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Broker 掮客 Episode 17 Recap

The place where Qiu Jiaxin asked Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing to meet was a love hotel, and the two met in embarrassment at the door without saying a word. Qiu Jianing plucked up the courage, she came to apologize, she was not afraid of shadows. Qiu Jianing slowly walked out of the bathroom, unexpectedly Zhou Xiaoshan was already asleep. Qiu Jianing woke up early the next morning and was relieved to see that he was still wearing his clothes, and turned his head to be startled by Zhou Xiaoshan next to him. Zhou Xiaoshan didn’t really get angry with Qiu Jianing, but wanted her to taste the taste of being misunderstood. Qiu Jianing beat him with a fist, and the two reconciled.

Back home, Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan played games together. Zhou Xiaoshan lost, Qiu Jianing chased him to paint him with a big face. When going to work early the next morning, Qiu Jianing met Li Chunran. Li Chunran said that last night there was laughter from female voices in the Zhoushan dormitory, Qiu Jianing blushed unconsciously.

Qiu Jiaxin and Molly met. She had digested what she said last time, but no one could change her life experience. Molly was so good to her, Qiu Jiaxin didn’t want to lose her good friend. Qiu Jiaxin also let Molly not worry that Qiu Jianing would take Zhou Xiaoshan, maybe she would have an older sister and a good friend.

It was raining heavily when she left. Qiu Jiaxin found that Molly was afraid of thunder and put the earphones into her ears, saying that when she was afraid, she would not be afraid of listening to music. Molly was stunned for a moment. After returning, Molly asked Qiu Jiaxin the name of today’s song, and then sat on the sofa alone and listened to it for a long time. Thinking of her mission, Molly struggled to throw away the phone.

The formula is effective. Wang Lao asked Qiu Jianing to apply for a patent. Qiu Jianing proposed to change the key to ensure safety. Li Chunran was going to go on a blind date, Zhang Yu refused to let her go, and the two quarreled. Upon seeing this, Qiu Jianing pulled Li Chunran aside, suggesting that she should look at the people around her, such as Zhang Yu. But Li Chunran felt that Zhang Yu looked down on her from the heart, because her parents were university professors, and she was ordinary-looking and came from a small place.

Qiu Jianing felt that Li Chunran and Zhang Yu had a play, so he took Zhou Xiaoshan to bring them together. Li Chunran got into the car to go on a blind date with the determination to win, but Qiu Jianing left everyone saying that Li Chunran would broadcast the blind date to everyone at night, and Zhang Yu also awkwardly found an excuse to stay. Arriving at the appointed place, Li Chunran opened the video call, and everyone gathered around the phone to see his photo deceived the blind date and couldn’t help but laugh.

Li Chunran’s blind date was an uncle with bald glasses, and she kept saying that Wu Yanzu looked like him. She opened her mouth to pick Li Chunran and asked her not to go to work after getting married to prepare a son at home. Li Chunran was speechless and said quickly. They are not suitable. The other party felt that she had a house, a car, and a household registration, and she actually looked down on herself, so Li Chunran poured a glass of water on him in a fit of anger.

Li Chunran’s mother was very satisfied with the blind date, and wanted to use him to let her family settle in Jiangcheng. His parents were in poor health, and Li Chunran didn’t say anything. Li Chunran returned to the laboratory. Zhang Yu was worried that no one would say a lot of silly things. Li Chunran was in a bad mood just after the blind date failed.

At this time, she couldn’t help but explode. She was thirty and was in that small city. It’s even more contemptuous than the divorced. With so many girls in the laboratory, why did Zhang Yu target her! Li Chunran and Zhang Yu had a big quarrel, Qiu Jianing quickly let Li Chunran go home. Zhou Xiaoshan complained that Zhang Yu liked Li Chunran and should be more generous in grasping the present, but Zhang Yu refused to admit it.

Qin Bin wanted to apply for the Yuan Project clinical trial cooperation. He felt that the Yuan Project was a good project and worthy of cooperation. However, Director Chen was not optimistic about the Yuan Project, not to mention the experimental funding provided by Norton was three times that of the Yuan Project. Because of this incident, the entire laboratory exploded. Zhao Yan said that Director Chen was about to be promoted to deputy dean.

This position was mostly Qin Bin’s, but Qin Bin had lost his mass foundation in such a disturbance. Qiu Jiaxin hurried to persuade Qin Bin after hearing about it, but Qin Bin would not make fun of his work, even if he still liked Qiu Jianing. After Qin Bin got to know Qiu Jianing, he began to consider what it means to be a doctor. So many diseases have not been overcome, and they have the responsibility to bring hope to patients. Before Qiu Jiaxin could be moved, he was suddenly brazen and speechless.

Molly told Zhou Xiaoshan that she seemed to really regard Qiu Jiaxin as a friend. Zhou Xiaoshan said that she should learn to enjoy the life and emotions of normal people.

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