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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 22 Recap

Mo Ming told Li Mei’e that Xiao Yan is a very good person, and everything she did was to make the confinement center better. Even so, Li Mei’e always discredited Xiao Yan intentionally or unintentionally in the subsequent contact with customers. At this time, Xiao Yan was still in the hospital, and her peers next to her had her husband in bed. Xiao Yan looked a little desolate here.

Yan Zhi was suppressed by Chen Jiaorui at the company, and went home to talk to his father and Mo Ming, but his father didn’t feel sorry for him at all. The next day, Yan Zhi went to the kitchen and asked Mo Ming to bring food to the hospital for Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan felt that Yan Zhi’s food was delicious as soon as she ate, thinking about whether to transfer him to the confinement center. Chen Jiaorui knew that Yan Zhi was very dissatisfied with herself, so she specially called Yan Zhi to train.

In addition to discrediting Xiao Yan, Li Mei’e would also tell the clients who came to the confinement center to tell the confinement center that there is a male doctor Mo Ming, and many clients give up coming to this confinement center for this reason. In addition, Li Meie also called previous customers and asked them to express their opinions on the platform, so Li Meie had reason to give feedback to the leaders.

Xiao Yan was alone in the hospital, and the family next to her felt that she was lonely and pitiful, so they cooked her a meal. Xiao Yan even overheard the nurse saying that she would hire a caregiver for her, so she emphasized that she didn’t need a caregiver and she could take care of herself alone. Seeing Xiao Yan in the hospital alone, the family next to her couldn’t help but look at her with pity, Xiao Yan was very embarrassed.

Fortunately, Mo Ming came and solved Xiao Yan’s embarrassment. Mo Ming returned to the confinement center after watching Xiao Yan, and Xiao Xia brought him the medicine he had left behind. Mother Chen went downstairs to buy anti-fever medicine for her child. Mo Ming happened to run into him. He thought Tongtong was sick, so he immediately rushed in and took a look at Tongtong. Mother Chen advised him to leave, Mo Ming thought for a while, and drove to Chen Jiaorui’s company to find her. \Mo Ming learned that Chen Jiaorui was weaning Tongtong without authorization, which caused Tongtong’s resistance to decline and always showed symptoms of fever, and that Tongtong’s weight was much lighter than other children. Chen Jiaorui still believed that she could take good care of Tongtong until Mo Ming took out her depression medicine, and the strong surface that Chen Jiaorui had painstakingly maintained collapsed instantly.

Mo Ming was unwilling to accompany her to the second trial, and Tongtong would have a lot of physical problems if he continued like this. And Chen Jiaorui deliberately avoided this question and asked Mo Ming to leave here. Mo Ming knew that he could not persuade her, so he had to persuade her to take Tongtong to the hospital for an examination. At night, Xiao Yan came back from the bathroom alone. The patient next to her said that she had suggested that she should hire a caregiver.

Because she thought it was troublesome for Xiao Yan to be alone, Xiao Yan had to thank her for her concern. Chen Jiaorui took the child to the hospital and left the child to Mother Chen. She was busy going to the company again, and Li Cha asked her and Mr. Ji to go to the confinement center. Surprisingly, Chen Jiaorui saw Mo Ming here. At that time, Mo Ming was so serious that Chen Jiaorui was in a trance to see him when he was married.

Qi Bin learned from the client’s wife that Xiao Yan was injured and was hospitalized, so he brought flowers to see her. The two of them looked at each other and smiled, and all the previous unhappiness disappeared. Knowing that Xiao Yan was bored in the hospital, Qi Bin borrowed a wheelchair from the hospital and pushed Xiao Yan out to enjoy the sun. Cheng Haonan’s company has gone bankrupt, and no investor is willing to reinvest in his company. The frustrated Cheng Haonan personally cooked the porridge that day, hesitating whether to put the abortion medicine in the porridge and secretly give it to You Ya who didn’t know it.

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