to Ye Youning and asked Ye Youning to accompany Xia Wenxi to the amusement park tomorrow.

Ye Youning agreed and sent them away. Grandpa Zhou talked about Lin Jiaqi’s injury. Ye Youning recalled it and remembered the time and space in 2006. At the scene of Chen Tingting’s debate finals, because the venue was in disrepair for a long time, something hit Lin Jiaqi’s head, and he was unconscious from then on. Ye Youning quickly told the past Xia Wenxi about the matter, and let Xia Wenxi solve the matter. Xia Wenxi, Ye Youning feel relieved and feel that she can go on a date with peace of mind.

On the day of the date, Chen Tingting learned that Xia Wenxi wanted to confess to Ye You-ning, and specially selected clothes for her. Grandpa Zhou also wanted to assist Ye You-ning and still prepared flowers in the car. The two spent a happy day in the playground and went for a walk on the beach in the evening. Ye You-ning took the opportunity to kiss Xia Wenxi. When they kissed, Ye You-ning crossed again. In 2006, when Ye Youning chatted with Xia Wenxi, she said that she didn’t plan to go abroad. Xia Wenxi was very happy, and Ye Youning asked her to keep it secret first and not tell anyone.

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