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Litter To Glitter 燃烧吧废柴 Episode 20 Recap

Ye Xiaoxi heard that Fang Tianyi was going to visit the scene, so she prepared a lunch box for him. Fang Tianyi refused the lunch, saying that he would definitely go home for dinner, and asked Ye Xiaoxi to prepare dinner for herself. Follow the assistant director to the place where Kanjing, the first house is too small and difficult.

The second house is ridiculously big, comparable to a football field. Fang Tianyi was not satisfied with these two places and asked the counselor to take him to the third place. The counselor said that the place might be a bit far away, and Fang Tianyi realized that it might not be in time for dinner, but for the movie, he gritted his teeth and set off.

It was almost midnight after the end, and the deputy director persuaded Fang Tianyi to find a place to deal with him overnight, but Fang Tianyi insisted on returning to the inn. The next day, Fang Tianyi asked Sister Mai to reinstall the old house that she had ordered yesterday when she was lack of sleep. Sister Mai said that the money spent here can only be cut off in another place. And Fang Tianyi is willing to sacrifice his own director fees and run the film at the risk of not earning a penny.

Originally, Yuan Zhijie and Hu Yanzu founded an air band, which is similar to a rock performance without physical objects. But then Hu Yanzu and Fang Tianzi went out with her friend and the friend’s boyfriend. Fang Tianzi thought that Hu Yanzu was too naive, which made herself very embarrassed and made him mature. In order to be mature in front of Fang Tianzi, Hu Yanzu had to tell Yuan Zhijie that he decided that the air band was too naive. He has grown up and no longer plays the air band. His words made Yuan Zhijie very sad, extremely sad, and disappointed.

The sad Yuan Zhijie was determined to fight back. Because he is a screenwriter, An Qi opened an online shop and asked him to help write a copy. He didn’t want to help, but Hu Yanzu passed by at this time. In order to ignore Hu Yanzu, he deliberately pretended to have a happy conversation with An Qi and helped enthusiastically. Look like. After Hu Yanzu passed, Yuan Zhijie looked sad again. The two naive men passed by indifferently, but they cried silently where they could not see each other.

In the coffee shop, Hu Yanzu’s desire to perform was once again suppressed by Fang Tianzi. He was so uncomfortable that he fainted directly. Fang Tianzi rushed him to the hospital. The doctor told Fang Tianzi that this was caused by excessive psychological depression. After Fang Tianzi listened, he decided to let Hu Yanzu be himself. Hu Yanzu danced happily in the hospital and passed the happy breath to everyone in the hospital.

Fang Tianyi had been busy in the recording studio the night before. In the morning, he went home to watch TV with Ye Xiaoxi and An An. As expected, he fell asleep in a very strange posture. After waking up, he went to work again. Ye Xiaoxi bought some milk tea and sent it to Fang Tianyi’s place of work. The deputy director told her that work has been very busy recently, and only Fang Tianyi goes back every day. It is estimated that she will be busy again that night. Ye Xiaoxi listened and told the deputy director not to tell Fang Tianyi about what she had been here.

Hu Yanzu returned to the inn, rejuvenated and invited Yuan Zhijie to reorganize the air band. At that time, Yuan Zhijie had just signed a partnership agreement with An Qi, and seeing Yuan Zhijie’s longing eyes, An Qi decisively gave him a vacation and let him pursue happiness. So the two naive men performed on the rooftop all afternoon, even if the audience only had Fang Tianzi and An Qi, they still enjoyed it. In the inn, when Fang Tianyi came back, he saw the food left for him on the table. Ye Xiaoxi woke up from the sofa and saw Fang Tianyi come back, pretending that he had learned a new massage technique and wanted to massage him. When Fang Tianyi fell asleep, he took out the blanket and pillow prepared for him, and let him rest.

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