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Litter To Glitter 燃烧吧废柴 Episode 19 Recap

Casting director Liu Ge and Fang Tianyi selected the actors for the single mothers in the film at the inn, but looking at the photos, they always felt that there was no pure feeling in those people. Ye Xiaoxi saw Brother Liu coughing when they came to give them fruit, so she thoughtfully brought him ginger tea and covered him with a blanket. A warm current flowed from Brother Liu. He felt the warmth of his mother from Ye Xiaoxi, so he immediately called the producer and asked Ye Xiaoxi to audition tomorrow. Ye Xiaoxi didn’t want to make Fang Tianyi embarrassed, so she thought that she wouldn’t be able to perform casually, so she agreed to audition.

After Ye Xiaoxi went to the set, she acted as poorly as possible. However, no matter how bad her acting is, investors and producers can appreciate her unique acting skills. Instead, they blamed Fang Tianyi for not knowing how to appreciate it. Ye Xiaoxi couldn’t get rid of it, so they had to let them not blame Fang Tianyi and accept the performance. Yuan Zhijie brought two boxes of Gundam, and Hu Yanzu looked at it, and wanted to fight Yuan Zhijie to see who was fast.

And An Qi packed up her old clothes in the room and asked Fang Tianzi to help move them. She saw that Fang Tianzi was not fashionable enough, and she even mocked. Fang Tianzi happened to have a reunion with high school classmates that day, so she dug out a bunch of famous brands from An Qi’s old clothes and wore them casually. When going out to the party, the two classmates did not care about her, contemptuously, and flattered.

After eating, they went out for a stroll and saw a fashion show on the side of the road, Fang Tianzi seemed to go up to take pictures. As a result, her peculiar outfit was photographed by a group of reporters vying to follow suit. In the evening, Ye Xiaoxi returned to the inn and found that Yuan Zhijie and Hu Yanzu, who had been fighting for a day, were not over yet. Ye Xiaoxi asked Hu Yanzu if he wanted to learn from books on performance.

The next day, Ye Xiaoxi went to the shooting scene. Due to the study last night, her acting skills have improved a lot compared to before, and even Fang Tianyi felt that her acting was very good. However, during the meeting, the producers and investors suddenly changed their minds and felt that Ye Xiaoxi was not pure, so they decided to replace Ye Xiaoxi. Ye Xiaoxi had returned to the inn early and found that Yuan Zhijie and Hu Yanzu had not slept for two days. Seeing Ye Xiaoxi’s return, they put down the half-finished Gundam models one after another, found an interface and went back to sleep.

And An Qi ran into a wall again when she went out to find a job because she didn’t know the latest “Milan beggar style”. She came back angrily to ask, and she learned that its founder was Fang Tianzi. She found Fang Tianzi angrily, and she was even more upset when she saw her wearing her hair accessories. Soon, An Qi and Fang Tianzi fought together, An Qi’s hair and Fang Tianzi’s hair accessories got a piece, and they were inseparable. At this time, Fang Tianzi received a call from the vicious female leader and asked Fang Tianzi to send her a hair dryer.

An Qi had to go with Fang Tianzi. However, she was very angry when she saw the leader Tian Zi’s arrogance. And Fang Tianzi only dared to scold her secretly behind her back, so An Qi made a living. When the leader went out, she drove past her and splashed her with water, venting her anger for Fang Tianzi.

Fang Tianyi returned to the inn and told Ye Xiaoxi that she had been replaced. Ye Xiaoxi didn’t feel too disappointed either, after all, she was only going to gain insight. After Yuan Zhijie and Hu Yanzu woke up, they saw two gunpla neatly placed there, so they asked who did it. Ye Xiaoxi told them that he had spent three hours cooking and fighting, and saw that the sword was gone, so he made a sword for it.

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