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First Love Again 循环初恋 Episode 10 Recap

In 2006, Yang Chuang showed Gao Xiaoai a video of Yang Shiyi’s Mayday concert in the screening room. Gao Xiaoai saw that the video was Yang Shiyi’s and asked Yang Chuang what happened. Yang Chuang hesitated or said I told the truth, but explained that Yang Chuang suddenly felt that something was wrong. There were so many videos in the concert.

How could Gao Xiaoai know that this video was Yang Shiyi’s when he glanced at it? When Gao Xiaoai saw the stuffing, she said that she was secretly looking for Xie Zhenyu. After asking for Yang Shiyi’s video, Yang Chuang also told Yang Shiyi that he had opened a trumpet and pretended to be Ye Youning and asked Yang Shiyi for the video. The two secretly agreed that this matter should not be known to others.

The timeline of the past has changed, and the future Gao Xiaoai and Yang Chuang have resolved their misunderstandings, and the reconciliation is as good as before, and the scene around Ye You-ning has also changed, becoming him, Xia Wenxi, Yang Chuang and Gao Xiaoai eating together, Ye You-ning talks about it.

She still owed Xia Wenxi a meal, but Xia Wenxi asked Ye Youning to explain what happened last night. Ye Youning was really unable to explain, so she had to find ways to apologize to Xia Wenxi. Ye You-ning gave both green plants and fruits. Xia Wenxi was a little happy at first, but she discovered that these things were sent by Assistant Ye You-ning.

The assistant also said that these insignificant things were usually done by herself. Xia Wenxi was a little disappointed. I feel that I am passionate. The next time an assistant came to deliver something, Xia Wenxi refused Ye You-ning’s gift. Xia Wenxi was going to the airport the next morning. Ye You-ning saw it and wanted to take her there. As a result, Xia Wenxi was angry and didn’t have a good face to Ye You-ning, and just said that she was going to Dalian and left.

In 2006, Xia Wenxi received a letter from Mayday to the fans. She was very happy and decided to study hard and be admitted to Jiangcheng University. During the class, the teacher told the students that the students who entered the top 30 in the second-model exam are eligible to participate in the school’s counterpart assistance school’s fourth-five-fifth forest field third middle school’s learning exchange activities, and the students who have made the most progress in each class Given the opportunity, Ye Youning took the opportunity to encourage Xia Wenxi to participate in this event.

During self-study, Xia Wenxi wanted to ask Ye You-ning for questions, but Ye You-ning asked Xia Wen to beg of herself. Xia Wenxi didn’t want to, so she asked Mr. Zhao and said that he had to rely on Jiangcheng University. Mr. Zhao said that if Xia Wenxi wanted to take Jiangcheng University, he would take a mock physics test. Xia Wenxi said that she would be able to take the test more than 80 points.

If she failed the test, please ask the whole class to eat fried skewers. Teacher Zhao said that if Xia Wenxi got 80, she would treat him. Xia Wenxi is now riding a tiger, so she can only ask Lin Jiaqi and Ye Youning. Help make up lessons. When a few people were talking in the parking lot, Father Xia rode over and told Lin Jiaqi that his nanny was not available these days, and Lin Jiaqi was staying at Xia’s house during this time.

In the evening, Ye Youning watched Xia Wenxi and Lin Jiaqi studying together. He was a little jealous, so he went to the Xia family to find Xia Wenxi to study together. The two taught Xia Wenxi together, but because the two of them had different learning styles, they almost quarreled, and Xia Wenxi hurriedly stopped. Living with two people, they said they would work hard.

The three also set up a study group. Lin Jiaqi and Ye Youning both made study plans for Xia Wenxi, but Xia Wenxi didn’t know who to listen to. The two decided to step back and discuss first. Lin Jiaqi started to let Xia Wenxi study early the next morning. He and Ye Youning had already discussed, and the two were responsible for several subjects each morning and night.

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